Grindelwald Apparated with Sean outside of Malfoy Manor. After arriving, he looked at Sean with great interest, “Generally speaking, this kind of moment requires a more gorgeous ceremony.”

Sean shrugged, “If you walk in after me, it won’t be any more gorgeous.”

“I look forward to that day.” Grindelwald smiled and disappeared into the air.

Sean looked back, swayed his black robe casually, and then walked towards the manor with a smile. Malfoy Manor was brightly lit, and the luxurious villa that had only a few people suddenly became crowded.

People in black clothes wearing black hoods and covering their faces gathered in the living room. Even though there were many people, there was still no noise in the room.

Bellatrix was dressed lavishly tonight. She had no mask, a gorgeous pearl necklace, and a linen dress adorned with magic flowers. She looked extraordinarily beautiful tonight.

However, her face destroyed her elegant beauty. Beside her was a man with equally fanatical eyes, and he was not masked, looking at the door expectantly at this moment.

The owners of the manor did not hide their faces either.

“My colleagues,” Lucius said, he seemed to want to do more before the master arrived, “show your faces. If he sees you like this, he will not be happy.”

The masked Death Eaters looked at each other, and one of them said in a low voice, “Lucius, you notified us that you wanted to discuss something. Now everyone is here, let’s talk about it.”

Bellatrix turned her head sharply, “Pay attention to your tone, and maintain your reverence when referring to the master.”

The man seemed to want to say something more but finally gave up.

Lucius raised his head slightly, “There are still people who haven’t arrived.”

The man standing beside Bella sneered. He was Bellatrix’s husband, Rodolphus Lestrange, a fanatical follower of Tom Riddle.

“Those cowardly, stupid traitors. They already want to put aside relations with the master.”

“The master’s whereabouts are unknown.” A voice said in a small voice.

Bellatrix raised her wand and lowered it slowly. She smiled, “Coward? He will punish you.”

Hearing this sentence, the other Death Eaters looked at each other, and they understood the meaning.

“Master is back?” a Death Eater said timidly.

“What? Shouldn’t you be happy about this, Avery?” A warlock beside him called out his name with a grin.

Avery paused momentarily when his name was called out and then looked annoyed at the person, “Wilkes, don’t forget what you did this year.”

Wilkes twitched the corner of his mouth, and his voice still had a gloomy feeling, “Avery, you should worry about yourself first. Your father is much more loyal than you.”

“The loyalty of the Avery family does not need to be judged by others.”

“Yes, but the master is the one to judge.”

Bellatrix and the Malfoys did not stop the Death Eaters from arguing but just watched the scene coldly. The summoned Death Eaters didn’t know that their master had come back, and they had different opinions about it.

Of course, those who did not come are no different from the dead. Bellatrix held a piece of parchment in her hand, which recorded the events of the gathering of Death Eaters these days.

At this time, she is not the mad woman tortured by the dementors. She still has considerable wisdom, and with the assistance of her husband, the content on the parchment is clear and detailed.

Bellatrix looked at the door, only waiting for the return of the master.

The relationship among the Death Eaters is strange. Except for Tom and a very few people, they only know the true identities of a few people. Various small groups were created within the Death Eater circle and knew each other.

They worked harder to close their identities as much as possible to stop their identities from being exposed. As for the purpose, presumably maybe because if their identities are known, they’ll lose their influence and power as a Death Eater.

As time passed, Bellatrix, Regulus, and the Malfoys who summoned them remained silent. The Death Eaters became increasingly impatient, but no one dared to leave immediately.

Of course, many people already had other thoughts in their minds. If they still couldn’t see the benefit of this meeting and had no news about their master. They’ll leave immediately.

The sky is getting late, and the manor’s atmosphere is becoming increasingly restless. Lucius and his wife looked at each other and understood the meaning in each other’s eyes.

“Why didn’t he show up? Who was the identity of that person last night?”

For most people here, when they joined the Death Eaters, one was because of Tom’s personal charm, and the other was because of the goal made by him. As a pure-blood wizard, who wouldn’t want to become the top of the food chain?

However, over the years, due to the existence of Dumbledore and Grindelwald. Although the Death Eaters have developed into a relatively large organization, most of their activities are carried out underground.

But they always somewhat declined.

Just when their hearts became more and more impetuous, the chandelier on the ceiling suddenly trembled slightly. The blazing fireplace not far away seemed to be suddenly mixed with moisture, and the beating of the flame seemed to be moved by something.

The door opened by itself, and a figure that was unfamiliar to most people appeared in front of everyone.

“Welcome.” The visitor calmly opened his hands as if he were the master here.

“Sean Wallup?!” Several wizards stared wide-eyed. They didn’t understand why he was there.

Bellatrix and the others did not respond. Lucius poked his cane forcefully, and the marble floor made a muffled sound. The atmosphere in the living room suddenly became strange, and all the Death Eaters took out their wands.

Someone remembered that Sean was the master’s previous target, and they wanted to catch this kid who appeared suddenly. Some people suspect that this is a trap set by an Auror or Dumbledore, and they want to escape here.

Some people don’t know the situation. They don’t know Sean’s identity nor the meaning of his appearance here, but they follow the others who take out their wands.

Sean smiled and scratched. The flame in the fireplace returned to calm, and the chandelier stopped shaking. At this time, other people noticed that there seemed to be something around one of Sean’s hands.

“Bellatrix.” Sean walked towards Bellatrix slowly and held out his hand.

“M-Master?!” Bellatrix trembled.

“My clever girl.” Sean praised, and other people’s hearts in the living room were stirred up.

Sean stared at everyone coldly, even though his heart rate was already starting to speed up. Being the strong one in front of so many villains was exciting. But he still has enough confidence.

Tom did not rely on charisma to control his subordinates but relied on his powerful magic. Among the Death Eaters present, no matter how many were absolutely loyal and how many ulterior motives there were, as long as he was the real Tom, no one would dare to betray him.

Sean stretched out a hand. The smile on his face was calm but cold, “Compared to these guys who should be sent to the grave, your loyalty is touching.”

“Master…” Bellatrix almost trembled with excitement.

“But now, save the act.” Sean narrowed his eyes suddenly.

Bellatrix shuddered, finally reacted, and handed over the parchment in her hand. Sean casually walked to the head of the long table and sat down. He didn’t even look at the Death Eaters with different expressions around him.

The parchment recorded the information of all the Death Eaters. Sean saw a lot of familiar names on it. Before coming here, he searched for a lot of information and spent a lot of Galleons to buy some information from Knockturn Alley.

Flipping through it casually, he raised his head and smiled at everyone present.

“Why don’t you all sit down?” The Death Eaters looked at Sean, who looked relaxed but had cold eyes and unconsciously exchanged glances with the people around them.

Many people have doubts in their hearts, but before there is no real proof, no one dares to really raise doubts. Under this strange silence, the Death Eaters gradually sat down in their respective positions.

“How long has it been?” Sean licked his lips, then waved his hand casually, “Come on, my friends. Take off your masks, and let me take a good look.”

There was a moment of silence, but no one did anything.

Bellatrix stood up suddenly and yelled at everyone, “Can’t you hear? Can’t you hear what the master said?!”

“Shh, shh,” Sean stretched out a finger, “Bella, always remember. The nobles must have enough self-preservation.”

“Yes…” Bellatrix immediately sat down like a puppy and maintained an elegant sitting posture.

Sean secretly sighed and then looked at everyone, “You people must have a lot of thoughts when you see my current appearance. I can understand that.”

His wand suddenly pointed at a person as soon as he finished speaking. Coupled with suspicion and fear, that person did not dare to defend themselves.

The shrill screams echoed in the living room, and everyone shivered. Fear gradually returned to their eyes when they looked at the young man sitting at the top.

In Sean’s mind, the number jumped from thirty-eight to forty, and below that was the name of the ability: Echoes of Hermione Granger.

Every five spells cast, the next spell becomes nonverbal cast. Every twenty spells cast, the next spell becomes wandless. Every forty spells cast, the next spell effect will be increased.

The next spell will be a wandless and nonverbal spell.

Sean glanced at everyone expressionlessly and suddenly laughed, “I have changed my body. I haven’t seen all of you for so long, and some people have already forgotten me…”

The Death Eaters looked at each other, and the people began to take off their hoods and masks. One after another, when a mask is put on the table, more and more faces are exposed to everyone.

Sean smiled even more happily, the corners of his mouth curled up. After some time, there were only five Death Eaters who hesitated to take off their masks.

“Oh? It looks like you’re not willing to do it.” Sean sighed regretfully.

The remaining five people were nervous, but some of them had already become suspicious.

Although the person in front of them behaved exactly like his master, he didn’t use the Dark Mark to contact everyone, which was the biggest flaw.

However, what made them dare not raise doubts was that Sean acted so naturally that it was difficult for them to speak.

“Master, please forgive me,” said a wizard with a low voice, “My identity is more sensitive, but I can serve you better in the future.”

“Hush…” Sean interrupted his words.

He lazily moved his face, put the wand casually in front of him, and started to spin it. The wand was twirling quickly, and Sean had a playful look.

Finally, the wand stopped and pointed to the right side of the long table. Everyone looked over in unison, and there was a person who hadn’t taken off his mask.

“Master…” Under so many gazes, the man stammered.

Sean smiled and spread his hands, “I must fully respect the opinions of my people.”

“Master…” the man gulped.

Sean shook the wand in mid-air expressionlessly.

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Published On: October 29, 2023

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