If Transfiguration and various spells mean people’s pursuit of wonderful abilities, then flying must be the most primitive dream of human beings.

This is different from the airplanes and hot air balloons in the Muggle world or the broomsticks in the wizarding world. Tom Riddle’s own Flight Spell truly endows a person with the ability to fly.Spell truly endows a person with the ability to fly.

Sean scratched his head in some doubt, and he clicked on the detailed interface to discover the difference between this spell.

Flight Spell (Transfiguration + Dark Magic) Lv 0, Proficiency 1/10000

Sean opened his mouth wide in surprise. This is the first time he has seen a spell that combines two types of magic and from the proficiency itself. This is a difficult magic.

The reason why he hasn’t noticed it is that he has never mastered this before.

One of the most popular books among Hogwarts students is this passage on the first page of Quidditch.

Wizards have yet to invent any spells that allow them to fly in human form without the aid of any tools. Those Animagi who can transform into winged animals can enjoy the fun of flying, but they are rare.

Those wizards who find themselves transformed into bats can fly as much as they want, but because of the bat’s head, they are bound to forget where they are going. Floating in the air is common, but our ancestors weren’t content to hover just five feet above the ground. They wanted to go higher. They want to fly freely like birds.

As the unrecorded dragon Animagi in history, Sean didn’t enjoy the fun of flying much. The dragon’s fleshy wings cannot support such a huge body and soar in the air itself. It mainly relies on a magic power.

This shows how genius Tom Riddle is, who invented the Flight Spell.

He hid this spell very well. In Sean’s impression, it seems that only he and Snape have mastered this spell. The latter is most likely taught by him. Even Dumbledore and Grindelwald couldn’t fly freely despite they are really strong.

His Transfiguration and Dark Magic talents are pretty good. Sean raised his eyebrows in satisfaction.

Tom’s soul fragment did not bring his superb proficiency in the Flight Spell, but at least it brought the details of casting the spell.

Sean urgently needed a fast way of movement and immediately put himself into learning. This unique spell of Voldemort would also help him regain his influence among the Death Eaters in the future.

After studying it carefully for a long time, Sean slowly raised his head and opened his eyes.

The spell was born out of some kind of top-level dark magic. Tom added the Levitation Charm, Transfiguration, wind protection spell, Protego Charm, and several of his own spells to perfectly blend these spells together.

When a wizard masters this spell proficiently, they can not only gain extremely fast flying speed, but they can use the wind to accelerate and even gain a certain defensive ability when they turn into this state.

The only downside is that the spell still belongs to the category of Dark Magic, but because of the combination of Transfiguration, it does not require much negative emotion.

“I guess my current goal is to successfully learn this spell at least within a week.” Sean made a plan for himself.

With Sean’s talent, practicing this level of Dark Magic or Transfiguration doesn’t take so long. But the Flight Spell is a special case, especially the part of fusion and Transfiguration that needs to be handled carefully.

Even with such expectations, the difficulty of practicing this spell was beyond Sean’s expectations.

Just the initial learning process is quite cumbersome. In the initial Transfiguration part, Sean almost had an accident. If it weren’t for his talent, which gave him a keen intuition that is different from ordinary people, he might not be able to walk anymore.

This is also the sentence that Professor McGonagall has been emphasizing.

A successful Transfiguration requires magic power to maintain, and it will return to its original shape when the magic power disappears. While a big failure in Transfiguration is permanent, the body will no longer have the magic power and become a one-off cast.

It will cause permanent distortion to the body, and what’s more, it will turn someone into a monster. The individual who has been completely transformed into a monster has no record of returning to human form.

However, Sean passed the initial difficulties without any risk. With enough caution, outstanding talent, and a little bit of luck. On the seventh day of practicing, Sean successfully learned it.

“This is unbelievable.” In the middle of the night outside Nurmengard, Sean’s lower body was covered in smoke, and his upper body was slightly blurred.

“This spell works much better than a broomstick.” Sean was a little excited, soared to his heart’s content, and the dark night became his best cover. It would be bad to see a professor seeing this scene, and Sean was going to be punished for violating the curfew hours.

Sean flew in mid-air for a while and then quickly fell back. He turned into a cloud of thick black smoke and landed. After the smoke cleared, Sean recovered his body and stood firmly on the stone slab above the ground.

“The flow of magic power is smooth, there is no room for failure to transform, and the negative emotions brought about by dark magic can be completely suppressed. The magic power consumption is not small as well.”

“If it is an ordinary second-grade student, they may be unable to last ten minutes. With my own magic power, I can hold about 30 to 40 minutes. The speed is very fast, much faster than when I turned into a dragon, and it is also much faster than the fastest flying broom on the market.”

“The integrated windproof effect is quite excellent. Giving me safety for traveling and lands as well.”

Sean is quite satisfied after summarizing the effects and consumption of the Flight Spell. This week, except for a gathering at the Golden Dawn, he spent the rest of his spare time learning the Flight Spell.

“However, there are still many things that can be improved.” Sean habitually raised his chin and began to think.

“The speed of turning into it can be further enhanced. The magic power used for Transfiguration can be reduced. Turning the whole body into black mist requires higher proficiency and more caution. The sense of direction needs to be strengthened when flying. I almost hit the tower several times just now.”

After reflecting on the aspects to be improved in the future, Sean stretched his waist in satisfaction. However, Sean’s good mood did not last for so long.

The next day, Sean led Hermione and Daisy towards the club room. Unexpectedly, he saw an unexpected visitor just as he opened the door. It was someone Sean hadn’t even thought of.

Fabian Aiken.

Sean and the others arrived a little earlier, and the other members of Golden Dawn had yet to arrive. In the classroom, Fabian was sitting in a wheelchair with one arm hanging, and several people were beside him.

Fabian seemed to have injuries all over his body, but he tried his best to heal his head first. The scars on his face had disappeared. He was staring at Sean, who had just opened the door with cold eyes.

“Wallup.” He said slowly, his voice full of resentment and coldness.

“Has no one taught you the most basic manners?” Sean glanced at him and his followers and then stopped Hermione and Daisy at the door.

Fabian hooked the corners of his mouth as if he wanted to show a smile. But Sean would never give him a chance to speak.

“Stop.” Sean smiled, “Do you want to imitate my smile? Tell me, is your father the head of a famous pure-blood family in France? Wait, let me guess.”

“Wallup.” Fabian’s tone became colder.

Sean ignored him and continued, “So, after such a shameful incident, you still have the face to return to Nurmengard? It seems that you have done a lot of psychological reconstruction during this time?”

“Like those who have power must learn from their failures, such as getting up quickly after falling like a real nobleman? Among other things, I am amazed by the thickness of your skin.”

“You are really sharp, but you made a mistake. I have already experienced those, and do you think your words could make me angry now?” Fabian just slightly smiled.

Sean curled his lips secretly but didn’t let go of the sarcasm in his mouth.

“Sometimes, your reason is just a cover-up.”

Fabian ignored his provocation and just slowly pushed the wheelchair forward without even looking at the wand in Sean’s hand.

Sean squinted his eyes and finally gave up the intrusive thought of casting a curse on him.

Several people are behind him, and there are a bunch of accessories on Fabian’s body. It is probably a magical item to protect him.

Fabian came to Sean’s side and chuckled in a whisper that only he could hear, “Very smart that you didn’t do anything to me, Wallup. You also know that I won’t do anything to you.”

“I’m not a stable-tempered person, so I suggest you be more careful with your words.” Sean’s smile did not change in any way.

“You’re only in second grade, and this mentality alone is worth noting.” Fabian licked his lips, “You must be thinking why I’m here, right? Threatening people like us with harsh words won’t do anything.”

“Don’t use the word’ us’. We’re not trash like you.”

“Oh, you’re still mocking me? Are you worried and afraid?” Fabian narrowed his eyes excitedly and moved closer, “Wallup, when you create your club. I’ve made it clear to others not to participate. Can you guess why I’m here?”

Sean narrowed his eyes slightly.

Fabian’s eyes are like a slippery, scaleless venom about to penetrate into his body. The coldness contained in it is hard to distinguish, and only those who face it directly can experience its resentment and viciousness.

Fabian sighed, satisfied, “I know it’s you, Wallup. The person who kidnapped me that day, I know exactly that it’s your own doing.”

He looked at Sean’s face and laughed nervously, “Do you still want to deny it?”

Sean raised his eyebrows slightly, looking at him with sympathy and contempt in his eyes.

Today, Fabian is sure that the culprit was him. He can’t wait to confront him directly and prove his point. He wanted to know if he was the “traitor” and that Dark Mark owner.

Thinking carefully, he realized that the target was not Grindelwald or Dumbledore. But forces in other countries, such as the French Association.

Fabian is conducting his own theory and pinpointing the real culprit behind his incident.

He didn’t understand why Sean changed his expression. On the contrary, he was very satisfied with Sean’s expressionless face right now.

“Oh, you didn’t expect that, Wallup? Did you think you did it perfectly? I got you now.”

Sean glanced at him.

“Hey, tell me,” the wand in Sean’s hand twirled and looked down at him, “Did you really lose your mind since that incident. I want to know if your family could handle someone with a mental illness in your home.”

The two of them knew they were at each other’s throats. No one was backing down from this tense situation.

Hearing Sean’s denial, Fabian’s face changed, and he laughed hoarsely.

He replied, “Wallup, don’t think that you can do whatever you want just because Grindelwald is backing you. My wounds, my father’s hand, I’ll get them back. Just wait.”

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Published On: October 31, 2023

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