Even the liquid that Dumbledore cast only lasted for a few seconds. Then the Transfiguration scene he had imagined would be impossible to do. This is probably the same reason why not everyone could use Killing Curse very well.

“I don’t know where the restriction comes from, but Gamp summed up the law as they did not invent the Transfiguration itself. I think this restriction of transfiguration is absolute.”

Sean nodded clearly, and then he said doubtfully, “But, professor. I don’t understand why you didn’t explain this in class.”

“About that,” Professor McGonagall’s face became more serious, “Do you know why I asked you to come to the office?”

“I don’t know, Professor.” Sean shook his head honestly.

Professor McGonagall’s tone became more serious, “The reason why I don’t tell everyone is very simple, to deepen their impression and let them remember that Transfiguration is a rigorous and serious magic that everyone should take the precaution of it as it has serious consequences. Only this way they would know how serious it is.”

When she turned her eyes, Sean suddenly felt he was stared at by someone outside.

“Mr. Wallup, when I was teaching the lesson, you directly thought of another use of Transfiguration.” She changed her tone, but her eyes remained serious, “You have a good sense of magic. Combined with excellent ability, I think there’s a reason why you’re so talented in Transfiguration.”

Sean smiled. It turned out that he was called here because Professor McGonagall was worried that he would go astray. Professor McGonagall looked at him sternly for a while and finally handed over the book she had picked out.

“I used to be like you in class long ago‚Ķ” Professor McGonagall’s face softened suddenly. She showed a nostalgic look and touched the notebook in her hand, “These are some notes I took from my years. Although it’s not very advanced, it should be helpful for you.”

“Professor, this is too much.” Sean hurriedly stood up.

Professor McGonagall showed a smile and did not hide the appreciation in her eyes, “This is not my gift towards you, but my expectation of you. If you can understand the content inside, I can give you more about it when you show me.”

Sean glanced at his professor and finally took it.

“Professor, I assure you that I will always treat Transfiguration in a cautious manner and correct way.” He said seriously.

“Very good. Keep up the good work.” Professor McGonagall nodded with satisfaction.

After Sean left, Professor McGonagall hurried to the principal’s office on the eighth floor.

“Sherbert Lemon.” After giving the order, she passed the stone beast at the door.

“Minerva, why are you in such a hurry? Did you find anything special today?” Dumbledore walked over with a smile.

Professor McGonagall took a breath and told Dumbledore what happened today.

“Oh, Minerva. It’s not your style to give a student special treatment.”

“Albus, don’t forget that this also happens to you,” Professor McGonagall continued with a sigh of relief, “Of course, I also hope to get an excellent Transfiguration student in a few years.”

“You deserve it. There have been more and more students in recent years. Pomona complained to me long ago that the current greenhouse is too small to accommodate so many students.”

Dumbledore opened the drawer and pushed a box, “Would you like some honey candy?”

Professor McGonagall glanced at Dumbledore with a look, “Albus! Those children have been in contact with them. What are you going to do?”

Dumbledore picked up a honey candy and put it in his mouth. He showed an expression of enjoyment, “Forgive me, I can’t tell you yet. But let’s enjoy the candy at the moment.”


When Sean returned to the common room, he still felt a little weird. In just one class, he actually got Professor McGonagall’s Transfiguration Notes.

His inventory already shows the information: Minerva McGonagall’s Transfiguration Notes (Gold).

Sean sighed secretly. Since he entered Hogwarts, he felt that he had received a lot of special treatment. Could it be that he is really going to be transferred later for a student exchange?

At this moment, Hermione came to him.

“Sean, what did Professor McGonagall say to you?” She asked curiously.

Sean thought for a while, then shook the notebook in his hand.

“What’s that?” Hermione wondered for a moment, and her voice became sharp, “Is that Professor McGonagall’s notes in Transfiguration?”

Sean nodded and then whispered, “Don’t tell everyone yet about it.”

Hermione glanced enviously at the notebook in his hand. She nodded earnestly, “Don’t worry, I won’t.”

Seeing her expression, Sean showed a smile: “When I learn it all, Professor McGonagall agrees to teach it to others. If you want, I can…”

“Of course, Sean!” Hermione jumped excitedly and hugged him.

The girl blushed and immediately released him.

“I-I’m thankful for that.”

Sean showed a relieved smile, “I understand.”

The two met their eyes and finally smiled at each other.

Sean’s life at Hogwarts suddenly became hectic. They take herbal lessons with Slytherins and learn to take care of herbs and fungi under the teaching of Ms. Sprout. Every Wednesday night, they use telescopes to observe the sky, learning the names of different stars and the trajectories of planets.

With the help of Professor McGonagall’s notebook, Sean’s proficiency in Transfiguration has improved. While others are still practicing matches and needles, he has already begun to try to turn boxes into mice.

However, what troubled Sean was the Potions class. Although there are subjects that he is bad at it, like the Charms class, he can do it well with Hermione’s help.

But in this potion class alone, he couldn’t brew the perfect potion even though Sean had followed the steps in the book extremely cautiously.

Instead, Harry’s fame suddenly increased because he got the Felix Felicis in Potions class that Slughorn hadn’t given out for a long time.

But these things were not in Sean’s consideration for the time being. After getting familiar with the school’s schedule, he sneaked out of the dormitory at night. He has been searching the Room of Requirement for a long time.

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