“Relax, my friend,” Sean changed his position but narrowed his eyes slightly, “Or, are you unwilling to contribute a small amount of strength to our great cause?”

“Of course we’re willing! The Malfoy family is your most staunch supporter! But Draco is only in the second year, Master. Please…” Lucius crawled on the ground.

Narcissa, on the side, was already trembling. Barty raised the corners of his mouth excitedly. Bellatrix’s lips moved a few times as if she wanted to say something, but she didn’t speak in the end.

Even though she had already decided to dedicate her life to the great Dark Lord, seeing this scene, she was still agitated with inexplicable emotions. She wanted to turn her head, but she happened to meet Sean’s eyes.

Bellatrix didn’t expect that he would raise his eyebrows slightly at her. She didn’t ask for mercy, and her loyalty has been proven.

While thinking, she saw Sean throw a look at her again.

Bellatrix has a faint realization. After a little hesitation, she gritted her teeth and opened her mouth.

“Master, Draco is too weak now. We can let him be one of us, but we must take it slowly.”

Seeing that Bellatrix vouched for him, Lucius immediately said, “Yes! My son is lazy and arrogant. I will definitely urge him to work harder when he returns next time. He will become one of the most loyal and capable servants for you!”

“Oh? I remember that Draco’s grades in school were pretty good.” Sean let go of Naja and let her slowly wrap around Lucius’ neck, “My friend, have you forgotten what is my current identity?”

Lucius choked momentarily, feeling the cold scales on his neck slowly tightening.

“Master, I…” He wanted to speak, but the Occamy had completely bound his neck.

“Master, please… “Narcissa tremblingly pleaded for her husband.

Lucius felt the growing strength and his increasingly blurred vision. He wanted to resist, but his wife was beside him, and his only son was also under the control of the Dark Lord.

At the moment when he was almost desperate, Naja shrunk and got back into Sean’s arms.

“Oh, Lucius,” Sean laughed.

“Thank you for your kindness, master.” Lucius collapsed on the ground, panting violently as he survived a desperate situation.

Sean stretched out his foot and lifted his chin with the tip of his toe, “Lucius, put away your little thoughts. Understand?”

“Yes, master.”

Sean glanced at Bellatrix next to him and smiled casually, “You should thank Bella. She saved you, your wife, and Draco’s life.”

“Master…” Bellatrix moved closer.

“I take your words, Bella,” Sean waved his hand and looked at the Malfoys again, “However, I do need Draco to do me a little favor.”

The joy in their eyes hadn’t disappeared, and the Malfoys raised their heads to look at him again in panic.

“My words represent a promise, don’t worry,” Sean said lightly, “Just ask your son to do a very simple little thing.”

“What could that be?” Lucius asked, biting his lip, knowing that he couldn’t escape.

“Teach Draco your little tricks so that he doesn’t play around like a child.”

Lucius finally breathed a sigh of relief. At least it wasn’t a dangerous request.

“At the start of the third year, let Draco start to win over the students around him. Use the Malfoy family influence and Galleons. I want to see a new student group in Hogwarts in a year. Can you do it?”

Lucius asked softly, “Master, may I ask what is the core philosophy of this group? Who do we need to win over?”

Sean smiled, “The concept is very simple. Let the wizards help each other, win over all people’s hearts, and don’t care about their bloodlines.”

Not only the Malfoys but even Barty and Bellatrix were puzzled. This is not in line with the original intention of the Death Eaters.

Sean sneered at the puzzled crowd, “It’s not up to you to speculate on my thoughts.”

“Forgive us, master.”

“Lucius, can such a simple task be done?”

“I will do my utmost best, master.”

“Very good.” Sean tossed his robe and stood up.

“Return, I will notify you of the next meeting,” he said and then pointed to Bellatrix, “Bella, come with me.”

“Yes, master.”

The private appointment after the meeting excited Bellatrix, which proved that among so many Death Eaters, she was the special one in the eyes of the Dark Lord. The two walked slowly outside the house one after the other and stopped under a tall tree.

“Master.” Bellatrix spoke impatiently.

“Bella, have you forgotten what I taught you?” Sean said with a smile.

Bellatrix reacted immediately and then took out her wand and cast a spell. So that the voice of their conversation could not be heard.

“Be cautious and guard against those who are not trustworthy.” Bellatrix said respectfully after finishing the spell.

“That’s right. Bella, do you know why I asked you to come here?” Sean asked casually with his hands behind his waist.

“Master’s wisdom is as vast as the sea. I dare not guess lightly.” Bellatrix still lowered her head.

Sean smiled, “You should be able to figure it out.”

He straightened his face, “I trust you, but I won’t trust the Malfoy family. Your sister and your brother-in-law. They have perfectly inherited the tradition of the Malfoy family, acting only for their own interests.”

“I’ll keep an eye on them for you.”

“I believe in your loyalty. However, if you open your mouth to intervene today, the Malfoy family will naturally be grateful to you. Whether it is the Black family or the Lestrange family, their family must deal with their own consequences.”

Bellatrix nodded, “I’m sorry, those old-fashioned wizards still only value their own pure-blood family.”

“Of course…” Sean smiled slightly, “But after today’s incident. The Malfoy family will act according to your will.”

“You mean?”

“Tear a hole through the Malfoy family and control them. I prefer a loyal person like you to hold the power of that family.”

Bellatrix raised her head. Her cold face was filled with excitement and fanaticism.

He could tell what she was thinking just by looking at her expression. Sean smiled slightly. The Death Eaters are an unstable organization with different minds, and Tom’s high-pressure management is the rope that unites them. But if Tom disappears, this rope can no longer hold them.

He pretended to be Tom to pick up this rope. But in this kind of organization, he must develop his own forces. This group of people has strength, brains, and loyalty.

Because Sean has to consider one thing. When Tom or Voldemort returns, the Death Eaters will turn against him instantly.

What he has to do now is to completely win over those people who are loyal to Tom. Even if Tom returns, they will not turn against him. As for how to win them over, a little lie is needed.

Sean sighed, and Bellatrix immediately asked with concern, “Master, is there something bothering you?”

Sean made a frowning expression and finally looked at her deeply before saying, “Bella, do you know why I returned in this way?”

“Because…” Bellatrix’s eyes flickered, she wanted to say, but she dared not.

“Let me tell you. Even though my magic is still powerful, I still wear this young body. They all know that I am not that powerful anymore.”

“No, master is the most powerful wizard in the world.” Bellatrix said firmly.

“Your loyalty is impressive, but haven’t you ever wondered? Why should I screen out traitors by asking you to summon the Death Eaters?”

Bellatrix looked at Sean suspiciously. This was indeed one of her questions. The Dark Lord is the most brilliant person in history, and no one can hide their thoughts from him.

“There are some things I can only tell you.”

Bellatrix was so moved that she couldn’t restrain herself. This proves that she is already the most precious follower of his. At the same time, she also made up her mind to keep all the secrets for her Master.

“You know that I have been studying the magic of the soul, right?” Sean said leisurely.

“Yes.” Bellatrix nodded. She thought about Quirrell.

Sean opened his hands, expressing extreme pride, “In this world, no one is closer to the truth of the soul than me.”

“Because of this. I was able to deceive Dumbledore and Grindelwald and occupy the body mentioned in the prophecy.”

“Master.” Bellatrix was trembling with excitement.

“But pioneers always face many difficulties. I ruled out 10,000 problems, but I ignored the hidden one.” Sean’s expression became gloomy and stern.

Bellatrix became worried.

Sean looked sideways at him, “My soul has been split into pieces.”

“What?” Bellatrix opened her eyes wide and looked at each other in disbelief.

“Although those souls are nothing compared to what I got, the split soul fragments also took away part of my abilities.” Sean said gloomily.

Bellatrix lowered her head. She finally knew why she couldn’t contact the Master all the time. It was caused by the split soul fragments. He said the split fragments took away part of his original abilities and magic, including Legilimency.

Thinking of this, she immediately looked at him worriedly, “Master, will this cause you any trouble?”

Sean chuckled, “Since I’m back, it proves that there will be no major problems. But there will indeed be some small troubles, and I need more time.”

“What do you need me to do for you?”

Sean took out his wand, “Bella, hold out your hand.”

She immediately followed suit, rolling up her sleeves to reveal the Dark Mark on her forearm.

“Magic power is intertwined, bestowed on my most loyal servant.” Sean pretended to read a spell he had just made up, and the Dark Mark flickered.

Bellatrix only saw the solemnity and trust on his face and even felt the magic power flowing in her body.

“Bella, this is the real Dark Mark. From now on, you can use it to contact me without any side effects.” Sean smiled.

He didn’t lie. The Dark Mark created by Tom has always had the function of contacting him. But he didn’t open it to anyone, and doing so forcefully comes with a side effect.

Bellatrix was so moved that she couldn’t restrain herself. She knelt down on one knee tremblingly and said, “I will never let you down, master.”

Sean helped her up, “From today onwards, you are my most loyal servant.”

“Yes, master!”

“I’ll continue to lurk in Hogwarts as Sean Wallup, and you’ll be the one to plug the small holes inside the Death Eaters. Can you do it?”

“Please rest assured and leave it to me.”

“Very good.” Sean nodded with satisfaction.

He originally wanted to tell her if another Tom or Voldermort contacted her, it must be a fake. But this is too much. Sean is confident that after what happened tonight, Bellatrix will be his most loyal believer.

Before leaving, Sean said casually, “What should I do with my keeping?”

What he said could have been clearer, and he didn’t say whether he wanted to see the things or retrieve the things he had saved before. He had to test if there was anything Tom had left behind, like Hufflepuff’s Gold Cup.

Bellatrix gave Sean the answer he wanted.

She said respectfully, “Master, the things you put with me before are still safely kept in my treasury. Do you need me to take them to you?”

“Take them.” Sean laughed in his heart, but his expression was flat.

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Published On: October 31, 2023

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