Fabian’s mentality has changed quite well. Although he hastily came to provoke Sean after learning of the real culprit, at least he won’t do anything to him for now.

After uttering a few harsh words, he stayed no longer, let his followers push the wheelchairs, and went out. Hermione and Daisy, who were originally stopped by Sean, walked in.

“Sean, what did that annoying guy say?” Daisy asked.

Hermione said, “It’s a bit obvious why he is here. Sean, did he find out that you were the one who kidnapped him?”

Sean nodded, “It seems that he got that information from his family.”

“That’s not the point,” Hermione pursed her lips. “The point is that he will definitely retaliate against you. I recently looked for a lot of information on the French wizarding world, and all of them mentioned his family.”

“Since the eighteenth century, their family has stood at the pinnacle of the French wizarding world. Their power may be stronger than we thought before!”

“I saw Fabian’s expression before. He calmed down, although a young master who was originally prideful and arrogant can calm down after experiencing such a blow will definitely erupt to something.”

“There is also his father. The father and son were almost carved out of the same mold. According to what you said, his father was arrogant that day and was punished by Professor Grindelwald. He may be afraid of him, but in the future, he will definitely take some action against both of you.”

“And now they’re after you! Although Professor Grindelwald is very powerful, he can’t always protect you.”

Hermione spoke faster and faster, analyzing the recent events and the wizards’ attitudes.

Sean spread his hands, “If they want revenge, they have to face the fact that no one can touch me in Nurmengard. Even if they want to deal with me like I did with Fabian, it will be very difficult for them.”

“I have Dave, I have my magical animals, and I have many items to use. Most importantly, I have Professor Grindelwald standing behind me.”

He looked at the two, “In Nurmengard, it is unrealistic to use violent means to deal with me. If they did it now, they would’ve done it already. Although they won’t do much to me.”

Hermione knew that what Sean said was right, but she still said with some worry, “I know, but it is one of the most powerful families in France. Since Fabian dared to provoke you instead of attacking you secretly, it means that he has a certain amount of confidence in his plan.”

“It’s still the same. They are just arrogant,” Sean spread his hands, “I was in the dark, and they were in the light. This situation changed after learning that I was the real person who made a move. If I were Fabian, I would definitely not come here. I would’ve just attacked myself secretly.”

“Doesn’t that prove that they really have a way to deal with you, or…” Hermione glanced at Sean hesitantly and finally lowered her voice, “Or do they have a way to deal with Professor Grindelwald?”

“I guess? But I think Professor Grindelwald is not that easy to deal with.”

Although Grindelwald is the principal of Nurmengard, he does not have the characteristics of a principal at all. He is different from Dumbledore, and trying to put pressure on him through the influence of the wizarding political circle is unrealistic.

After all, no one knows if this old man will suddenly turn his back on him and lead the professors of Nurmengard to Paris or somewhere to set a fire for revolution.

Sean feels that Grindelwald’s current characteristic is partly due to the prophecy and partly due to Dumbledore. Otherwise, Mr. Aiken’s hand would be okay.

Hermione lets go of most of her worries in the end, but she also repeatedly tells Sean several times to be careful in the future since revenge may come at any time. After talking to each other for a moment, the members of the Golden Dawn came to the classroom.

In addition to deepening the mutual understanding among the members of the recent club gathering, Sean focused on combat.

Hogwarts students are notoriously weak in dueling, while Nurmengard students are much stronger. In the first class, Sean disarmed Patricia’s wand without much effort, which made the atmosphere of the club a bit strange.

Patricia, Hugo, Minsk, and Ian mainly practiced with each other and with Sean. In their eyes, Sean’s dueling style was different from all the students.

“Fighting Sean is like facing a dark wizard. If the little tricks in the duel don’t work, he will overwhelm you with sheer magical power.”

Sean can only shrug his shoulders to express this. His duel style is based on his personality and is also influenced by Grindelwald.

In the past, getting along with Dumbledore and Grindelwald, Dumbledore was more inclined to guide most of the time, while Grindelwald taught what he had to do.

In Golden Dawn, there are some Hogwarts students other than the four Nurmengards. Of course, Sean is also responsible for providing his own teaching, but he is only one person and often asks them to coach the others.

Among the four, Patricia is good at field duels and a master of Transfiguration. Hugo has a spot for flames, explosions, and a huge magic power source. Minsk’s way of teaching is very strict and disciplined when it comes to dueling.

On the contrary, Ian’s style is relatively similar to Sean’s, and he really likes to use various small spells to disrupt the opponent’s rhythm.

“Ian, get ready. I will hit you with a Trip Jinx today.” Harry took off his cloak and shouted loudly.

The Gryffindor trio and the Weasley twins were the first to join the Golden Dawn. Most of the Hogwarts students didn’t care about Fabian’s threat then. Most of the ones who joined Golden Dawn are students in lower grades.

Ian took off his hat, which he carefully placed high in the corner to avoid accidents during practice.

“The Trip Jinx is a fit for you, Harry,” Ian blinked his eyes quickly, and the cards in his hand had already started to fly up and down, “Shooting the spell straight while saying the incantation would only make anyone dodge it.”

“That’s because you kept using the Confundus Charm on me. Also, can you put down that deck of cards?” Harry replied.

“There is no rule in the duel that wizards cannot use cards.” Ian said.

Patricia whispered, “Haven’t Potter discovered that Ian’s cards were imbued with the Confundus Charm?”

Sean shrugged, “I guess it will take him a while. Although, Ian also likes to use Confundus Charm when he speaks.”

“It’s a hobby of his.”

Hermione stuck her head up between the two, who were talking in a low voice, “Sean, can you show me the trick of casting that dust spell that you mentioned last time?”

“Okay.” Sean nodded his head and followed Hermione to the side.

Looking at the two people walking away, Patricia, who stayed where she was.

“She is weird?”

Hugo, next to him, just stuffed food into his mouth. He said vaguely, “Are you interested in Sean? You know he’s our president.”

“You’re not interested in Sean?” Patricia asked back.

“Of course.” Hugo nodded readily, “I’m here for him. If I can learn that flame spell, I will do anything for Sean.”

“You got that reversed. It should be that you did something to Sean first, and then he could teach you the spell.”

“I’m not in a hurry. By the way, how are you and Hoffman doing? Didn’t you two always stay together before?”

“I’m not interested in him anymore. He and I have only known each other since childhood. Since I joined the Golden Dawn, he hasn’t paid much attention to me lately.”

Hugo shrugged, “Welp.”


“Hey, Sean. Look at this.” In the early morning hall, Hermione pushed a newspaper over

Austria also has its own newspaper, but the content is relatively small. Most of them are about someone who lives under the Alps and invented the automatic stirring spell. The Daily Prophet does not deliver their papers here.

So Hermione ordered “The Wizarding World News”, which is well-known throughout Europe. The price is one Knuts more expensive, but the content is detailed, and there is a lot of news from all kinds of things.

Sean put down the pumpkin juice in his hand and looked over. A report occupied the largest page of the newspaper.

“Thrilling reforms or a coalition of conspiracy? The United Wizard Guard.”

“Recently, proposed by Leif Coronel from the Wizard Rights Protection Association. The United Wizards Guard was a non-governmental movement and was put on the table. It is reported that the United Wizards Guard is already in preparation. Cyril Marshall, the temporary head of the guards, told this reporter that in order to deal with the increasingly frequent conflicts between wizards and Muggles, they created this movement and had a lot of support.”

“The United Wizards Guard’s original intention is to maintain the wizarding world’s order better. At the same time, Ms. Marshall told us that organizations such as the Wizard Rights Protection Association assisted in the preparations for the United Wizards Guard. But the actual establishment will be left to the Ministry of Magic of each country.”

“It will be carried out under the supervision of the Ministry of Magic. After the preparation is completed, the command authority of the movement will be controlled by the International Confederation of Wizards. The captain, deputy captain, and other candidates will be publicly selected by representatives sent by the Ministry of Magic of each country.”

“Currently, people from around the world have expressed different views on establishing the movement. Moritz Aiken, from the Aiken family, told us that he believes that the emergence of this new organization will greatly improve the current order of the wizarding world.”

“Mr. Kirk from the UK is not optimistic about the idea. He believes that this movement will seriously affect the current international situation and the systems of various countries.”

“The European Ministry of Magic has not expressed any clear objection.”

“This is Farrah Flynn, reporting for you.”

Sean read the report carefully, and when he raised his head, Hermione couldn’t wait to say, “The United Wizards Guard? Sean, they must be crazy!”

Sean took a sip of pumpkin juice and frowned slightly, “Is this organization a civil organization or an official organization?”

“Didn’t you read it? The people initiated and established it, and the control was handed over to the government.”

“Most of the members are actually under the influence of non-governmental organizations,” Sean shrugged, “This movement will not be established. The Ministry of Magic of each country is not a fool. “

“But according to the reports, it seems that many wizards have welcomed the movement.”

“Because the reports only let you see what they want you to see. This is just a tactic that they use to coax something. They wouldn’t go anywhere unless the ministers of the Ministry of Magic of European countries are all fools.”

Sean glanced at the newspaper, and two wizards were waving to the crowd. The wizard was Leif Coronel, the Wizard Rights Protection Association president and a strong candidate for the next minister of the French Ministry of Magic.

The other was Cyril Marshall, the temporary head of the movement. She is a middle-aged witch, her slender lips were often pursed, and she looked a bit evil.

“Sean, look at the person who proposed it. He is the president of the Association.”

“This is a European union. Even if he becomes the French Ministry of Magic minister, he may have the right to make some decisions. I think Fudge may not agree…” Halfway through, Sean suddenly stopped her.

“What’s the matter, Sean?”


Sean suddenly thought of one thing. Tom and Leif had cooperative work before. Could this United Wizards Guard be related to this matter?

But he has long since disappeared, and there are so many Ministry of Magic in Europe. As long as the ministers are not his men, they will not agree to establish this movement.

Grindelwald and Dumbledore should also know the news, and he doesn’t need to worry about it.

Sean shrugged and finally lunged himself on his breakfast.

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