Fabian was released by Sean the next day, but his condition was not very good. The news of Fabian’s disappearance has naturally spread throughout the entire castle, but unlike the situation where Sean disappeared in Hogwarts, Fabian was kidnapped.

Regarding this news, the Nurmengard students only sneered when they heard the news. In Nurmengard, the inexplicable disappearance of their classmates did not cause them much worry.

Coupled with the fact that Fabian is usually arrogant, most half-bloods or muggle-born wizards, who account for more than half of the student population, don’t like him very much. They, who had been mocked by him, secretly laughed at the incident that happened to him.

Of course, many thoughtful people also thought of Fabian, and they began to wonder whether this might be the beginning of an action by his group. As for Fabian’s situation, apart from his loyal followers and Mr. Aiken, few people really cared.

However, no one else expected to see Fabian again in this weird way.

The morning at Nurmengard Castle was still busy. Students poured out of their dormitories to the hall, discussing what happened yesterday on the way.

“Have you heard? That Fabian’s father has been punished by Principal Grindelwald?”

“Really? Those guys were all arrogant yesterday. Even one guy actually came to question me about where I live.”

“It’s obnoxious. The French wizarding world has a lot of influence, and Fabian’s family naturally behaves like this. I was quite angry yesterday. But I guess Professor Grindelwald did something to them, hehe.”

“He wants to mess with the Nurmengard students. I’m afraid that group of idiots really don’t know our Principal. When I saw Fabian’s father leaving, his expression seemed pale.”

“Did nothing really happen to Fabian?”

“I don’t know.”

“Fabian is powerful. The person who kidnapped him should be very powerful. I don’t know what he was doing.”

A few students were chattering and discussing, but the crowd in front of them suddenly stopped. The students squeezed through the corner and saw the scene in front of them.

Fabian, who disappeared for a day, returned to Nurmengard.

But his body was hanging upside down on the ceiling in front of the hall door. His face was covered with stains, and a dirty rag was wrapped around his body.

Not only that, his body was bruised. Obviously, he had been severely beaten. His left leg was hooked to the edge of the chandelier by a rope, and his right leg was bent at a weird angle. The scene in front of them made all the students frown, and they didn’t know what kind of torture Fabian had suffered.

Sean and his friends were also watching in the corner. They were actually the first group of people to come, but they didn’t have the kindness to rescue Fabian. The Weasley twins were already laughing so hard that they couldn’t stand right, and the two seemed euphoric.

Sean squinted his eyes and looked at Fabian. The environment was too dark when he did it last night, and he didn’t realize that Fabian’s condition was as bad as he actually thought it was.

Just a minute later, Fabian trembled and opened his eyes. He first saw a blinding white light, severe pain came from all over his body, and his head swelled up as if it was about to explode.

Fabian narrowed his eyes and unconsciously let out a painful groan from his throat. Only then did his head receive the information from the outside world.

Those were the faces of the students turned upside down, with mockery, disgust, and laughs on their faces. The words of the students also reached his ears.

“He took a good beating, alright.”

“Look at that face. If it weren’t for the disgusting look, I wouldn’t know who it is.”

“Just like his father when he left yesterday.”

Fabian finally realized the current situation. A huge sense of shame rose in his heart, but the chandelier hung him upside down, magnifying the expression on his face to everyone. Fabian can clearly hear everyone’s words.

When he rolled his eyes, he passed out again.

Sean was amazed when he saw it. At this time, the students finally remembered that they didn’t do anything to bring him down.

After a moment, Fabian was brought to the ground, and the professors arrived.


Paris, in the mansion of the Aiken family.

Mr. Aiken’s face was pale, and a wizard in front of him shook his head solemnly.

“Mr. Aiken, this is a difficult situation…”

Mr. Aiken withdrew his right hand. He wanted to be angry, but in the end, he squeezed out a smile, “Please, Master Feldman…”

After calling the seventh Curse Breaker, Mr. Aiken sat back on the leather sofa with a slumped face. He stared at his bare left hand. Fear and resentment flashed in his eyes and finally turned into a cry sigh.

“This is Grindelwald’s doing…”

He regretted it now, regretted that he had to provoke the first Dark Lord. Mr. Aiken sighed deeply.

His son disappeared, and he also lost his left hand. Under all kinds of blows, this was very unexpected to happen.

“Has there any news yet about my son?” He looked at the person next to him.

“Not yet…” The people around him replied respectfully, “We have Nurmengard’s contact, and they tried their best to relay any information.”

Just as he was speaking, there was a loud noise, and a house elf wearing an old cloth teleported over. He lowered his head to the ground, “Master Aiken, Nurmengard has sent a message. Young master has been found.”

Mr. Aiken bounced off the sofa all at once.

In the bedroom of the mansion, Fabian finally opened his eyes.

Mr. Aiken breathed a sigh of relief. The medic checked and found that his son was fine. He was injured after a period of recuperation. However, the wounds on the body couldn’t compare with the wounds on his heart.

Fabian stared at the ceiling with empty eyes, and that proud attitude had long since disappeared.

“Fabian,” Mr. Aiken sat next to him, “my child…”

“Father,” Fabian finally squeezed out some words through his teeth, “I have become the laughingstock of Nurmengard. It’s gone, everything is gone. My reputation in Nurmengard, the image in the eyes of the professors, the group I had painstakingly built. Everything is gone.”

Fabian actually started to sob and cry. Mr. Aiken took a deep breath, and he didn’t know how to comfort him. This situation was irreversible from the moment his son was hung in the castle.

In the end, he had to pat his son, “Don’t worry, you’ll be right up back.”

Under his father’s words, he gradually recovered from that slumped state, and his eyes were replaced by deep resentment.

“I want revenge, father. I want revenge.” His eyes were red.

Mr. Aiken’s eyes became sharper, and he nodded, “The honor of the Aiken family must not be tarnished.”

The words were loud, but he didn’t even mention Grindelwald’s name. Fabian was the victim, after all, and the father and son discussed the details together.

After some discussion, Mr. Aiken frowned: “There are two suspects. The Nurmengard fifth grader, and Sean Wallup.”

“It could be that Wallup,” Fabian screamed, “but that Nurmengard fifth grader must be the culprit. No one has been to that garden before him!”

“I went to that student last night,” Mr. Aiken said, “and he was at a small gathering, and many people could testify to him that he did not walk out of the castle that day.”

“Then Someone pretended to be him?” Fabian gritted his teeth.

Mr. Aiken thought of more. He frowned, “Metamorphagus or pure makeup?”

Fabian tried his best to recall the situation that day, and now his mind is full of revenge. After thinking about it, he discovered the details he had forgotten.

“Tattoos, that guy has a weird tattoo!”

“Tattoos?” Mr. Aiken called the wizard hired by the family to inquire and then said to his son, “That Nurmengard fifth grader has no tattoos. What does that tattoo look like?”

“On the right forearm, a python protrudes from the mouth of a skull and coils in an S-shape.” His son tried his best to recall the details, but Mr. Aiken’s heart trembled.

In disbelief, he grabbed his son’s arm and asked seriously, “Fabian, are you sure that’s the tattoo?”

Fabian didn’t know why his father was so serious all of a sudden. He immediately realized what that tattoo might represent. After closing his eyes and recalling carefully, he nodded seriously, “Absolutely.”

Mr. Aiken let go of his son’s arm, the gloom on his face was like a dark cloud that couldn’t be melted away.

“Death Eaters…” Fabian heard his father mutter some words.

“Death Eaters? Who is that? Why are they targeting me?” Fabian said angrily.

Mr. Aiken didn’t answer. He stood up and paced back and forth in the room with his hands behind his back.

“Maybe he is resurrected? But why is it my family? This is unreasonable. I have never offended them. Is it a problem between the associations? No…”

Mr. Aiken stood still and looked sideways as if he had made a certain decision.


“Fabian. Take some rest. I’m going to meet someone about this matter.”


“Such a nasty weather.” Mr. Aiken teleported to a certain hillside with an illegal Portkey. He didn’t bring anyone with him except for his most trusted followers.

The two waved their wands again, and when they showed up, they were already standing on a square.

It was already midnight, and most of the light in the windows of the Muggles had disappeared. Mr. Aiken followed the memory in his mind and walked to the middle of a townhouse.

The house numbers on both sides record the information here. 11 Grimmauld Place and 13 Grimmauld Place. The 12 Grimmauld Place was missing.

Mr. Aiken saw information that the Muggles couldn’t see, and with the wave of his wand, the buildings on both sides moved to the side.

The 12 Grimmauld Place appeared before his eyes.

Mr. Aiken stepped forward, and it was a scratched black-painted door with a silver door handle in the shape of a large coiled snake. He rang the doorbell and heard an old woman shouting suddenly inside the house.

Soon, the door was opened, and a man in his thirties stood behind the door.

“Regulus Black,” Mr. Aiken said, “Long time no see.”

Regulus was very similar to Sirius, but his character was much calmer than his brother’s cynical aggressiveness. He raised his head slightly.

Regulus shook hands with him and showed a polite smile. Mr. Aiken followed him into the hall, sat down in the guest room, and an old house elf respectfully brought a black tea.

Mr. Aiken sighed in relief after taking a sip of tea and then said, “Mr. Black, you have been doing anything recently?”

“Mr. Aiken,” Regulus raised one foot contentedly, and at this moment, he actually looked like his own brother, “Did you really come here to find me and have a sip of tea in the middle of the night?”

Mr. Aiken glanced at the other party and then said slowly, “Sorry for interrupting your night. I’ll just be straight to the point. Is your master back?”

Regulus’ hands holding the black tea froze mid-air, and he narrowed his eyes slightly.

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