“That’s something only core members can learn.” Sean didn’t refuse and gave him a vague answer.

Of course, the so-called core members were reviewed by him.

Hugo patted his chest and replied cheerfully, “Of course I know. I will work hard, President.”

“I’m very optimistic about you. As the first member of Golden Dawn, your future is limitless.” Sean patted his shoulder enthusiastically.

Hugo has a carefree characteristic. After successfully joining the club, he found a chair and sat beside him. He took out a paper bag from nowhere. He carefully unwrapped the greasy wrapper, revealing a huge, well-preserved hamburger inside.

The three looked over unconsciously.

Hugo and the others looked at each other. He looked down at his hamburger, sighed, and took out a golden table knife.

“I can only share this much with you. It’s been a long time since breakfast, and I’m a little hungry.” He took a knife, cut the burger evenly, and then pushed some pieces in front of them.

The greasy gravy dripped slowly from the cross-section of the burger, and the aroma mixed with rich fat, spicy sauce, and sweet and sour tomato rushed into their noses.

Sean took the piece, although it was divided into one-eighth, but it was already two-thirds of his usual meal for Sean.

“Thanks, buddy.” He said.

The complex, rich aroma exploded in the mouth at once, and the slightly hot gravy mixed with the secret sauce made Sean’s taste buds almost dance with joy. After the fat, the sweet and sour fruits and vegetables relieve the greasy tip of the tongue, bringing a refreshing ending.

Hermione and Daisy opened their eyes in astonishment as Sean did. The hamburger is a food that rarely appears on the table in Hogwarts and Nurmengard. Obviously, this hamburger was made for Hugo himself.

The deliciousness far exceeds the food at school. Sean has eaten many foods in various high-end restaurants before that are not as good as this burger.

“It’s so delicious, Hugo. Did you make this yourself?” Sean took one bite after another and quickly devoured the burger.

Hugo’s eyes were narrowed. Although the size is huge, he is not messy when it comes to eating the food. He takes a full bite every time but never lets the ingredients or sauce overflow from his mouth.

After chewing carefully, Hugo sighed and swallowed the food into his stomach.

He contentedly swallowed a mouthful of the hamburger and replied, “Yes, I made it myself. Although the school food is okay, it always lacks a bit of flavor. So, I cook it myself if I have time.”

“You’re a genius.” Hermione exclaimed sincerely.

“My grandpa said that too,” Hugo was not surprised at the admiration. He was obviously very confident in his culinary skills. “It is a good choice to stay in Paris and be a cook there.”

“Why did you choose to come to Nurmengard in the first place? Beauxbatons should have sent you an admission letter, right?” After enjoying the meal, they asked Hugo.

“Hm.” Hugo smiled, and the fat on his face trembled, “Maybe because of the family environment and some old stories.”

They were talking when the classroom door was knocked again.

Ian Teach, a second-year student who had teamed with Hugo last time, walked in. He wore the same top hat this time, his eyes blinking as fast as ever.

“Mr. Wallup!” He walked over excitedly and took Sean’s hand, “Am I late? I hesitated for a long time about which hat to wear to show my importance. Now it seems It took a long time!”

Sean shook hands with him, “No, today’s recruitment is open around the clock, and you are the second one here.”

“Oh, awesome!” Ian kept shaking Sean’s hand up and down, “How do I join the club? I can’t wait!”

“You only need to pass the test/” Sean took a lot of effort to pull his hand out.

Ian looked taken aback and always dealt with Sean with overwhelming enthusiasm. His enthusiasm was obviously also used in the test. It didn’t take long for the Golden Dawn to have a second member of Nurmengard.

“A day worth celebrating!” Ian took out a deck of cards and shook it quickly. The gold-rimmed cards scattered in the air and magically returned to his hand.

Sean looked at Ian and Hugo, who were having a conversation, and this idea popped into his mind.

He doesn’t know what’s so special about the group of four that Grindelwald arranged for himself.

As Sean expected, Patricia and Minsk entered the club almost one after the other. The two were equally outstanding and passed the test with ease.

Patricia is good at Transfiguration, and there is never a shortage of transformable things at hand. When she transforms, she is as aggressive as she looks. Those transformed creatures will always pounce on the people around them as soon as they appear.

Patricia always remembered the incident of meeting Sean that night, and she always casually moved to Sean to ask something.

“Sean, what was the creature that was transported to the castle that day? Tell me about it!”

“Is it a permanent magical animal caused by the failure of the transformation? A five-legged monster? A Sphinx?”

“Do you still have an impression of the flow of the magic power?”

Sean had to promise Patricia that he would tell her later when she became a core member.

Minsk should be the only normal person in this group of four. This girl has been quiet and used to sitting on the edge. Sean found that this girl seldom expresses her views on things she doesn’t understand when chatting with others. She is more used to agreeing with other people’s views.

Moreover, Minsk actually has an older sister named Samantha Minsk. Who is in the fourth grade in Slytherin. Her sister did not come to Nurmengard, and she did not show any regrets. It seems that the relationship between the two is very ordinary.

She also brings news to Sean that someone is preventing other Nurmengard students from joining the Golden Dawn.

“Fabian, huh?” Sean said the name silently.

Minsk glanced at the others and continued, “I know him a little bit. His father has a deep connection with the French Wizard Rights Protection Association, and Hugo should know that group quite well.”

When it came to business, Hugo suddenly became serious. He nodded and said to Sean, “You may not know much about the wizarding reforms founded by the French Association and Professor Grindelwald in England. This group is different. The idea of ​​this organization is relatively more radical, and the French Ministry of Magic is about to change its minister recently. Its President is the most favorable competitor for the minister.”

“It can be said that the Wizarding Rights Protection Association is now the largest organization in France. Its influence comes from the powerful sponsors behind it and some events in previous years.”

“Event?” Sean asked, puzzled. This was an aspect he had never understood.

“Yes. About five years ago, this organization did a few things in Paris before I entered school. For example, a French wizard turned his Muggle neighbor into a brown terrier. The reason is that his neighbors are always grilling in the yard.”

Hugo spread his hands, “The wizard thought that the smoke from the barbecue would destroy the growth of medicinal materials in his backyard.”

“Originally, this kind of thing is a serious violation of the statute of secrecy and the use of magic law. Normally, that guy will be imprisoned for at least three years. However, the people from the Association hired a very famous lawyer for him. After persuading several well-qualified jurors, in the end, the wizard was only fined fifty Galleons and two months of community labor.”

“The Association helped him pay the fine. The so-called community labor was originally to help some single elderly wizards do some housework and so on. Those labors also turned into potion brewing, which was originally the wizard’s job.”

Hugo continued, “After that, the Association followed suit. Several wizards who were going to prison were only slightly fined. In the eyes of those wizards who were originally dissatisfied with the statute of secrecy, this organization is like their savior.”

Ian blinked his eyes quickly and said, “Actually, judging from these few things alone, we can’t see the true face of this Association this whole time. I was born into a wizard family. Although neither of my parents are pure-blood wizards, they are indeed dissatisfied with the current secrecy law, and the actions of this organization gained several supporters.”

Hugo nodded, “I thought so too. Because what they did was similar to Professor Grindelwald’s Wizarding Reform Association, it’s just a bit more radical. Last year, I don’t know if you have heard it before, there was a serial murder in Paris.”

Sean frowned. He usually paid attention to current news but hadn’t heard of this case.

“Several women were murdered in succession on the streets of Paris at night. The Muggle policemen at that time were equivalent to Aurors. They pursued the case normally, but they couldn’t find the murderer. Think about it,” Hugo frowned, “A wizard could easily pull this kind of thing by themselves.”

“The real culprit in the serial murder case is a wizard?” Hermione covered her mouth.

“That’s right.”

“Although we were all in the UK at the time, the Daily Prophet should have reported such a serious case.” Hermione said with a frown.

Hugo sneered, “The Aurors of the French Ministry of Magic caught that person. Whether it was a crime he committed or a serious violation of the secrecy, sending him to the Soul Eater Tower should be his final destination.”

The Soul Eater Tower is the execution method of the French Ministry of Magic. The prisoner will be escorted to the top of the tower and then pushed down. When they fall to the ground, only their clothing will remain.

“However, that guy escaped death and was even locked up in an ordinary prison. A place where prisoners who commit petty theft or minor violations stay.”

“Because of the Association’s help?” Sean frowned.

“That’s right. The murderer is the only son of an ancient pure-blood family in France. In order to win the support of that family and the huge sponsorship, the Association used a lot of power to suppress this matter. The cops on the case were all cursed. They ended up finding a homeless man as a scapegoat.”

“Do you think this is over?” Hugo showed an expression of extreme disgust, “That organization actually used these cases as propaganda. They said that the murderer was tortured by Muggles and got mental illness. All kinds of propaganda about that murderer were romanticized as fighting for wizards’ legitimate rights and interests. If it weren’t for my grandpa, I would have been brainwashed like many ordinary French wizards because I didn’t know the inside story.”

“Really?” Daisy blinked her eyes.

“The next minister of the French Ministry of Magic will most likely be the President of that organization. More than half of the pure-blood family will stand for it. Wizards who don’t know the inside story are kept in the dark. They were the ones who control everything, they…” Hugo seemed to want to swear a few bad words, but he held back angrily in the end.

Sean immediately thought of other aspects.

Did Dumbledore and Grindelwald know about this? They should know about it, but they shouldn’t care about it.

Dumbledore is an English wizard. After all, he doesn’t have much influence on the French wizarding world. Grindelwald’s mind is hard to figure out. He might not want to care about it at all.

Sean suddenly thought of something.

Why did Hugo, who knew the inside story, happen to join the newly established Golden Dawn Club? Fabian, who was associated with the Association, happened to be against him.

The corner of Sean’s mouth twitched.

Sean feels that Grindelwald wanted him to be involved in this matter indirectly.

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Published On: October 24, 2023

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