“Master, your loyal servant is waiting for your response.” Lestrange’s call was vague and weak, but Sean could still feel her tone.

This connection requires a fairly high price, such as part of the caster’s sanity and a lot of magic. Even so, very few Death Eaters knew how to do it, probably because Tom didn’t want to be constantly disturbed by his servants.

Sean rested one hand behind his head and played with his wand. This was not his elm dragon heartstring wand but another one that Grindelwald gave to him casually.

Thirteen and a half inches, yew, phoenix tail feathers, the brother of this powerful wand lay in the bedroom not far from Sean. It is unsurprising that Tom’s wand is in Grindelwald’s hands, but when Sean asks whether Tom is really dead, he does not give a clear answer.

However, this was also within Sean’s expectations. He had always felt that a genius dark wizard like Tom could not die so easily. Both Dumbledore and Grindelwald mentioned that Tom’s magical talent is beyond the imagination of many people.

But what is certain is that Tom Riddle must be in some kind of condition. Otherwise, he would probably contact Lestrange at this moment. Either they don’t have a way to contact them, or he is too weak to contact anyone.

With Grindelwald telling him, it seems that he can indeed use the Death Eaters to do something. However, some small changes need to be made first. Sean looked at the Dark Mark on his arm.

He can control which people his mark will only take effect on, but the current marks on those Death Eaters are all planted by Tom himself. If the other party does not receive the servant’s contact, it does not mean that they cannot hear the servant’s call.

If Sean wants to ensure that his plan goes smoothly without being overheard by Tom lurking in the dark, he needs to make some changes to the Death Eater’s Dark Mark.

No matter how powerful Tom was, Sean had completely mastered the Dark Mark. To give an example, the Dark Mark is like a receiver that can only receive signals from the host. When this receiver touches that signal, the host will receive a notification.

The Dark Mark does not usually have the function of eavesdropping, but when it is triggered, such as using the Dark Mark to summon Death Eaters, or when some kind of magic spell tries to erase the mark. The host will receive a message. When a Death Eater touched the Dark Mark branded on their arm, Tom could feel it, too.

If Sean wants to use the Death Eaters, he must change the frequency pointing to Tom. Otherwise, he will be known by him when he summons the Death Eaters or uses the Dark Mark to contact them.

Sean ignored Lestrange’s call, thinking about how to solve this problem. As for how to pretend to be Tom, he already has a way.

Death Eaters and Tom’s relationship is unlike Grindelwald and his Acolytes. Except for a few fanatical believers, most Death Eaters surrender, fearing Tom’s power. The seemingly incompatible relationship is the easiest to get in.

The key now is how to gather the Death Eaters without using the Dark Mark.

A bold plan gradually emerged in Sean’s mind.


Malfoy Manor, Wiltshire.

Lestrange curled up on the velvet sofa. She looked haggard, but there was madness in her eyes. At this time, Lestrange no longer looked like a cold and arrogant witch. Now, she looked more and more like the crazy woman.

“Bella,” Lucius tightened his grip on the cane, “It turns out that Master is not willing to reply to you.”

These words seemed to have stimulated her. Lestrange stood up suddenly, “Lucius, do you think I don’t know what you are thinking? “

“You, Avery, and those cunning and stupid guys gathered with the gift from the master, and the master just disappeared for a short time. Did you really want to betray him?”

Lucius turned his head slightly and said in an emotionless voice, “I have never betrayed my master.”

“Lies!” Lestrange screamed, “Malfoy, you haven’t been looking for him since the day his accident happened. Yesterday, he didn’t answer my call, and you cut the number of Ministry of Magic personnel this morning.”

Lucius’ face turned red and white, and he snorted, “Master hasn’t given the order for a long time, and I can’t continue until he comes back to give me further instructions.”


Malfoy’s wife, Narcissa, stood between them.

“Bella,” Narcissa looked at her sister, “Lucius always likes to be careful, and the last time we received instructions was two years ago. Master is powerful, so he is still alive. But maybe because of a small problem, he can’t show up for the time being.”

“Cissy,” Bella screamed at her own sister, “He needs us! He needs his loyal servants!”

“I know, I know.” An impatience flashed in Narcissa’s eyes, but she was still consoling her, “Bella, since the establishment of the Death Eaters, we are all fighting for one goal. The time has not come, don’t you understand?”

Bellatrix gasped violently. She stared at her sister and brother-in-law and then sat back heavily on the sofa.

“He has been making some arrangements,” Lucius said again, “We have not been exposed to everyone’s sight. Even after the master disappeared, we were not sent to Azkaban. But Dumbledore has become suspicious. What are we going to do now? Looking for the master with no preparations at all? No, we must reserve our power until his return and support behind him.”

“You’re just saving yourself.” Bellatrix mocked but didn’t continue to say anything unpleasant.

Regulus, who had been watching all this, stood up, “It seems that we have reached a consensus and wait for the return of the master?”

“That’s only you. I will always look for the master.” Bellatrix said.

The remaining three looked at each other and did not continue talking. When the atmosphere in the mansion was silent, a doorbell rang.

Bellatrix and Regulus didn’t move. They were related to the Malfoy family, so they didn’t have to worry about them being exposed here.

A young house elf appeared in the living room. He lowered his head and said, “Master, there is an unfamiliar wizard outside.”

“An unfamiliar wizard?” Lucius frowned. Although Malfoy’s mansion is not covered by magic, those who can come here must be people who know their address.

The house-elf bowed his head, “The man said that Mrs. Lestrange’s loyalty is admirable.”

They stood up from their seats at once, and Bellatrix’s body trembled slightly.

“Please, ask him to come in.” Lucius swallowed.

Soon, they saw someone in the living room. He was wearing a cloak, and under the hood was a masked face.

“Your Excellency…” Lucius opened his mouth, but he interrupted them.

“Shh, Lucius…” The man in black put his fingers to his lips, then turned his head slightly.

“Regulus Black, Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy, and Bellatrix Lestrange…” He called everyone’s name, and then let out a hoarse laugh, “Good to see you here.”

“Who are you?” Regulus frowned.

The man in black rolled up his sleeves, and the Dark Mark was clearly visible on the forearm of his left hand.

Under the complicated gazes of the rest of the people, the man in black quickly put down his clothes again and said, “Obviously, the master doesn’t trust you guys very much.”

“No, no, no,” Bellatrix walked forward quickly, with pleading and expectation in her eyes, “I am still his most loyal servant. Is he okay now?”

The man in black looked at Bellatrix, and his tone slowed down a lot, “Of course, he is stronger than you imagined. Ms. Lestrange, the master praised your effort.”

Under Bellatrix’s excited gaze, he glanced at the others, “Compared to Malfoy, Bellatrix’s loyalty is really touching. That’s what he said.”

“Oh, master.” Bella almost burst into tears.

Lucius trembled but was not intimidated, “Sir, how do you know?”

“Because the master didn’t respond to you?” The man in black sneered, “If it weren’t for your usefulness, I would have taken your dead body as an apology to the master.”

He took out a wand, and the others stared wide-eyed, then all lowered their heads.

Lucius twitched vigorously, “Why doesn’t the master use the Dark Mark to contact his loyal servant?”

The man in black let out a dull laugh, “Don’t you understand yet?”

Lucius raised his head and tentatively asked in a low voice, “Who are you?”

“Your loyalty is doubtful.”

“Absolutely not. We are willing to give everything to our master!”

“Then you need to prove it.” The man in black looked at everyone coldly.

Regulus looked at him from the corner of his eye, but he couldn’t find any impression about the man at all. He considered for a moment and said respectfully, “I wonder what the master’s plan is?”

“I came here to convey the master’s will,” the man in black said, “From today onwards, don’t use the Dark Mark to contact anyone. Don’t tell them that he has returned. Just say that there is news about the master, and everyone needs to gather. Can it be done?”

“Yes.” All of them lowered their heads.

“Very well, you should be able to understand master’s intention,” the man in black nodded in satisfaction, “and I came to you first. Lestrange’s loyalty moved master; secondly, he is watching all of you.”

“Don’t let the master down.” After leaving the last words, the man in black left the Malfoy family’s mansion.

After that, they raised their heads. Except for Bellatrix, everyone else looked at each other deeply.

Regulus talked to the Malfoys for a few words and then returned to his place. His face was written in fear.

Back in his room, he took out a mirror.

“Yes, he’s back.”

“The identity of the man in black is unclear, but the wand cannot be faked.”

“I know, I’ll get in touch.”

Low voices sounded in the room, and at this moment, the Death Eaters in the UK saw their former ‘comrades’ again.

Late at night in Nurmengard, a man in black came out of a certain room. He took off his hood and sighed, “Why do I act so naturally when I pretend to be a villain and the feeling of pretending to be the higher one is really good.”

Returning to England through the Vanishing Cabinet, and then go to Malfoy Manor.

Sean approached the Malfoy family. He originally thought that the Malfoy family would be very suspicious, but Tom’s power was beyond his imagination. It didn’t take him much effort. He just doing what Grindelwald hinted to do.

The reason why Sean pretended to be Tom’s new follower was very simple. Tom would not do this kind of ‘trivial matter’ himself. Wouldn’t that worsen the situation if he showed up pretending to be Tom?

The longer it takes, the easier it is for them to see his flaws. Although most of the Death Eaters are idiots, there are also smart people like Barty Crouch Jr.

Seeing the performance of those people tonight, Sean has more confidence in his future plans. The Death Eaters are much more afraid of Tom than he imagined, which is enough to see that Tom had a lot of influence.

However, this is good news for Sean.


Three days later.

Outside Hogwarts, Grindelwald glanced at the wand in Sean’s hand, “Did you just do something with your wand?

“Just a little bit.” Sean shrugged.

He didn’t turn into Tom’s appearance, nor did he make any disguise. He used his true appearance with some minor changes.

“Interesting.” Grindelwald laughed and Apparated away with Sean.

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Published On: October 28, 2023

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