Professor McGonagall said this and returned to teaching again. Although other students were curious, many people looked at Sean with wary eyes on them.

Returning to the podium, Professor McGonagall picked up her wand, and with a flick of her, the podium turned into a big pig in front of everyone’s eyes. While the pig was still humming and chirping, Professor McGonagall changed it back to the way it was.

This move excited the students, and everyone couldn’t wait to learn Transfiguration. However, they soon realized that they were still far from it. After taking a lot of notes, they started trying to turn matches into needles.

“Remember, when you try to change an object, you must imagine the shape of the object in your mind. The more detailed, the better.” Professor McGonagall walked through the classroom, constantly reminding everyone of the lesson.

“When the needle comes to your mind, connect with your wand and focus completely on the match.”

“Remember, what is the essence of Transfiguration? It’s transformation and shape. Remember this, Do you want to change the material? No, what you should do is change the shape and structure of the item.”

“Say you wanted to turn a desk into a lion. Lion has golden hair, long whiskers, and a wagging tail, it can roar like a lion and even hunt like a lion. But it can never have the soul of a lion.”

“Students, focus your attention. I don’t expect someone to succeed in just a few minutes. I hope you know that you should always be cautious and do Transfiguration carefully.” Professor McGonagall kept reminding all her students with her commanding and persuasive voice.

Sean took a deep breath and tried hard to construct the shape of a needle in his mind. But no matter how hard he tried, the match in front of him remained unchanged.

He tried Transfiguration himself at home. He thought that he was so talented that he might be able to figure out the spell, but he never completed any transformation. Now, under the guidance of a top Transfiguration professor, it was more difficult than he imagined.

From this, you can imagine how difficult the Transfiguration Charm is.

In fact, throughout the entire Hogwarts, and even the entire wizarding world. The use of high-end Transfiguration is not everywhere. Because who would use Transfiguration in a fight every single time?

Well, Dumbledore, Grindelwald, and Voldemort might.

But it shows that the power level needed is higher than he could have ever imagined.

He turned his thoughts back to the match in front of him, trying to build the image of a needle in his mind. Sean’s imagination diverged.

What is a match made of? The matchstick is a soft wood that is soaked in a phosphoric acid solution and then attached with a layer of wax. While the match head is flammable, oxidant, and some sticky substances.

What about needles? Low-carbon steel wire comes from a series of processes of grinding and drilling, which is essentially iron with low carbon content.

After being sluggish for a while, Sean smiled.

He slowly sketched the shape of a needle in his mind and then tried his best to overlap it with the match in front of him. For a moment, Sean had a strange feeling.

Under the wand, his match slowly changed its shape. It became thinner and thinner, and the rough surface was also plated with metallic color. At the same time, the round and heavy match head gradually sharpened.

“Huh?” Sean took a breath.

In front of him, a needle was lying on the table.

“Very good, very good.” Professor McGonagall adjusted her glasses. Her eyes were full of disbelief. She lowered her head, looked at the needle carefully, and even touched it.

When Professor McGonagall raised her head again, his eyes showed a completely hidden appreciation.

“Well done, Mr. Wallup. Ten points for Ravenclaw.”

Beside him, Hermione said softly, “Sean, you are amazing.”

She stared at his needle, then turned her head to change her match.

Until the end of the class, most of his classmates did not make any changes to their matches. Hermione only made some changes to the matches. The head was obviously getting smaller and thinner. Even so, she got a smile from Professor McGonagall.

“Mr. Wallup, come with me.” Professor McGonagall picked up the textbook and motioned Sean to follow.

The other students looking at him changed their tone suddenly and looked at Sean’s back with envy and admiration in their eyes.

“I bet that Professor McGonagall must have seen Sean’s talent at a glance.” Ron whispered.

“Don’t be silly, Ron. Sean just used his skills to win the favor of Professor McGonagall.” Harry said something for Sean. Although he also felt a little bit jealous.

Sean followed Professor McGonagall and was unaware of everything behind him. He was just curious about what Professor McGonagall would say to him.

Professor McGonagall’s office is in the corridor on the castle’s second floor. This is a small office with a fireplace that has not been lit, and the Quidditch pitch can be seen from the window.

After entering the office, Professor McGonagall took out her wand and tapped it. A hidden door appeared on the wall, and Sean could only see the gravel-paved floor inside. She went in and rummaged for a while, then came out with a book.

Professor McGonagall put the book on the coffee table, then looked at Sean, “Mr. Wallup, sit down here.”

“Okay, Professor.” Sean sat down on the armchair and maintained a good posture.

Professor McGonagall glanced at him, “Let’s talk about your concern first.”

Sean nodded, “Yes, professor, I don’t quite understand. After all, not every wizard is a good person.”

“I understand what you mean,” Professor McGonagall pushed through her glasses.

“You want to know if there are wizards who have evil intentions and turn an object into liquid or gas. As long as the magic power is maintained for a period of time, those people will have a high chance of being put into the hospital, right?”

“Yes, Professor.”

Professor McGonagall showed a smile, “That would indeed be a disaster. But in fact, no one can do it at the moment.”

“Why?” Sean widened his eyes.

“If you want to turn something into food, it is very difficult. Food can be discerned as it has a strange taste, so it’s easy to detect. It seems that Transfiguration has some limitations on liquid and gas. As far as I know, even Professor Dumbledore could only do it for a few seconds.”

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Published On: July 11, 2023

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