Hugo explained the general situation of the Association. Minsk nodded and continued to explain, “I don’t know the inside story, but I understand after listening to Hugo. Because of his family background, Fabian influenced a lot of students in Nurmengard, and I have observed some signs since last year.”


“The atmosphere in the school is getting worse and worse.” She frowned. She glanced at the three, “Nurmengards worship power, and we value the result more than the process. At the same time, we value our own interests, which leads to a very competitive atmosphere in the school, and few students cooperate with each other.”

Sean, Hermione, and Daisy all nodded. The atmosphere of the two schools is completely different.

She continued, “Under the competition, our concept of companions is rather vague. The older we get, the more students like to be lone wolves. It’s not a big problem when we get used to this kind of atmosphere. Facing a problem alone makes us have a better ability to solve things.”

Sean doesn’t quite agree with this point. Nurmengard’s students are indeed very good when they are alone, but in many cases, trust and cooperation will make problems easier to solve. In learning, we can also correct each other and make progress together.

For example, he and Hermione. Hermione’s current strength is definitely better than her in the original timeline.

Sean also got a lot of help, whether it was practicing spells with Hermione or discussing magical knowledge. There is always something that can be learned from it.

Although Sean’s thoughts differed from Minsk’s, he didn’t refute but just listened quietly to what she said next.

“Under this kind of atmosphere, Nurmengards rarely have companions. Although, after graduation, as long as you can pay enough, you can find many former alumni to help you. This personal relationship relies only on material, so it won’t affect your guys’ connection much.”

Ian said, “There is no connection. In many cooperations, it is not uncommon to be backstabbed by a former alumni. Because they just didn’t feel any connection to you.”

When he said this, Ian’s eyes calmed down. It seems that he or his family has experienced such a thing.

“Everything has risks. It’s just something that we, as Nurmengard students, have to tread carefully when doing such things.” Minsk replied.

Minsk continued, “This is the ecological environment of Nurmengard. The graduates have formed a circle all over the world. They have various influences from all walks of life. You pay, and they will help you.”

“However, that environment has changed a bit over the past few years.”

“How is that so?” Sean asked.

“Differentiation,” She uttered a word, “No matter what grade you are from Nurmengard or how long you have graduated as an adult wizard, whether you are from a wizard family or a Muggle family, your nationality or region, and you are a half-dwarf, half-giant, or half-veela. All personal differences will not become bargaining chips on the table.”

“In Numengard, everyone is equal. You get what you pay.”

Hugo said aside, “This is what Professor Grindelwald has always advocated. Wizards are wizards, and our nobility is only for other species.”

“That’s right. At that time, if a Muggle wizard and a pure-blood wizard wanted to get a bottle of potion from another person, they would have to pay the same Galleons or other items of equivalent value, but now it’s different.” Savannah’s expression was a little dignified.

“Social class is slowly emerging again…” Sean murmured.

Minsk took a look, “Yeah, but the word I just used was differentiation.”

“Someone did it on purpose?”

“Yes. Nurmengard’s environment has gradually formed since the school was founded, and there is Professor Grindelwald. This social class difference should not appear unless someone deliberately divides it.” Minsk seems to be quite aware of the situation, having done quite a bit of research herself

“My family has a related business. In recent years, wizards from Muggle families have wanted to get some kind of help. They need to pay more and more, but those pure-blood wizards are not treated that way.”

Hermione wondered, “But isn’t this situation easy to detect? You just said that it needs to be tread carefully.”

“Some people secretly began to dwindle in this matter. As vested interests, they are happy to hide something from Muggle-born wizards.”

“But aren’t the wizards who sell things or provide help aren’t all pure-blooded?”

Sean heard Hermione’s question and said, “Buying them. Wizards from Muggle families are also wizards. We and pure-blood wizards are essentially the same race. But this situation pushes something like a racial betrayal.”

“That’s right…” Minsk nodded, “The situation in the school has also changed due to changes in the outside world. Those pure-blood wizards, like Fabian, have begun to win over people’s hearts and build power. Among the clubs and gatherings in Nurmengards, none of the leaders of a student group is a wizard from a Muggle family. Whenever there is a sign of them rising, they will unite to suppress them.”

Sean frowned and thought. Although pure-bloodism has not disappeared, under the influence of Grindelwald in Nurmengard, no one dares to scold others for a Mudblood publicly.

But someone is willing to reverse the situation again.

Sean suddenly had a sense of enlightenment. Grindelwald suddenly gave himself the qualification to start a magic club and also sent Nurmengard students who knew the inside story, like Hugo and Minsk. He also knew that Fabian would definitely target him.

Therefore, Grindelwald knows what these people are for him, whether it is because of the things he can’t do or because he wants Sean to figure it out himself in this situation.

It’s definitely unrealistic for him to go to the Association, and the task of solving these social class issues in this school is given to him. Or, to put it simply, get rid of that Fabian and clean up the mess after that.

After figuring out what happened, Sean helplessly moved his face away. He is obviously a Hogwarts student, so why should he be responsible for the environmental issues in Nurmengard?

However, it has to be done.

First, Fabian has seriously affected the recruitment of new Golden Dawn Magic Club members. Secondly, that guy also attacked the Weasley twins, and he promised the twins to help them get revenge. Third, Sean himself comes from a Muggle family, and this kind of thing will affect his future life if he talks about it.

Whether it’s his own interests or his promises to others, Sean can’t stand by and watch.

After he figured this out, Sean immediately stopped worrying about the trouble Grindelwald caused him. Now that he has decided to do it, it is better to do it quickly.

Sean looked at the four members of the Golden Dawn. Although Grindelwald sent these people, they cannot be completely trusted.

After thinking about it for a while, Sean decided to let himself do it first. After that, these people will have time to solve this problem.

That night, Sean lay on the bed in the dormitory and picked up a piece of parchment, which recorded the news that the Weasley twins had inquired about.

Fabian is a perfectionist. During that time, he often went to the hilltop herbal garden on the east side of Nurmengard Castle. He likes to stand in the distance and watch those beautiful exotic flowers.

With his strength, he belongs to the top group in Nurmengard. Moreover, this person came from a rich family, and he always carries magic props produced by alchemists on his body, which can effectively defend against spells such as stuns and hypnotic ones. Several antidotes and other potions are also always available.

He also raises a cat, a creature that pays special attention to those who are suspicious and untrustworthy, and then sends an alarm to the owner. Fabian carries it most of the time.

Moreover, this guy seldom acts alone. He always brings a follower named Terrell with him. Terrell’s defensive spells are very good, and his blood seemed special. He seems to be able to resist curses and hypnosis to a certain extent.

After reading the information that he could see, Sean frowned.

His original plan was to take Pudding with him when he was alone, use the Disillusionment Charm to become invisible, and then directly hypnotize him while he was not paying attention.

After that, Sean beat Fabian. It was that simple.

But it seems that this plan is a bit too immature. Sean can’t use his magical animals, turn into a dragon, and directly defeat him. That would be too much, and his backups wouldn’t let him go easily.

Sean thought silently. He needed a sneak attack if he wanted to subdue him without anyone noticing.

He cannot bring animals with him. Otherwise, he will be discovered. Considering his magic, defense props, and Terrell, who can defend him, is pretty important.

He has a great advantage. After all, Sean is in the dark. Even if Fabian is always on guard, it is impossible to be vigilant all the time.

The best opportunity should be when no one is around him, and he unloads the magic props. For example, when he was taking a bath.

A simple plan emerged in Sean’s mind.

“Well, the difficulty shouldn’t be too high. But, I have to think about how to execute it well.”


The remedial lesson plan announced by Grindelwald has been implemented, and on Sunday afternoon, the students in Nurmengard finally ushered in a half-day break.

With a smile on his face, Fabian politely said goodbye to the classroom where he was. When he and another tall boy walked out of the castle, his smile became condescending and annoying.

“Fabian, is it necessary to be so polite all the time?” said the boy beside him.

“Image is important,” Fabian straightened his neckline, frowned, and brushed off a trace of dust on his shoulders, “Of course, the professors should know me. They also understand my strengths, but I treat them respectfully, which often leaves a good impression. What about those ordinary students? As long as you have the strength and energy, you don’t have to think too much about their thoughts.”

Terrell shrugged, “I guess you’re right.”

Fabian’s mouth rose slightly, “Terrell, after graduation, you will become an honorary member of our family. What I have is yours.”

Hearing this sentence, Terrell showed a smile.

“When the time comes, I’m going to have fun with Knockturn Alley and those—”

“Well, suit yourself, Terrell.” Aiken said leisurely.

The two walked towards the castle’s east side, one after the other. While stroking the smooth fur of the cat in his arms, Fabian said casually, “How is that Golden Dawn?”

“Except for the four-person team that lost to him that day, no one went there. You have already sent a message, and you also sent out the information about the dragon. There is no need for them to take the risk of offending you.”

“Those four people?” Aiken squinted his eyes, “Hugo and Patricia are both capable people. Minsk family is a broker, and she will still fall to me in the end. As for the second-grade kid, I’ve never heard of him.”

“However, I have to find a chance to talk to some of them,” he said, “A Mudblood from Hogwarts actually dares to take the honor bestowed by Mr. Grindelwald as a reward? I don’t know how could there be a person who thinks highly about themselves.”

Terrell laughed a few times, and the two walked to the herb garden. Bypassing the main greenhouse, Fabian came to another smaller greenhouse. He pushed the door open with gloves on, then frowned.

A hooded wizard is already inside.

“I don’t know if you know that this is the place where I always come to. Forget it. Terrell, give him a Galleon to send him away.”

Terrell nodded and went up to chat for a few words. The fifth-grader from Nurmengard had just rolled up his sleeves and was cultivating soil for a pot of jelly grass. Looking at his hands, Aiken frowned unconsciously.

“Ugh… Tattoos are disgusting…”

He saw a strange mark on the boy’s arm. It’s a python coiled out of the skull’s mouth.

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Published On: October 24, 2023

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