Antonin Dolohov’s body tensed immediately because of the ‘boy’ opposite him.

A pure-blood radical, he had always enjoyed torturing Muggles and those who did not support the Dark Lord. He is even one of the few people who knows the true identity of the Dark Lord because of his friendship when he was young. However, his trust in the Dark Lord gradually wavered during the year.

The Dark Lord has never led them to do great things since the Death Eaters have been established for so long.

On the other hand, in Dolohov’s eyes, the Dark Lord doesn’t seem to be that powerful anymore. Although the spell just now was quick and without a trace, the unlucky one who was cursed was just shrieking. As someone who has experienced the Cruciatus Curse, he felt that this was not what a Dark Lord level of power.

Apart from these two factors, the most important and most difficult point for Dolohov is the terrible, evil, and cruel Dark Lord seems to have forgotten his identity.

Why? He chose a Mudblood as a body vessel.

This is unacceptable to Dolohov.

As a pure-blood wizard, Dolohov has always been highly confident. When he joined the Death Eaters, he acknowledged the power of the Dark Lord and wanted to learn more from him. At the same time, he was looking forward to the new world that he had described. Muggles became pets, and Mudbloods became their slave.

But now, after the Dark Lord was dealt with by Dumbledore and Grindelwald. He occupied the body of a Mudblood for no reason?

Dolohov had already called him that in his heart, and in his opinion, he was no longer worthy of being his Master.

He would rather his Master become a terrible monster. But when he got into the body of a Mudblood, Dolohov thought the Dark Lord no longer deserved his allegiance.

Of course, other Death Eaters are still there. Dolohov is not going to turn against them on the spot. He is still a little afraid. However, he had always had a good relationship with most of the Death Eaters, and his own strength was outstanding enough that after this meeting, he could find a way to slowly withdraw from this organization.

Dolohov didn’t expect the wand to turn, and he became the chosen one by the wand.

Without a wand or a spell cast, the short surge of magic power almost made him tremble. He’s a powerful wizard and a duelist, but never has he felt such a strong sense of power in his life.

Dolohov had no time to take out his wand, let alone recite the spell. He instinctively cast out his defensive spell wandless.

Under the horrified gazes of the Death Eaters, Dolohov had no strength to resist. He opened his mouth wide terrifyingly, and hot flames emerged from his mouth, nostrils, eyes, and ears.

Without struggling or screaming, Dolohov instantly turned into a burning man.

Sean breathed out lightly, and the ashes dissipated in the air.

The remaining Death Eaters all trembled. They lowered their heads firmly and lay down on their bodies. The sweat on their foreheads was not only because of the high temperature just now but also because of the unspeakable fear.

No one was suspicious, and no one even dared to look up at the young man anymore.

Their Master has returned. He has not lost his strength because of his new body but is stronger.

Although Dolohov did not lift the mask, the Death Eaters all knew his identity. This wizard was one of the best among the Death Eaters, and he completely disappeared from this world in just a second.

They have never doubted that the Dark Lord has the ability to cast spells without a wand and nonverbally. But there are some limitations. The power of a wandless and nonverbal cast will not be as good as normal casting.

The few people closest to Dolohov swallowed and peeked at the ashes on the ground. One side of their bodies was suffering from the high temperature just now, but they dared not move.

Sean raised his eyebrows and showed a regretful smile, “I’m just going to give him a warm reply. It’s my fault, I should be more careful next time.”

What Grindelwald taught him about this spell was surprisingly terrifying. In order to deter others and dispel the Death Eaters’ doubts, Sean was prepared to do this from the beginning.

Use an Acupuntinterntus as a starter and then deal with that unlucky “chosen one” with all of his strength.

He borrowed the power of the Obscurus and, through the blessing of Echoes of Hermione Granger’s item. His wandless and nonverbal cast did not have any weakened power, and he even got a boost.

The effect of the item was better than he had imagined. The increase on the fortieth spell far exceeded his expectations.

This time, they were more obedient than the house elves, let alone someone who dared to question Sean’s identity. How could a fake cast such a terrible spell at will, which only the powerful Dark Lord can do?

After casting the spell, Sean calmly opened his hands, “Come on, my friends.”

The group of dark wizards, originally the cruelest in this era, raised their heads, waiting for an order.

Sean shook his head sadly, “We just lost our fellow man. Oh, Dolohov, your joyful expression when torturing Muggles will be forever sealed in my heart. Let us mourn in silence. “

The Death Eaters quickly lowered their heads again, and raised their heads after. They saw the Dark Lord smiling and reaching for his wand on the table.

The remaining four Death Eaters who hadn’t removed their masks all trembled. The four of them immediately lifted their masks, and before Sean could even see their faces clearly, they crawled to the ground and quickly crawled to Sean’s feet.

“Master, please forgive my stupidity. Your faithful servant is too worried about your safety during this time.” The four kissed the hem of Sean’s robe.

Looking at the four people below him, Sean came up with such an idea.

Sean put on a forgiving attitude and gently patted those people’s cheeks, “My friends, I sincerely hope that there will be no more next time. Otherwise, I will consider it as a way for me to act.”

“Yes! Yes! Praise be to your mercy!”

Sean waved his hands casually, “Bella, give them an unforgettable impression after the party.”

“Yes, my master.” Bellatrix was trembling with excitement.

Dolohov didn’t have a good relationship with her, and he would often make fun of her sister, Andromeda Tonks, who married a Mudblood.

Among these people who questioned the authority of the Master, Dolohov was the one who got killed. Bellatrix takes it as a gift from the Master.

Sean noticed the fanatical expression on her. But he didn’t say much. It’s normal for her to act like this, especially since Bellatrix was born into a twisted family.

He scanned around, identifying Death Eaters he knew.

Regulus Black, sitting on his right side with his head half down. He has many similarities with his brother Sirius.

On the left is the Lestrange family. Bellatrix with her husband, Rodolphus Lestrange, and her husband’s brother, Rabastan Lestrange.

Rodolphus didn’t seem to care about his wife’s obsession with Tom at all, and he looked at him just as passionately as his wife.

Next to Regulus was a young wizard, licking his lips excitedly, his eyes full of anticipation. Barty Crouch Jr., Tom’s confidant and loyalist, even knew some of Riddle’s past.

Of course, the Malfoys need not say much, but the loyalty of these two people is as unpredictable as a tumbleweed.

In addition to these people around, there are Mr. Goyle and Mr. Crabbe, who are recognizable at a glance. They looked the same as their sons.

However, Snape, Peter Pettigrew, and Igor Karkaroff weren’t there.

Sean stood up by silently matching the information in his heart with each Death Eater and ranking them according to loyalty and strength.

“Do you know why I didn’t respond to you before this?” Sean showed an incomprehensible smile.

“Master, were you still recovering? I called you many times.” Barty asked respectfully.

“But master heard my call.” Bellatrix said eagerly.

Sean smiled slightly, “Barty, Bella. I have seen your loyalty. In the future, you will receive unimaginable rewards.”

Under the excited and expectant eyes of the two, Sean paced slowly, “Sean Wallup, the original owner of this body, has acted against me. That idiot Quirrell screwed up everything and put me into Dumbledore and Grindelwald’s trap.”

“Damn fool!” Bellatrix screamed.

“However—” Sean imitated Tom’s morbidly proud expression and stretched out his hands, “I’m prepared, and those two stupid old men were still fooled.”

The Death Eaters all laughed in unison with him.

“This lovely boy who was of great use to me has fallen into the hands of the great Dark Lord!”

“However—” Sean narrowed his eyes and changed the topic, “For my plan, I must continue to operate under the eyes of those two old men. With that, I learned something.”

The Death Eaters felt the chill in their Master’s words, and all of them stooped unconsciously.

Sean glanced at everyone coldly, “My friends who are united under the Dark Mark. Someone betrayed all of us.”

The Lestranges and Barty Jr. stood up angrily and pointed their wands at the rest of them.

“Master, who is that despicable traitor?!”

“Don’t get too excited. It has to be said that my new body still has limitations,” Sean stroked his forehead, “I have become too weak and couldn’t even find the traitor who hid himself.”

The remaining Death Eaters shuddered.

Barty narrowed his eyes, and he looked at Sean, “Master, there are a few people who didn’t come tonight. Snape has been working under Dumbledore’s control.”

“Severus’ loyalty doesn’t need to be questioned, Barty,” Sean twitched the corner of his mouth, “I have my own arrangements for some people.”

“Yes, Master.”

Sean smiled sinisterly, “Everyone, show your Dark Mark.”

Although there is fear in their hearts, the tragic example is right before them, and no one dares to hesitate. Everyone rolled up their robes to reveal the Dark Mark.

Sean took out his wand and tapped it on the nearest Lucius’ forearm. In Lucius’ eyes, the Dark Mark became weaker and weaker and then disappeared. A new dark Dark Mark appeared. Lucius looked at Sean tremblingly.

“Don’t worry, as long as you stay loyal to me, the new mark won’t do any harm. Of course, when you try to betray me and everyone here, be prepared to meet me.” Sean showed an inexplicable smile.

In this way, no one dared to resist. Sean eliminated the Dark Mark that Tom had planted one by one and then replaced it with his own. When the last one was finished, Sean raised his eyebrows in satisfaction.

From now on, Tom will no longer receive calls from his followers. If he is lucky enough to recover, only a few people who were not present today will receive the news when the Death Eaters are summoned.

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Published On: October 29, 2023

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