After changing the Dark Mark for the Death Eaters, Sean casually sat back in his seat.

It would be a lie to say that he was not nervous about acting in front of so many vicious dark wizards. But maybe it was because he got along with Grindelwald and Dumbledore a lot. It didn’t affect Sean much.

He leaned back on the chair, and Naja slowly poked her head out of his arms. The restless Death Eaters around them were increasingly tense.

They also had a little understanding of Tom’s plan against Sean more than a year ago. Although they didn’t understand what was special about his body, they could at least understand the current situation.

Their Master not only mastered the new body but also inherited special talents. Otherwise, The Occamy would not be so docile around his arm.

In fact, this is just a cover released by Sean. The purpose is to deepen the image of himself as omnipotent in the eyes of the Death Eaters.

Sean caressed Naja and said casually, “Tell me about what you have done this year.”

The Death Eaters tensed up again. In order to rule the entire wizarding world in the future, they have been doing various things in accordance with his orders. However, Tom disappeared for a year, and this organization has lost its vitality. Most of them have not paid much attention to the things at hand.

Now that the Master asked about this, many people have already started to get nervous.

Barty stood up respectfully and said with a slightly proud expression, “Master, my father is currently preparing for the election of the new minister, and the results are promising.”

Sean nodded, but he was a little puzzled.

The current British Minister of Magic is still Cornelius Fudge. His predecessor, Millicent Bagnold, did a good job during her period, so everyone has great expectations for the next minister.

Barty Crouch originally had a high following, but for unknown reasons, he did not get the position in the 1990 ministerial election and lost to Cornelius Fudge. Who was not optimistic at the time.

The minister of the Ministry of Magic does not have a clearly stipulated term of office, but generally, it is more than five years. There will be a routine general election in July every year. Fudge has just been in office for three years. As usual, this general election should be just a formality. But according to Judging from the current situation, Fudge may become one of the shortest-term ministers since the establishment of the Ministry of Magic.

Barty continued, “After the accident in the Department of Mysteries last year, Fudge’s ability to deal with the problem has been questioned by many people. Some people said in private that Dumbledore also expressed disappointment with him. I have been running around various pure-blood families and Hogwarts recently to keep in contact with him.”

The Death Eaters all let out mocking shrieks.

“According to your instructions, I have been promoting my father. At that time, pure-blood families such as the Malfoy and Black family would stand for him. If there is no accident, he will become the new minister of the Ministry of Magic.”

Sean smiled, nodded his approval, and then asked, “And you, my loyal servant.”

Barty was very excited about Sean’s approval. He lowered his head and moved closer to Sean.

Barty felt that everything he had done was more valuable and replied with a grin, “At that time, my father’s original position as the director of the Department of Magic and Law Enforcement will be empty. There are two candidates for the director. One is from the Auror Office Director Kingsley Shacklebolt and Amelia Bones.”

Sean nodded, even though he didn’t know what to say. He didn’t understand the plans of the Death Eaters before, and talking too much might expose him.

No one dared to disturb his thinking. After the living room was silent, Sean smiled and said, “Barty, I have always trusted your wisdom. Let me talk about your views on the whole matter.”

“Yes!” Barty became more and more excited. Tom rarely asked his subordinates to make suggestions, and he always believed that his Master had already thought of everything.

But his current attitude is that they have a deeper trust in them.

Barty wanted to perform well in front of his Master, carefully considered his thoughts, and then said slowly, “What you asked us to do has always been to infiltrate the Ministry of Magic. Most of the wizards who control power in the Ministry of Magic are pure-blooded, and these people will eventually become our help after you reveal your influence.”

“We have to suppress those pro-Muggle forces. I will definitely take care of my father’s place, and the important position of the Director of Magical Law Enforcement needs more consideration.”

“According to the information I have received. Shacklebolt has always been in touch with Dumbledore. Dumbledore is always the ultimate enemy you need to take out, and I don’t think this kind of thing should be allowed to be in the Ministry. He has too much power to influence, and if Shacklebolt takes office. The next director of the Auror Office is likely to be James Potter, who is also Dumbledore’s man.”

“Good opinion, Barty.” Sean nodded approvingly.

He cleared his throat and continued, “After I become the Improper Use of Magic Office director, I can further install our members into the Ministry of Magic. According to your goals, I think the best departments that need to be inserted are the Muggle-Born Registration Commission and the British branch of the International Confederation of Wizards.”

Screening bloodlines, handling conflicts with the Muggle world, and uniting other forces. This is the way for Death Eaters to strengthen their influence. Sean narrowed his eyes slightly and gave Barty a look of approval.

“Very good,” Sean praised, “You’ve become more mature during this period of time.”

“That’s because of your brilliant wisdom, master.” Barty said respectfully.

“You can do them all, but the current main objective is to make your father a minister. I will give you a more detailed plan for the future arrangements.”

“I will, Master.”

After Barty, the Malfoys and the Lestranges also revealed what they were doing recently, mostly infiltrating the Ministry of Magic and investigating pro-Muggle wizards.

Regulus stood up, “Master, the mission you entrusted to me is over. France cut ties with me because of your previous concealment.”

Bellatrix and Barty Jr. shouted loudly, “Stupid and despicable Frenchman!”

Sean did not express anger or surprise. He verified his previous guess that the Association had connections with the Death Eaters.

Regulus continued, “With all due respect, Master. They have become more and more arrogant recently. The Aiken family, who were originally in charge of contacting me, had an ambiguous attitude. The last time they contacted me was to question me. Whether one of us kidnapped his son and questioned about your whereabouts.”

Sean sneered disdainfully, “It’s always been like this. But they are a little too slow. I should give them some warnings.”

Bellatrix stood up, dissatisfied, “Master, do you want me to go to France and teach them a real lesson?”

“Be patient, Bella,” Sean waved his hand casually, “That is indeed an important thing. But I have more important things to do now…”

“Master?” The Death Eaters all looked over suspiciously.

The corners of Sean’s mouth curled up, “It’s very important. You will finally understand my plans.”

“Yes, Master.” The Death Eaters all lowered their heads, and no one asked again.

Sean thought for a while and then ordered, “Regules, Lucius. I’ll temporarily leave the French affairs to you two and use your family’s right to obtain more information.”

“Yes,” the two agreed with a nod, and Lucius asked slightly anxiously, “Master, I don’t know what kind of information we need to investigate specifically? The main purpose of that organization was to rule the French wizarding world and liberate pure-blood wizards. Do we need anything more?”

“They still hide some secrets. You don’t need to reveal the news that I have returned. You can use the fact that I disappeared as a cover and then communicate with them at a deeper level.”

Regulus and Lucius agreed after a little hesitation.

“Okay, that’s it for today,” Sean, worried about the risk of exposure if he talked too much, gave the order, “Return, my friends. The arrival of the new era requires more effort from you, and all of us will become the masters of this world.”

“We’re all looking forward to it.”

The Death Eaters put their hands on their chests to pay respects and then Apparated one by one. In the end, only the Malfoy family, Bellatrix, and Barty remained.

“Do you know why I keep you here?” Sean asked casually.

Barty’s eyes were cold, and his tone became ruthless, “Master, among those people. There are traitors.”

“Sharp as always, Barty,” Sean changed his sitting position and said nonchalantly, “I can’t guarantee that everyone will be loyal to me. Only to you, I am willing to trust without any hesitation.”

He looked at Barty and Bella, deliberately ignoring the Malfoys beside them.

The two took a deep breath and suppressed the excitement on their faces, “We will always be your most loyal servant.”

Seeing this, the Malfoys immediately knelt on one knee to express their loyalty. Sean smiled. He helped Barty and Bella and let the Malfoys kneel.

Lucius’ face was pale, and his lips trembled slightly. Knowing that the terrifying wizard in front of him had already understood his thoughts.

But there was still a trace of rejoicing in his heart. He and Narcissa were left here, which meant that they still had value in the Dark Lord’s heart. If they were seen differently, then their fate would end badly.

Thinking of this, he knelt down even more devoutly.

Sean didn’t care about the behavior of the two. He was first trying to win over the most fanatical believers and let them out the traitor among the Death Eaters.

He wasn’t even sure if there were traitors among the Death Eaters. Still, such behavior could effectively ensure that there were not too many small groups with different ideas in this organization.

Moreover, if there is a traitor among the Death Eaters, he can find out in advance. He could deal with it in advance if it was someone from other forces, such as the Association. If it was someone from Grindelwald or Dumbledore, then he could save the traitor’s life.

Thinking of this, Sean showed a casual look, “I think you must be wondering why I didn’t find out those traitors myself?”

Bellatrix and Barty Jr. looked at each other and finally nodded.

Sean spread his hands, “As you can see, I have a new body. This body is too weak, but the potential is better. A lot of things can be done with this body.”

The two understood the meaning of his words. Because he changed his body, he lost some of his original abilities, such as Legilimency. But his words contained a deeper meaning. When he maxes out the potential of this body, he will be even stronger.

Thinking of this, the two almost trembled with excitement.

Sean patted the shoulders of the two with satisfaction, “The task of finding out the traitor will be left to you, Bella, Batty. Don’t let me down.”

The eyes of the two were almost frantically shining, and they held their heads up, “Master, we shall return with a satisfactory result.”

“Very good, very good,” Sean nodded and then pretended to have just seen the Malfoy couple, “Isn’t this my friend, the famous Malfoy family?”

“Master, the reputation of the Malfoy family is not worth mentioning in front of you.” Lucius twitched the corner of his mouth with difficulty.

“Oh, Lucius, you are still as good as ever in flattering.” Sean said coldly.

“Master.” Beads of sweat were already dripping from Lucius’ forehead.

Sean patted his face and said softly, “I’ll give you a chance to make up for your mistakes, Lucius.”

“Thank you for your kindness. I will do as you command.”

“You have a son, don’t you?”

The Malfoys froze, then moved forward on trembling knees.

“Master? Draco is just a child!” Lucius begged.

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Published On: October 31, 2023

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