After being stunned for a moment, Regulus moved the cup full of tea to his lips, took a sip, and then said slowly, “Mr. Aiken, I don’t understand what you mean.”

Looking at the elegant posture, Mr. Aiken frowned quietly.

He cleared his throat, “Black, I’m not stupid. There’s no need to play riddles, okay?”

Regulus didn’t mind that he repeated what he said just now. He still held the teacup gracefully, “I clearly didn’t understand what you just meant.”

This time, it was Mr. Aiken’s turn to be confused. According to his son’s description, the tattoo on the pretender’s forearm must be the Dark Mark. According to his information, the Death Eaters, represented by the Dark Mark, the pure-blooded radical organization in the UK, and their masters are mysterious.

Although the Association had cooperated with the Death Eaters, Mr. Aiken didn’t know who the master of the Death Eaters was. He got the news that their master was missing. There are two theories. One is that the master got a backlash when he was studying some kind of terrible dark magic, causing his soul to dissipate. The second was that the master was wiped out by an extremely powerful wizard.

The Death Eaters hadn’t made any major moves for nearly a year. As far as Mr. Aiken knew, even the people they installed in the British Ministry of Magic no longer operated.

Regulus was one of the leaders of the Death Eaters, so Mr. Aiken came to verify the Death Eaters when he found the Dark Mark. However, things do not go very well.

Mr. Aiken was not sure about their master’s status, hesitated for a while, and decided to clarify his purpose.

“Black, I hope you don’t forget the promise you made with the Association.” He reminded me and then told me about his son’s experience.

Regulus stroked the smooth teacup lightly and said slowly, “Of course, the promise will not be forgotten. But the specific matters have always been decided by the master, and I don’t understand what you mean by returning. Our master never left.”

Mr. Aiken continued to press on, “That’s good to hear, but how do you explain the Dark Mark?”

Regulus replied, “That’s not our member, Mr. Aiken. Take a gander. We don’t need to take action against your son. What’s the purpose? For a profit?”

He doesn’t believe his words and decides to spend a lot of money to get someone to take action after he goes back and checks his son carefully.

“Black, whether you guys did it or not. I came here in person to remind you.”

“Thank you for the reminder,” Regulus narrowed his eyes slightly, “But Death Eaters didn’t accept threats.”

Mr. Aiken sneered secretly. He had never thought highly of the British wizarding community. Mr. Aiken had always believed that there were no wizards in the whole of Britain that were worthy of being taken seriously except for Dumbledore.

Looking at Regulus in front of him, he wondered if it wasn’t for the cooperative relationship between the Association and the Death Eaters or because of his family bloodline. He would not have a relationship with him. After the whereabouts of the Death Eater’s master disappeared, the two would probably cut ties with each other.

When Mr. Aiken came in, he also saw the decoration of his home. It was different from his luxurious and spacious mansion. It was gloomy and old-fashioned, and he didn’t have much intention to change it.

Just like the old house elf who came up to deliver tea just now, the ancient pure-blood family has only one servant, and there is not even a powerful wizard hired to guard the home.

According to Mr. Aiken’s knowledge, the Black family is not a special case. Most pure-blood families in England are like this, even the Malfoy family.

It’s just that these British people don’t have enough sense of urgency, and they don’t know how to use their ancestors’ property to expand their power and influence.

In France, only a few pure-blood families have declined. They have more ostentation than the British.

Although, it has a lot to do with Mr. Grindelwald. Thinking about his name, Mr. Aiken felt that his left hand under his robe began to itch, and the sense of fear in his heart also spread.

When the powerful wizard, who was the first Dark Lord and not the Principal of Nurmengard, was raging, most of the world experienced his horrors. These lucky Brits escaped a whole lot because Dumbledore protected them. Grindelwald ravaged Europe and did not lead his group to where Dumbledore set foot.

This was called luck back then, but so many years have passed, and wizards from other countries who have experienced the true power are growing up.

These thoughts flashed through his mind, and Regulus, who was sitting across from him, still had that calm expression on his face.

Mr. Aiken knew it was useless to say more, stood up, “I’m just here to remind you if it’s really you who failed to control your men…”

He leaned forward slowly, with a threatening tone in his tone, “When the time comes when that idiot is hung on the ceiling. Don’t blame me for my actions, Black.”

Regulus put down the teacup, stood up straight, and shook hands lightly with him, “I don’t mind.”

Mr. Aiken took one last look at him and then left in a hurry.

Sending him away, Regulus frowned deeply, and he turned around and went back to his room on the fifth floor.

He was in the bedroom he and his brother Sirius lived in when they were teenagers, and they didn’t move out even after he inherited the Black family heir. Regulus paced around in his room for a while. He seemed to be hesitating about something.

After struggling for a while, he lowered his head and gently rolled up his long sleeves. The Dark Mark on his forearm was still clearly visible. He stared at the mark for a while, then finally made some kind of decision and disappeared.

Wiltshire, England, Malfoy Manor.

“An unknown Death Eater? You mean, the master is back?!” At the long table, Lestrange suddenly stood up.

Her body trembled slightly due to excitement, and her eyes widened and protruded vigorously. Lucius Malfoy looked at Regulus calmly but kept rubbing the right hand holding the cane.

Regulus said in a deep voice, “It’s a bird’s word, but the master’s condition cannot be clearly known.”

“Maybe it’s some kind of signal.” Lestrange was already pacing back and forth behind the chair, “He might be in some kind of predicament. He needs me. He needs his loyal servant!”

Looking at Lestrange, Malfoy and his wife exchanged glances, “Bella, this matter needs careful investigation.”

“Investigation?!” Lestrange interrupted him. Her eyes were wide open, and her face was full of coldness, “Lucius, how long has it been since the master left? Have you seen anything lately?”

She gave a sharp laugh, “Is that a Malfoy family tradition? Just watching from the sides?”

“Bella,” Lucius seemed a little afraid. His tone was serious but always flattering, “No one can question my loyalty to the master. But when master suddenly disappeared at a critical moment, we must consider whether this is an enemy’s strategy to lure us!”

“Excuse!” Lestrange yelled, “Only he can use the master’s Dark Mark. This kind of thing cannot be imitated, or the master will know the specific location of that person!”

Lucius really wanted to say, ‘Maybe Master has no ability to see things now.’

“Then how do we contact the master?! That’s the master’s one-way contact with us. After the master disappeared, we spent a lot of effort to induce the mark to contact the master, but there was no response.”

Lestrange screamed, “Then try again, again, and again!”

She laughed sharply again as she spoke, “My dear sister and brother-in-law if you can’t help me, I will go to Barty Crouch Jr. His loyalty to his master is better than both of you.”

The expressions of the Malfoys were even more rigid. They were familiar with Barty Crouch Jr., a smart and fanatical lunatic. If he learned the news, someone in the Ministry of Magic might be cast under the Imperius Curse again.

“Don’t make trouble. His father is already preparing to run for the new minister, which will greatly help us.”

“But it’s worth knowing the return of our master, Lucius! Don’t think I don’t know?! Master asked you to put someone into the Ministry of Magic. Don’t think that master is missing now, and you can just play with the Galleons in the ministry like you would want to.”


Seeing that Lestrange had already drawn out her wand, Regulus reluctantly stood up to stop the two of them. He pondered for a while and said, “You can try. If master really returns and needs some small help, that will be the best moment to prove our loyalty.”

Lestrange was quite convinced of Regulus.


In Nurmengard, Sean was half lying on the bed, yawned, and closed a book. He is currently learning high-end transfiguration. While the progress is gratifying, it is really exhausting. He pulled the quilt and prepared to fall asleep early today.

Suddenly, he felt a warm feeling on his right forearm, and the slight voice of a woman was calling in his mind.

“Huh?” Sean raised his right hand suspiciously, but the information in his mind made his expression strange.

“My lord, do you need your servant now?”

“This voice is familiar…” Sean frowned and thought about it. He must have heard this voice somewhere but couldn’t remember it.

Of course, this was not the thing that surprised him the most. What surprised him the most was that the warmth he felt and the call in his mind all came from the Dark Mark.

In the beginning, Riddle’s soul fragment wanted to invade Sean’s soul world, but it ended up becoming his small library. As a result, Sean has mastered many high-level dark magic, and at the same time, the description of the Dark Mark also entered his mind.

Tom Riddle is indeed a genius. After learning about the Dark Mark, Sean discovered the magic of this thing. The spell was created by Tom himself, and it can be planted on the forearm of the Death Eaters. This is the symbol of the Death Eaters and a way of communication.

The Dark Mark is a one-way contact mark spell. Only the caster can use the mark to notify other Death Eaters. Once the Dark Mark is planted, it cannot be removed.

Of course, Sean, who understands the essence of this curse, can naturally erase it, just like before.

When he pretended to be a student of Nurmengar and planted the Dark Mark on himself. Mainly to divert Fabian’s attention and, on the other hand, to investigate Tom Riddle’s current state.

With Grindelwald by his side, Sean doesn’t have to worry about being targeted by Tom Riddle. After fully understanding the spell, he has the same control as Tom on the Dark Mark.

Sean didn’t expect that he had ever received a message from the Dark Mark before, and after kidnapping Fabian, he erased the mark himself. After thinking for a while, Sean figured out the reason and remembered the caller’s identity.

Bellatrix Lestrange.

“The news has been spread.” Sean frowned and thought.

He waited for a while, but no more news came.

Some hesitant Sean finally found Grindelwald. He just smiled and left him a sentence, “Do it with confidence. It’s a power to control confidants.”

Sean understood the meaning and was shocked. Did Grindelwald want him to control the Death Eaters?

Sean narrowed his eyes, and while he was alone in the dungeon. He raised his wand and replanted the Dark Mark on his arm.

“Let’s wait and see tonight to see if any more news is coming.” Sean muttered.

On that night, Lestrange’s faint voice sounded again.

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Published On: October 28, 2023

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