The rest of the contestants didn’t think of it at all. Sean can know their words and plans. Some students even came up with some weird plans “on a whim”.

The Nurmengard students are well-deserved in their reputation. With their cooperation, they have come up with many reasonable and realistic plans. Many of them have mastered some unorthodox spells. Most of these spells are acquired by accident or family inheritance.

Of course, this only works if they’re up against a real dragon, and that dragon doesn’t know their plan.

“That’s the decision. However, there is one last point that everyone needs to make a commitment to,” Ravena concluded and then looked at the others seriously.

“Numengard only pays attention to the process and not to the result. In the past, most of them were more inclined to choose to act alone. Now we gather because the enemy is too strong,” Ravena narrowed his eyes, “I don’t want to see someone backstab a teammate at a critical moment. Don’t look at me like that. It’s not our first time dealing with things like this, is it?”

The educational concepts of Nurmengard and Hogwarts are completely different. Apart from the differences in the usual schools, the most notable point is that Nurmengard knows how to cooperate, but they value their own self more.

Probably due to the prevalence of the Lone Wolf concept, the students in this school barely act in groups. In the past experiences, backstabbing their own teammates often happened.

Ravena still remembered the previous Nurmengard Day, when the content of the competition was treasure hunting, and Professor Grindelwald arranged a maze with many traps.

Ravena was still a fifth-grade student at the time, formed a team with several students and made it to the end with some luck. Then, Ravena was stunned by his teammates when he turned around.

This is the competitive environment in Nurmengard. They will get away with it as long as no one is killed. Most people prioritize their own interests over their classmates’ friendships.

Ravena knew very well that if their plan went well and the dragon was defeated, some students would be unable to restrain their intrusive thoughts.

His tone became increasingly serious: “As the initiator of this plan, I first promise that I will not betray my teammates. What about the others?”

The remaining students responded to his words, but he didn’t seem to believe them at all.

“That’s too weak. I don’t believe it. I don’t expect this kind of talk would guarantee anything. Rather than pinning hopes on this fragile agreement, it’s better to be direct. If someone betrays your own teammate, I’ll be ‘playing’ with you throughout the school year and after we graduate.”

“The ‘game’ will only get more exciting. You should know about my spells already.”

“Stealth-like spells and curses.”

“Ravena, you…” Someone’s expression turned ugly.

“Yes, Brando. You understand correctly. I’m threatening you and you guys also.” Ravena was straightforward.

However, the effect of this talk is obvious. Although it feels uncomfortable to be threatened, those students know that Ravena is not playing around.

“How do we divide the rewards? There are so many people on our side.” Someone asked.

“According to the degree of contribution. I will give out ten points to ask Professor Goodman to judge the contribution of everyone in this competition. Whoever contributes more will get the biggest rewards. How about it?”

Ravena’s proposal was considered fair, and no one would question Professor Goodman’s vision, so everyone nodded in agreement.

On the top of the hill, Sean almost laughed out loud.

Dave’s perception is extremely good. When Ravena spoke just now, while conveying Ravena’s words, he told Sean which people’s heartbeats accelerated slightly.

The seventh-grade student named Ravena performed very well, with a clear mind, swift and decisive action, and knew to eliminate hidden dangers before acting.

Since Grindelwald talked with Sean a few times, he has more and more ideas about establishing his own power, and now he is also observing objects worth noting.

However, this is not the main goal now. He has to get rid of those guys quickly and then get his rewards.

He raised his wings and grabbed the wooden box under him with his claws. After circling, he burrowed into the cave where he came out under.

The students in the stands looked at each other.

“Has that dragon returned to its nest?”

“I think so. He left with the golden egg.”

“Then what should they do? Who dares to go to that dragon’s lair?”

On the stage, the students had seen this scene, and everyone was dumbfounded.

They discussed various plans, but the premise was always that the dragon was on the top of the hill. If he was somewhere else, then their plan would undoubtedly fail.

The size of large magical animals is both an advantage and a disadvantage. While providing high-strength magic resistance and vitality, a large body makes it more difficult to avoid the spell. Therefore, when dealing with creatures like dragons, a dozen or more wizards would be more effective against them.

But in the cave where the field of vision is reduced, wizards have much less space to avoid their attacks, and any part of the dragon’s body that touches the wizard is fatal. Don’t forget that dragons can breathe fire.

The students headed by Ravena were all dumbfounded. The behavior of this dragon was completely not normal.

Sean didn’t have time to worry about this. He returned to the cave and recalled his human appearance in his heart. After a while, the dragon turned into a second-grade student.

“It makes me hungry just being a dragon for that amount of time.” Sean stretched his waist and then raised his wand.

After some moments, Sean transformed into a dragon again. He placed the wooden box in the middle of the haystack and then showed a satisfied smile.

Outside the cave, Ravena led several students to the edge.

He poked his head out and glanced into the dark cave, “The field of view is too bad, and the space is too narrow. If the dragon breathes fire, none of us can escape.”

“Then what should we do? Go in and see the situation with the Disillusionment Charm?” A person next to him suggested.

“It’s too dangerous. Although it’s not mentioned in the textbook, Matts experience has shown that the dragon has the ability to see through that spell. It may be able to sense the flow of magic power.”

If Sean heard this sentence, he would burst out laughing. Matts was found out because he stepped on a certain grass, and it didn’t move.

The remaining students gathered outside the entrance of the cave. Not long after, they became more and more anxious.

“What should we do now? Going to fight a dragon in the cave is a death wish!” a student said angrily.

“Wait, did you hear anything?” said the tall girl.

A few people listened and then found that there seemed to be sound in the cave. The sound was like a dilapidated old bellows. The breath was calm. The sound rose and fell rhythmically.

“Is it sleeping?” They looked at each other and saw the surprise in each other’s eyes.

Ravena frowned and, with a wave of his wand. He turned a rock in front of the cave into a cat.

“I’ll let it go. Check the situation. If the dragon comes out of the nest, everyone should run away.”

Seeing the cat trotting into the cave, everyone else retreated. After a while, the cat appeared in front of everyone, safe and sound.

“It seems to be really asleep. Shall we try it?”

Ravena was a little hesitant, but if the dragon didn’t come out they waited here for the whole day. They wouldn’t get the golden eggs.

He lingered on the spot for a while and said, “No, it’s too dangerous to enter the cave. I think it’s better to lure the dragon out of the cave.”

“But how to lure the dragon? Let someone go in and cast an explosive spell at close range to provoke the dragon?”

“That’s the only way to go. We should use the delayed explosive spell as we discussed before,” Ravena took a deep breath, his eyes were calm, “I’ll go in and provoke the dragon. The others follow our previous plan and get ready. Immediately get the eggs once the dragon comes out of the nest.”

Ravena took a deep breath, and after casting several defensive spells on himself, his figure slowly faded into the air. Behind him, the girl also held her breath, cast the Disillusionment Charm on herself, and followed Ravena from far behind.

The students in the stands only saw they were moving, and everyone became puzzled. They didn’t know what kind of plans the students were going to have.

In the cave, Ravena lowered his breathing as much as possible. He didn’t dare to cast the Disillusionment Charm, so he could only use a spell to increase the range of vision before entering, which allowed him to see what was inside the cave.

The cave is full of strange rocks. Fortunately, this is just a dragon’s lair simulated by the professors, and there are no bats or other cave creatures to cause trouble.

Ravena walked forward silently, and after slowly passing through the dark passage, he finally saw something.

It was a rough nest with hay and glass gems placed in it. In the center is the goal of this competition. The wooden box containing golden eggs was lying quietly on the haystack.

However, the dragon that was supposed to be there was nowhere to be seen.

Ravena’s eyes widened. He didn’t understand why there was no dragon.

Although the scales of the Hungarian Horntail are black, its barbs and skin are yellow or bronze-ish. It is impossible to hide its figure in this environment.

Outside the cave, the others arrived at their positions according to the plan. They all stared at the entrance of the cave. As long as the dragon appeared, they would make a move immediately.

However, what they didn’t expect was that Ravena appeared at the entrance of the cave.

He beckoned to everyone and then said with a strange face, “The dragon is gone.”


Ravena nodded. He carefully explored the cave just now but didn’t find any sign of the dragon.

“What’s the situation? Does the dragon know how to do the Disillusionment Charm?” A student joked.

“That big guy is indeed missing. It seems to have gone through other passages…” Ravena looked at Grindelwald in the stands with doubts.

However, the professors said nothing.

The students looked at each other in blank dismay. They never imagined that this thrilling match would end in this way.

“What about the golden egg?”

“It’s still there. I checked the situation and came back…” Ravena’s words suddenly stopped

“What should we do now?”

Those students who were already thinking carefully looked at each other, and they all saw the greed in each other’s eyes.

The fire dragon is gone, but the golden egg is still there.

Without anyone’s notice, the previous promise was instantly invalidated, and several students ran towards the cave immediately. The rest reacted the same. Ravena cursed angrily and also ran wildly toward them.

The students in the stands saw this scene.

“Why are they running so desperately into the dragon’s lair?”

“What’s going on? Did the dragon just die?”

The students had no time to think about other things, and everyone was running furiously.

“I’m going to get the golden eggs!” The first person to run saw the wooden box on the haystack.

“Damn it!” Another student cast a stun spell on the back of the classmate in front without any hesitation.

“You bastard! Expelliarmus!”


The scene suddenly turned into a free-for-all.

Sean was invisible in the corner of the cave and showed a smile. He raised his wand, and his body suddenly became huge. The deafening dragon’s roar spread throughout the cave.

Ravena’s eyes widened in horror. He knew that he had just checked that corner, and nothing was there.

How did the dragon appear in that area?

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Published On: October 21, 2023

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