On the way back to the lounge, the Weasley twins put their arms around his shoulders before Sean could think about how to hold this so-called club.

“Dude, that’s amazing.”

“I bet that even Dumbledore cannot create a magic club like in Nurmengard.”

“Whoa, whoa, Fred. Are you saying that our magical prince from Hogwarts has become the first person to do so?”

“That’s right, George. The Magic Club thing is not something small.”

“Sure enough, only Sean could do it.”

“Yes, Sean!”

“Our magic prince!”

“The great savior of Hogwarts!”

“The ghosts of Nurmengards!”

“Merlin will cry because of him!”

“Filch will be impressed by him!”

Sean covered the mouths of the twins, “Guys, I don’t want to be a magic prince or something. But I feel like I’m casting two curses on you right now.”

The Weasley twins looked at each other in feigned fear and shivered there.

“I take it back!”

“Is it the kind of curse that can only be broken by kissing a cow’s lips?”

Sean raised his brows, “That’s a good idea, but I’ll change it to say that the two of you need to kiss each other’s lips to break the curse.”

“Oh, no way.”

“Come on, now.”

“This will not reflect your title very much.”

“How about changing it to the new generation Dark Lord?”

The two sang together, which drew laughter from the people around them. Sean smiled and shook his head. The twins are at the pinnacle of the magic world regarding talking and quarreling.

However, the two also brought some information, and it was only then that Sean knew why the Nurmengard students looked at him so strangely.

The magic club is different from the one in Sean’s impression. In other words, a group of like-minded people studying something together is called a gathering. Gatherings can be requested by students of any grade and for any reason, professors will approve your gathering as long as it is reasonable.

The magic club is much more rigorous, and one of the professors will be your backer. For example, if you want to organize a Transfiguration Club, then your Transfiguration professor will watch over you. You would probably need a higher level of understanding and knowledge to be able to create one.

In Hogwarts, there are not many such magic clubs, and senior students generally organize them.

Under normal circumstances, students are not allowed to join different magic clubs. In other words, after a student becomes a core member of a certain club, they can only become that club member at most. This is a rule agreed upon by all of the clubs.

In Nurmengard, the twins didn’t know the specific situation. But when they went to the club bulletin board, it showed that only three clubs were recruiting members, which meant that there were not many magic clubs in the castle.

The news of the Weasley twins made Sean a little confused. If the requirements are so high, what can he teach others?

Transfiguration? Animagus is not a secret, but he revealed his identity as soon as he demonstrated it. He has a lot of knowledge in terms of charms, but his capacity for magic spells may not be as good as most senior students. Magical animal is a choice, they are simple and easy, but he doubt anyone would be interested in this type of lesson in this school.

Sean recalled the magic he had mastered now and found that there was only one kind of magic he was qualified to teach others, Dark Magic.

The next day, the key to the magic club classroom approved by Grindelwald was in Sean’s hands.

“It’s a nice classroom, Sean.” Daisy was looking at the room curiously.

“It’s really good. Mr. Grindelwald is very generous.” Sean nodded in agreement with her statement.

This spacious classroom has free paper, pens, and ink on several long tables and a practice dummy neatly placed in the corner.

Sean took a cushion and leaned against the window sill of the window. This place is located at the height of the tower on the northernmost side of Nurmengard Castle. There was a mountain view. At the foot of the mountain is a dense coniferous forest. It is Nurmengard’s magical animal training place.

“It’s such a good place.” Sean sighed about the beautiful scenery outside and then thought about the words Grindelwald left him when he went to get the keys just now.

(You can teach the Animagus first.)

Grindelwald asked himself to teach others Animagus. Sean frowned and thought about his idea.

“Ah, the minds of that old man are so hard to figure out. Why can’t you explain it to me clearly, really.” Sean complained.

At this time, the classroom door was pushed open, and Hermione walked in, holding a few books.

She saw a few books she was interested in in the book list in the library, but those books were all borrowed from the Nurmengards library.

“Did you borrow it?” Sean asked.

Hermione shook the few books in her hand, “It is indeed correct to run over after class. These books are indeed very popular. When I borrowed them, many people who came later were very annoyed. “

Sean walked over to take a look, and a slightly worn ancient book at the bottom aroused his interest.

“When Runes Knock at the Door,” Sean barely recognized the title with his meager knowledge of runes.

“Rune characters are another name for ancient runes.” Hermione explained from the side.

“Is this an introductory book on runes? I remember you said that in the third grade, you should take an ancient runes class.”

“It’s not an introduction,” Hermione was a little uncertain, “I only read the introduction. This book is more about the origin of rune magic and some ancient legends, but—”

She opened the book, and Sean felt a little dizzy just seeing the words on it.

“This book seems to be very old, so it is written in runes. Although it is difficult to read, it will be very helpful in what we will learn in the future.” Hermione said happily.

Sean lost interest all of a sudden. It’s not that he hasn’t tried to learn ancient runes. His brain becomes completely muddy when it touches these words. After a long time, his brain will still ring with pain and dizziness.

It’s better to wait for Hermione to get started and learn it later. Hoping that she would teach him a little bit.

Hermione put away the books, found a stool, and sat by the fireplace, “So, Sean. Have you figured out what the club will teach?”

“Oh, I’m not sure yet,” Sean spread his hands on the window sill, “There’s not much to teach, maybe Animagus?”

“Is that okay?” As Sean expected, Hermione frowned, “First of all, if you don’t demonstrate it, it won’t be convincing. Second, if you demonstrate it, it means that you are an illegal Animagus. You are not on the list at the Ministry of Magic. Finally, the appearance of your Animagus form will reveal all the secrets from the Nurmengard Day.”

Sean nodded. Hermione thought a little more thoughtfully than him. Grindelwald would not fail to think of this.

“However, it’s not impossible to teach them that.” Hermione narrowed her eyes suddenly.

“What do you mean?”

“The problem lies in your Animagus identity. You can completely regard the method of becoming an Animagus as the ultimate reward for joining the club.” Hermione said.

“You mean we have to do a member screening?”

“That’s right,” Hermione nodded, “Animagus is not something that you are qualified to learn as soon as you join the club. To teach this stuff requires them to become a core club member. Before that, you can teach others to earn respect and trust.”


“You usually think so fast. Why are you so stupid now?” Hermione gave him an annoyed look and then continued, “From the perspective of theoretical knowledge, you can be seen as the greatest one in the second grade. But what about the people with higher grades? What they want to learn most is actual combat.”

“You already have an excellent record. You can definitely teach them the way of thinking in actual combat, as well as your little routines. They hate this, but they also want to learn this most.”

“Also, don’t forget. Mr. Grindelwald just assigned an assignment.”

Daisy said loudly, “A thesis about dealing with dragons!”

“That’s right,” Hermione nodded, “This is a task that every Nurmengard student cannot escape. The information in the books is insufficient, and it takes a lot of effort to seek help from the professor.”

“Our new club’s recruitment announcement can include the phrase ‘Dragon Whisperer Teaches in Person’, which will be the most favorable advantage for the new club to attract members. Think about it, Sean. Even though the Dragon Whisperer is a lie, who knows dragons better than you? After all, you are a dragon yourself.”

“We use this to recruit members, help them complete their tasks, and teach them something like the Disillusionment Spell. In this process, we screen the members. The ones with the best character and talent can be our core members.”

“At this time, you have accumulated enough reputation. You can still gain their trust even if you don’t demonstrate the Animagus yourself.”

“At this time, take out the main reward for them. That is the method of becoming an Animagus, and as a mentor, it is normal for you to watch their transformation process to prevent accidents. Needless to say, we can naturally Build trust with members with good character. A wizard who can be called an Animagus on his own probably won’t register themselves to the Ministry of Magic.”

Hermione spoke out her plan in one breath, and Sean frowned slightly at the beginning and opened his mouth slightly wide at the end. She has already thought about the most critical step of screening members in the club.

“You’re such a genius…” Sean couldn’t help admiring, “How did you think of so many things? After Mr. Grindelwald announced that news, you were helping me to figure it out, right?”

Hermione’s face flushed slightly, and her voice lowered a bit, “I haven’t thought about it for a long time…”

“That’s even more amazing!” Sean didn’t hesitate in his words of praise.

Hermione’s slightly raised brow represented her happy mood at the moment.

“Then thank you for your compliment…” she muttered, and then straightened her expression, “This is just a general idea. We need to improve the club’s system, from the most basic recruitment to the screening process. By the way, Sean, will Pudding’s Legilimency be detected by someone with Occlumency?”

“I really don’t know about that,” Sean was dumbfounded.

“It’s very important to plan ahead,” Hermione glanced at Daisy, “you and Daisy are my best friends. I don’t want you to be by moles in the club in the future.”

“Hermione.” Daisy called out coquettishly and then put her arms around her waist.

“Okay, let’s get busy with the club’s system now.” Hermione hesitated to speak.

Sean saw what she wanted to say, but since Hermione didn’t say anything, he decided not to pursue it.

Several people discussed the details for a while. Daisy took a draft club system to ask Professor McGonagall for her opinion. Only Sean and Hermione were left in the classroom.

“You have something to hide from me, right?” Suddenly, Hermione said in a muffled voice.

“I…” Sean hesitated to speak. He didn’t know whether he should tell her about the prophecy.

Hermione shook her head, “Everyone has their own secrets, I won’t ask you, but.”

Her eyes were shining brightly, “Because you shared the secret with me, I can see that Mr. Grindelwald values ​​you very much, whether it is the accumulated reputation before or the specially approved magic club. He wants to help you build a rudimentary form of power, and you are only in the second grade.”

“Although I don’t know the purpose of him doing this, I believe in you and understand you. I believe in your character and understand your long-cherished wish. Although you have been acting very plainly, you still want to influence the world, right? So, I’m willing to help you all the time because—”

“Because you are my best friend.” A warm feeling rose in Sean’s heart, and he said with a smile.

“Yes, yes—you’re my best friend.” Hermione pursed her lips slightly and smiled brightly before lowering her head slightly.

There was silence in the classroom for a while, and when Sean was about to speak, Hermione quickly raised her head.

“If you become the great Sean Wallup in the future. Don’t forget this sentence when you are in the chocolate frog picture, okay?”

“It’s a deal.”

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Published On: October 23, 2023

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