The conversation between the two was just a small talk. After Daisy returned, they devoted themselves to revising the new club’s rules and regulations. It took a lot of time, and the rough regulations were finally written on the parchment.

Sean misses his parents very much. Nurmengard, like Hogwarts, cannot use electronic devices. Otherwise, he can call his father for a professional team to make all the rules immediately.

“Okay, that’s about it.” Hermione carefully looked at the contents on the parchment, then turned to look at Sean, “Sean, have you decided on the name of the club?”

“Oh, I’ve never been very good at things like naming things.” Sean spread his hands helplessly.

“But the club should have a name.”

Sean frowned and thought for a long time, then tentatively said, “Should it be called ‘Golden Dawn’?”

“Is there any other meaning?” Daisy asked curiously.

“No. I just thought about it. It sounds like a bluff.” Sean said honestly.

Hermione and Daisy looked at each other.

“What does that mean?”

“Sean has always had a way of lying to people.”

In fact, Sean only dug out this name from his previous memory, and he forgot the origin. In this way, the name of the club was decided within a few minutes, and Sean didn’t care about it at all. Names are pretty unimportant to him anyway.

On Saturday, a new member recruitment announcement appeared on the bulletin board club section on the first floor of Nurmengard Castle.

“Golden Dawn Magic Club?” A Nurmengard student read the words on the bulletin board, “This is the one founded by Sean Wallup?”

“It should be. We are no better than Hogwarts. The magic club review is very strict. Wallup is a dragon whisperer, and Professor Grindelwald likes all kinds of interesting things. Gifted students do like to do these kinds of things.”

“Look at the slogan. Why does he write it like that?”

A student read the slogan on the parchment, “‘Golden Dawn Magic Club. A comprehensive magic academic exchange club, the president is deeply involved in high-end magic knowledge and firmly believes that practice is the only criterion for testing truth. The Golden Dawn Magic Club mainly teaches small magic spells, practical tips on duels, a hundred ways to hide your body, how to escape if you can’t fight, and help you to be better when facing dark wizards.”

“It looks, uh, different from other clubs?”

Another person glanced at the recruitment announcements of other clubs, “Look at what others are – ‘When Transfiguration Shines into Life’, ‘The first half of my life with ancient runes’…”

“Hey, look at the following!” A student exclaimed, holding a copy of “Introduction to the Habits of the Hungarian Horntail” in his hand, “‘Golden Dawn Magic Club has a grand opening ceremony. The top 50 who pass the review will win prizes. The president’s personal teaching of the detailed habits of dragons and hundreds of effective methods to deal with dragons!'”

The Nurmengard’s students looked at each other, seeing the heat in each other’s eyes.

Dragons are not magical creatures like Flobberworms that can be seen everywhere. Due to their terrifying danger, the research on dragons in existing books is extremely limited.

The dragon thesis assigned to them by Professor Grindelwald caused everyone to complain. Recently, all the books about dragons in the library have been borrowed, but the students found out in despair that the overlapping parts of the materials in those books were removed. It is simply impossible to finish the task given by Grindelwald.

The problem is that they don’t know enough about dragons. It would be even worse if they made up things and handed them in. In Nurmengard, ignorance is called weak, but pretending to know is the real stupidity.

Everyone has long noticed Sean’s performance that day. He can speak dragon language and communicate with dragons. After Grindelwald’s speech at the dinner that day, many people focused on Sean.

Although he is from Hogwarts and has done many things to embarrass the Nurmengards during this period, Professor Grindelwald has allowed him to open a magic club. If they join it and consult secretly about the dragon, then it is not considered surrendering to the enemy, right?

Most of the people in the crowd had such thoughts, and several students had already retreated silently to the crowd’s periphery.

“Ridiculous,” a slightly shrill voice sounded. It was a seventh-grade boy with yellowish-brown semi-long hair, a meticulous uniform, a jeweled brooch pinned to his vest lapel, and an annoying smell on his face.

If Sean and the Weasley brothers were here, they would definitely recognize this person. It’s Fabian.

Sean had prepared a revenge plan, but Fabian did not make it to the finals for some reason on the last Nurmengard Day, which made Sean feel a little regretful.

Of course, he had already promised Fred and George about the revenge, so he definitely wouldn’t stop there. Sean was just waiting for the opportunity.

In front of the bulletin board in the corridor on the first floor, Fabian crossed his arms and walked out of the crowd. He glanced at the Golden Dawn’s recruitment announcement in disgust.

“Don’t tell me that someone wants to join Nurmengard’s enemies?” Fabian’s voice was cold, and he scanned the crowd gloomly.

“Fabian, don’t overwhelm us with your obnoxiousness in your own group.” A tall boy with a cast on his right hand frowned.

“Ravena, did you come back to class after your injury didn’t heal?” Fabian sneered, “‘An underage dragon defeated me, and then a second-grade student from another school tamed that guy easily.’ If I were you, I would be embarrassed for life.”

“What’s wrong with admitting that your skills are inferior to others?” Ravena said calmly, “At least I have faced a dragon face to face. Where were you at that time?”

“I’m not interested in children’s playhouse, Ravena. You don’t really think you’re the best in seventh grade, do you?”

“Whether it’s me or not, I don’t know. But it’s definitely not you.”

“Well, do you want to find out?”

The two faced each other, and neither of them backed down. It was obvious that they had been fighting for a long time.

At this time, another student said, “Fabian, Professor Grindelwald agreed to Wallup’s club. Are you questioning his choices?”

“That’s because Professor Grindelwald is the principal of Nurmengard. No matter how much he hates Hogwarts, he will set an example accordingly.” Fabian didn’t even look back at the student, “You think what you saw is true? Idiot, have you actually used brain?”

“If it weren’t for these guys—” Fabian glanced at Ravena, “Professor Grindelwald wouldn’t have to be so generous to select a student from another school to do this.”

“You…” Many people’s faces suddenly became angry.

Fabian raised his brows. Although he didn’t know Grindelwald’s true intentions, it didn’t prevent him from interpreting it.

As the radical student group leader in Nurmengard, Fabian can tolerate other things. But a student from another school and a Mud-blood opens a magic club in this castle and recruits students?

His father is a sponsor of the French Wizarding Rights Protection Association. His father taught himself when he was in the fifth grade that school is a small society. He needs to attract people who are worth noting, and those who are absolutely unreliable throw them away.

Just like the current Nurmengard, Fabian’s radical group is one of the largest student forces in the school. Among other relatively large groups, none of their leaders is a Half-Blood or Mud-Blood wizard, and all of them are Pure-Bloods.

Fabian has always carried out the ideas his father taught him, just like the true ideas of the French Wizarding Rights Protection Association. Wizards are superior to others, but Pure-Blood wizards are even more noble.

In the process of liberating the rights and interests of wizards, Mud-Bloods are completely untrustworthy.

Fabian has already researched about the origin of Sean. His parents are all Muggles, Even if he is talented, he is not worthy of the glory at all.

The magic club this kind of person founded has no value worth joining, and he will not allow a club headed by a Mud-Blood wizard to develop and grow in Nurmengard.

Looking at the others coldly, Fabian said, “Don’t let me down, friends.”

After saying this, he smiled again, “By the way, I sent the owl to deliver a letter yesterday. My father happened to know several senior wizards who have been dealing with dragons for decades. None of the information had been seen in the public before. The information will be sent to me soon. You can come to me if you need it. Shouldn’t classmates help each other?”

Fabian left the scene with several people. Those people who were eager to try the Golden Dawn hesitated at this moment.

The meaning of Fabian’s words is obvious. If you join the Golden Dawn, you can get detailed information about dragons. Of course, you can join Fabian and get the same kind of information.

In the Golden Dawn club classroom, Sean was sitting at a long table with Hermione and Daisy.

Sean kept turning a piece of parchment in front of him and would change it back every time just to keep him busy and practice his Transfiguration.

Hermione puffed her cheeks and looked towards the door of the classroom. Where colored paper kept rising and falling, which came from her, since it is a newly established club, there must be some lively atmosphere.

Of course, there is nothing in the classroom now. Many students from Hogwarts have already joined the club. But today, it is mainly reserved for Nurmengard students.

However, it had been long since the recruitment notice was posted on the board, and no one showed up at the door. This made Hermione a little bit dejected.

She has made up her mind to help Sean manage the new club, but the current situation has greatly dampened her enthusiasm.

“How could there be no one?” Hermione muttered, and she looked at Sean next to her, “Stop messing with that. Don’t mess with that parchment. Sean, aren’t you worried?”

“What’s the rush?” Sean shrugged. He turned the parchment into a shield this time. On the shield was the Hogwarts emblem on top and the Nurmengard emblem on the bottom.

“Tell me, how would the two principals feel when they saw this shield?” Sean said with a smile.

“It’s not going to be good anyway,” Hermione said angrily, “Sean, this is your club!”

“Okay, okay, but what’s the rush?” Sean took back his wand and leaned back on the chair leisurely, “Isn’t this normal? I’m a Hogwarts student, only in the second grade, and there must be a lot of people in Nurmengard students who don’t like me. It’s normal for no one to care about me. Isn’t this just in line with our review standards?”

“But why do you even write it that way?”

“I guess that’s also a problem. Is my slogan not good enough? My slogan is a hundred times better than those fake slogans in other clubs.”

The two were talking when the classroom door was pushed open.

A blond, chubby student came in.

“I’m so glad to see you again.”

The person who came was Hugo, a fourth-year Nurmengard student who had dueled with Sean. Or Grindelwald, who pretended to be Sean.

“Welcome, but I’m not your president yet. You still have to pass the review.” Sean stood up and shook hands with him.

Having said that, his membership is almost certain. Grindelwald pretended to bet with those people that day, and Sean already knew about it. Grindelwald made this arrangement deliberately, which is tantamount to telling Sean that he has already found a few preliminary candidates for him.

Therefore, the student in front of him must have something special.

Hugo has a straightforward personality. He didn’t change his words. He called him ‘President’ and then accepted Hermione’s membership review. It has to be said that Sean was a little surprised by his character.

He has excellent proficiency in spells and a huge source of magic power that is almost terrifying. This student even scored 90 points on the general knowledge test specially prepared by Hermione.

There is no need to question the necessity of this kind of test paper. The way of thinking of many people in the wizarding world is still stuck in the Middle Ages. As a result, many wizards can be said to have no common sense in life. Sean is here to solve that problem from the start.

Dave was hanging upside down under the table. Dave could not only detect the “deliciousness” of his brain but also use biological instincts to judge the general strength of a wizard.

Hugo Barbarossa handed over an answer sheet that satisfied Sean.

“Congratulations, you are now a member of our Golden Dawn.” Sean smiled and held out his hand.

Hugo shook hands with him enthusiastically, stretched his neck, and said excitedly, “Thank you, thank you! May I ask, will the club teach us the blue flame spell that you cast that day?”

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