“Albus, it turns out my way of parenting Sean is really good.”

“It’s not because of your way of parenting him, it’s Sean’s own ideas.”

“Of course, I don’t deny that Sean has a brilliant little mind. But you must admit that he has learned things that many people can’t learn before while in Nurmengard.”

“Improving steadily and assessing the situation. This is Sean’s style.”

“You’re denying my credit, old friend.”

“It’s not credit. Don’t you think getting involved with a dark wizard organization is too dangerous for a second-grade kid?” In front of the burning fireplace, Dumbledore took a sip of butter beer.

Grindelwald was pouring red wine into a glass. He seemed to have just finished a large glass, and the alcohol reddened his face.

“I just told him how to use the power available around him.” Grindelwald shook the liquid in the glass quite contentedly, “What to do in the end, how to implement it, the strategy is all decided by Sean himself. I only provide a little help in transportation and protection in the dark. But having said that, he likes to do that alone.”

Dumbledore shook his head helplessly, “You look like an old man who indulges younger generations to mess around.”

“This is no-nonsense,” Grindelwald smiled, pointing to the coffee table in front of the two, “Look, he made a move and achieved such a big progress.”

Next to the wine bottle on the coffee table, a golden goblet was lying on it. The gold cup has two finely worked solid gold handles, and the body of the cup is carved with symbolic ornate carvings.

It was Hufflepuff’s Gold Cup, which Sean brought back from Malfoy Manor that night. Sean himself didn’t know whether Voldemort still made those Horcruxes he was familiar with. He even didn’t see the diary.

But out of safety, he used words to trick Bellatrix. After a few moments, Sean got the Hufflepuff’s Gold Cup.

He didn’t know whether this thing was used before, but Sean still gave it to Grindelwald just to be on the safe side. He would just leave it to him if there was any strange and terrifying magic on it.

Dumbledore’s expression became a little more serious. He picked up Hufflepuff’s cup, stroked the pure gold handle with his fingers, and said, “It’s a great achievement and proves our guesses.”

Grindelwald looked indifferent, “It’s just a Horcrux. Our dear Tom Riddle is probably still having trouble in his new body. Tell me, what kind of strange creature will he use now?”

“Gellert, this is a very serious question. We only speculated that Riddle split his soul, but now it seems that he may have created more than one Horcrux.” Dumbledore said seriously.

Grindelwald drank the red wine, “Albus, this deserves to be taken seriously, but it’s not worth the trouble. Murder is a condition for creating a Horcrux. You don’t want to believe a person will commit such a crime and repeat it repeatedly. This is the reality. Throughout the ages, there are too many crazy wizards who have gone on and on to do that same thing.”

He sneered disdainfully, “It’s just a bunch of idiots.”

Dumbledore was a little dissatisfied, “Gellert, you know his talent and strength better than me. Now is the critical period of prophecy. He may do something, and when the time comes, the inevitable will happen.”

Grindelwald said, “Oh, don’t worry, I will always pay attention to him.”

He picks up Hufflepuff’s cup and fills it with red wine.

“Gellert!” Dumbledore looked at Grindelwald, shaking the red wine, and shouted seriously.

Grindelwald smiled, “Albus, you’re still too laid-back, or rather, you’ve forgotten who I am.”

He laughed and drank the red wine, and a sharp tooth flew between the two of them. Grindelwald grabbed that tooth and slammed it into the gold cup in his hand.

The shrill and terrifying screams sounded crazy. Thick black gas-like smoke rose violently from the golden cup. The smoky skeletons struggled in the room. Grindelwald moved his hand and grabbed the wine bottle on the coffee table.

He sipped his red wine recklessly while waving his wand casually.

The screaming and crashing skulls were gathered by the spell. As Grindelwald slammed the wine bottle on the table, the things that popped out of the golden cup completely dissipated in the air.

Dumbledore seemed to want to say something, but looking at him, he finally sighed helplessly.

“Albus, I have always thought your intelligence is amazing. But it is also because of this that you think too much and sometimes ignore them. I made all European wizards tremble. I’m the first Dark Lord, my old friend.”

“You have a ready-made example around you, don’t you? Albus, I doubt that you may have discovered Riddle’s secret if I were not by your side.” Grindelwald smiled wildly, “You’re overthinking it. Killing him all once and done is the best way to go.”

Dumbledore glanced at his presumptuous and evil smile and finally pressed his temple with some headache. Grindelwald laughed and waved his wrist, and Dumbledore’s untouched butterbeer glass was wiped out, replaced by red wine.

“You need a partner who acts freely, fearless, disregards the rules, is loyal to you, and has the same mindset as the Dark Lord,” Grindelwald stretched out his hands, “That person must be Albus Dumbledore’s greatest enemy and best friend, that person is…”

“It’s Gellert Grindelwald!”

Dumbledore was silent for a moment, and finally, he leaned back slightly on the velvet chair with a smile on his face.

“No, it should be the current Gellert Grindelwald.”

“Whatever you say. Cheers.” Grindelwald held up the wine.



Albania, somewhere in the lush jungle.

Under a tree, a figure was moving in the shadows. Suddenly, he raised his head abruptly, revealing his true face. It was a local aborigine. His face was in pain, his eyes turned white, but his mouth was full of blood.

He put down the shriveled snake corpse in his hand and looked in a certain direction with his face twisted violently.

“What is happening? My most loyal servant betrayed me?!” From the back of the native’s head, a sharp and inhuman voice rang out.

But it seemed that the scream had taken a lot of strength from the person, and the aborigine’s body gasped violently. After some time, he knelt down again and bit his mouth on the snake corpse again.

After sucking a sufficient amount of blood, he froze in place without moving. Above the back of his head, a terrifying face with no nostrils and no eyebrows emerged.

“Another…” A look of vicious resentment flashed across that face, but his eyes had an inexplicable complexity.

“Just wait… when I come back, all of you will have to pay the price…”


The president of the Golden Dawn Club, the leader of the Death Eaters, the Dragon Whisperer, Dumbledore, and Grindelwald’s favorite, Sean Wallup, is in a peculiar situation.

Last night, he handed over the Hufflepuff Gold Cup he got from Bellatrix and didn’t care about it anymore. It could be destroyed if it was a Horcrux of Tom Riddle. If not, returning it to the Hufflepuff’s House would be best.

Sean is currently suffering from a spell.


As a well-known teleportation spell in the wizarding world, the importance of Apparate goes without saying. Whether it’s escaping or a method of transportation, it will be much easier to master the Apparition spell, so Sean decided to start learning this spell.

After all, he had to go to the Death Eaters’ meeting once every so often, and Grindelwald didn’t have the time to take him there every time.

But after he really started to understand the concept of it, Sean encountered unexpected problems.

It’s a highly difficult and dangerous magic. Apparation can only be learned after a student reaches seventeen and must report to the Department of Magical Transportation of the Ministry of Magic.

Sean thought that this learning age represented the wizard’s magical strength. After all, if the strength is not enough, there may be terrible accidents when practicing this magic.

He thinks he can start practicing this spell, which doesn’t seem like a big problem. The Ministry of Magic’s monitoring of Apparition is not strict; most of the time, it’s just for a formality.

But what Sean didn’t expect was that there was a problem.

Apparition requires more than just the wizard’s magic strength and control ability. This spell actually requires the wizard’s physical development. The nature of the magic is not clear, simply enough, it’s a way to move a body to another space through magic.

This spell requires a high degree of concentration and complete familiarity with one’s own body. This may sound ridiculous. Who would not be familiar with their own body?

But it’s not as simple as you may think it is.

You can think of Apparation as a human-shaped hole. When you practice successfully, this hole will open up the right of way for you. However, it must be noted that the size of this hole is created at a fixed size.

The body shape you have when you practice successfully is one of the conditions for successful Apparition.

If you just gained a little weight or something, squeezing through this hole would not be a problem. But Sean is in his puberty stage, and he has a lot of room for growth. Especially at this age, a boy’s growth development is faster.

This led to the fact that if Sean successfully practiced Apparation now, then he would not be able to pass through the fixed hole the next year. Which would lead to serious consequences such as splinching.

Of course, Apparition can be learned again. Creating another hole that fits his body shape, but this is a bit too much for Sean.

After all, he is only a second-grade student, so it takes a lot of energy to practice Apparition. Sean didn’t realize that he needed to practice more than that because he still had a ring on his body.

The things that were carried are by their size. If it is Sean’s ring or Newt’s box, then he needs to master the appearance of the things that he brought when Apparating.

Originally, Grindelwald was teaching Sean about it. With his strength, he could do it easily. But if it was Sean, it would be a huge load for him to carry.

Sean leaned on the cushion in some distress. He rarely opened his system panel, trying to find out if there was any way to do it.

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