Sean has had this idea for a long time. He has always maintained an elegant and gentleman demeanor. Sean will always look elegant, whether in the classroom or in the lounge.

He is excellent in subjects other than potions. He always smiles when communicating with people. However, some people think that he is just pretending. At least for now, Sean has a very good reputation in the school. Even several seniors admired him.

Although it’s a bit weird knowing that he hadn’t even turned twelve, he politely smiled at them every time. Knowing that some people in the same grade have already begun to fall in love.

Sean always has a heart for that kind of stuff just around the corner. But not now. He was really too curious about everything about magic.

Of course, Sean found a reason for himself before going out this time. He needed a place where no one was around to practice his spell. It was very late now, he walked out of to the hallway, and there was no one in the Ravenclaw common room.

Walking out of the lounge, Hogwarts at night seemed extraordinarily quiet, and even those stairs that liked to change positions at will were quiet.

He doesn’t remember much about the location of the Room of Requirement, except that it’s across from the tapestry on a floor somewhere in Hogwarts Castle. After searching in the castle for a while, Sean still couldn’t find the tapestry.

“It’s not on the third floor that I purposely avoided, right?” He remembered Dumbledore’s warning, and the key point was that Sean wasn’t sure whether his talent for magical beasts would be effective for the three-headed dog.

While he was thinking about it, the footsteps on the other side of the corridor were suddenly heard.

“Damn, is it Filch?”

Mr. Filch will be happy when he catches a student who disobeys the rule and gives them a punishment. His behavior of wandering in the corridor in the middle of the night is likely to end up bad.

Sean looked around a few times and finally hid in a hidden corner.

“Mrs. Norris, look for this place. I have a hunch that someone came out for a walk in the middle of the night and is hiding here.”

Sean held his breath in the dark, and he could still feel it?

Filch’s dragging footsteps gradually approached, and Sean heard the sound of rummaging for fabrics. Fortunately, he didn’t hide behind that curtain. He breathed a sigh of relief and then saw a pair of eyes bulging like light bulbs.

It was a scrawny, dark-grey cat and Filch’s partner, Mrs. Norris.

Sean forced a smile at Mrs. Norris and then comforted her in a very low voice, “Hey, just pretend that you didn’t see me, alright?”

Mrs. Norris watched him earnestly for a while, then walked away.

“Have you found any trace of that kid? No? Let’s go downstairs and have a look. He can’t run far…” The footsteps gradually left, and Sean was completely relieved.

He was shocked that Mrs. Norris didn’t rat him out. He remembered that Mrs. Norris was very perceptive and keen on helping Filch catch students who sneak out at night, but the cat understood him and let him go.

Sean’s heart moved. Could it be that his magical beasts’ talent is effective for all animals? Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense.

Sean did not run out of luck. Soon, he saw the target he was looking for in the corridor on the seventh floor.

Opposite the tapestry where the troll can be seen is a marble stone wall in the castle. Sean walked to the stone wall and said in his heart that he needed a place to practice magic spells.

After three times, he saw that the stone wall was constantly changing, and finally, a bare wooden door appeared in front of Sean’s eyes. Sean smiled, pushed the door, and walked in.

Inside is a spacious room, lit with torches, like a classroom. There was a row of wooden bookshelves by the wall, and there were no chairs on the floor but large cushions. On the shelf at the other end of the room are various instruments, such as speculums. In the corner, there is a wooden cabinet with several mirrors next to it.

Sean walked to the wooden shelf, which was filled with hundreds of books, including “Common Spells and Solutions”, “Overcoming Dark Magic” and so on.

“Unbelievable…” The smile on Sean’s face grew brighter.

After walking around the room, he closed his eyes again.

“I need a place where I can concoct potions.”

After looking around, he found there were no crucibles or other utensils in the room. Sean nodded. It seemed that when he was in the Room of Requirement, the room would not change.

But now, Sean is very satisfied with this. He is ready to come here if he has nothing to do, and maybe he will come across some wonderful magic items.

However, before he could open the “Ordinary Spells and Solutions” in his hand, Sean saw the only wooden door swaying, like when Sean came in.

“Uh oh…” Sean’s face froze.

He looked around for a while and finally chose to go into cabinet. If there is no way to confirm who is coming, it is better not to be seen.

Sure enough, not long after he hid, there were slight footsteps in the room.

Holding the wand that was emitting fluorescent light, Sean looked around the cabinet. The huge wooden cabinet was empty, and there was not even a spider web in the corner.

Sean was stunned because of this. Before he could finish sorting out his thoughts, the sound of footsteps outside suddenly disappeared.

“No way…” After waiting for a while, there was still no sound outside. Sean raised his wand and gently opened the cabinet door.

The outside is obviously much brighter than the previous room. Sean opened the door further and saw a roaring fireplace with two red velvet armchairs beside it.

“The Vanishing Cabinet…” Sean finally determined what this thing he got into was.

Sean gritted his teeth in annoyance, and his vigilance had dropped too much under Hogwarts’s peaceful and smooth life. However, looking at it, the Vanishing Cabinet did not lead to the Borgin and Burkes.

Just as he was struggling, there was a blind sound of putting down the vinyl record. Immediately, melodious chamber music reverberated in the room.

“Albus, are you finally willing to come to see me?” A happy, confident, and old voice can be heard.

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Published On: July 11, 2023

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