The animals created by the Transfiguration Charm were running away. Among all the noisy cries, the human screams were particularly harsh. Hardy even heard the sound of bones breaking.

Under all of the students’ attention, Matts had been hiding in place with the Disillusionment Charm and had not moved. The dragon’s tail violently threw him away.

Severe pain suddenly covered Matts’ whole body, and he didn’t think about it until the last second when he passed out.

Professor Goodman teleported to Matts, who fell to the ground. He grabbed his shoulder and Apparated to a safe place. It seems that Grindelwald temporarily permitted Goodman to Apparate.

At the edge of the stage, the medical team that had already been prepared immediately surrounded him. A female wizard with reddish-brown short hair stepped forward to check it roughly.

“Bone fracture, not life-threatening,” she said.

Professor Goodman breathed a sigh of relief.

Sean didn’t pay attention to these things. He didn’t use his full strength in the first place. Matts’ injury was nothing. At most, he would be hospitalized for a few weeks.

Witnessing the scene where his teammate was being sent flying, Hardy’s heartbeat accelerated rapidly, but he did not run away in a panic. After manipulating his Transfiguration animals to surround Sean, he calmly cast a Protego Charm on himself. He raised his wand to try to hypnotize the dragon that was getting closer.

Hypnosis is one of the very few magic that can pierce through a dragon’s high magic resistance. As long as it can calm down the dragon, he can at least run away before thinking about his next actions.

The spell shot out, but the sight before him made Hardy’s soul tremble. The dragon dodged its spell easily.

Sean didn’t have the slightest idea what that student was thinking. It’s easy to avoid a hypnosis spell that is slow and easily detectable. He completely ignored the animals below him, and his huge body rushed towards Hardy.

It was too late for him to escape, and he staggered back while quickly casting the Conjunctivitis Curse. It is a spell that could weaken any dragon.

But Sean ignored that student’s intentions at all. He lowered his head, and the Conjunctivitis Curse had no effect except hitting one of the barbs on his head.

Sean identified the direction and moved his body toward that direction.

In the eyes of the students, the dragon plowed like a bulldozer with its head down. Hardy’s Conjunctivitis Curse had no effect, and the Protego Charm started to wear off. His panicked figure disappeared into the plowed dirt and bushes.

“If that dragon tramples him, will he die?”

“My God, Hardy isn’t going to die, is he?”

“Look there!”

The students all turned their heads to look at the edge of the field. Hardy was standing behind Professor Goodman. A barb had stabbed out of his thigh, and he was panting heavily.

Sean secretly sighed. The power of a dragon is too powerful. He has restrained his speed, but Professor Goodman still almost failed to save Hardy.

It can only be said that it is normal for some creatures to think that playing may cause human injuries. Just like when you pinch an ant, you will not consider whether your actions will make that ant die.

In just a few moments, two elite seventh-grade students from Nurmengard were eliminated, and everyone had a deeper understanding of the horror of the Hungarian Horntail.

However, the students’ eyes were full of excitement. Some students would not miss this opportunity because the dragon had already left the nest.

In addition to Ravena’s group, a student from another group took advantage of the opportunity.

Just now, everyone’s attention was on Hardy and Matts. When the two were eliminated, the students realized that someone had already reached the target and their hands had touched the wooden box.

He summoned his broom and flew up without any hesitation when the dragon left.

“Smart and decisive. I haven’t left for a long time, which means that their way of acting quickly is really good.” Sean praised in his heart.

However, no one would have thought that a fire dragon would play tricks.

On the top of the mountain, the boy holding the broomstick quickly glanced at Sean’s position. After concluding that Sean was far from his position, he quickly lifted the top plank of the wooden box.

“Strength is very important, but everything boils down to planning.” The boy’s expression was excited and nervous.

He had already planned to take away only one golden egg. This way, the dragon would not chase him and would protect the remaining golden eggs.

With this in mind, the boy opened the wooden box. But the last thing he saw was a pair of eyes in the box.

“Great job! The Hungarian Horntail has no time to go back!” The audience in the stands didn’t notice anything wrong and applauded the boy’s planning.

“What is he doing? Do you really have to choose which egg at this time?”

“He’s too greedy. He should’ve just got the egg and run away.”

Beside the wooden box, the boy didn’t make the next move, and even his hand that was resting on the wooden board on the top floor had already dropped limply. The students finally discovered what was happening.

“He can’t move!”

“There is still a magic spell in the box?”

Under the eyes of everyone, the biggest reward of this competition was in front of him, and behind him was the Hungarian Horntail flying back. The broomstick in the boy’s hand slipped to the ground, and he fell to the ground.

“He’s asleep?!”

“How could he fall asleep? But why I didn’t see any light coming out of the box if it was a spell.”

“Forget about that. The dragon is going back!”

In the sky, Sean flapped his wings and returned.

A voice can be heard inside the box.

“Good job, Pudding.” Sean praised him. He had already thought about it before.

Before he came to the stage, Pudding was hidden in the box. If that’s not enough, a golden egg that had already been opened had already been prepared by him, and Naja was waiting inside that egg.

A deafening dragon roar sounded, but no one could hear the meaning of Sean’s roar. In their eyes, the dragon was already standing next to the boy, and the roar sounded like a signal that he was about to have dinner.

Just as they thought, the dragon opened his mouth and picked up the boy.

“It wants to eat a human! It wants to eat that boy!”

“Professor! Professor! Save that student!”

Sean held the boy’s uniform in his mouth, flicked it towards the sky, and then opened his mouth wide. The students were utterly terrified. The girls were screaming and covering their eyes.

The Hungarian Horntail was going to swallow that boy in one gulp.

Professor Goodman’s face was extremely ugly. There is no way for him to Apparate in the air. He quickly turned his head to look at Grindelwald, wanting to let him take the action.

However, Grindelwald watched all this expressionlessly.

“What is Lord Grindelwald thinking…” Goodman was in a confused state. He couldn’t Apparate to save the student but could shoot the dragon.

But Grindelwald did not speak.

In this short moment, the boy was only a few tens of centimeters away from the mouth of the Hungarian Horntail.

There were screams, one after another. However, the dragon moved his head away.

The boy fell straight to the ground and passed out completely in an instant.

Sean poked the boy on the ground with his claws in satisfaction. He seemed to just want to make the student fall into a faint state. He then sweeps the student away like it was nothing.

After Professor Goodman Apparated the student away, Sean yawned and lay down leisurely. The audience in the stands was stunned by the dragon’s action.

“What is he doing? Is he full and didn’t want to eat?”

“It should be. It doesn’t seem to be interested in food at all. It seems to be just playing around like a cat and mouse.”

“Didn’t it say that the Hungarian Horntail would kill anyone?”

“Who knows? There are so many dragons in the world, and maybe that one is a weird one.”

Sean is not interested in listening to the audience’s comments. He just wants the rest of the people to hurry up and get himself the rewards.

The strange behavior of the Hungarian Horntail caused discussions among the audience. In the Hogwarts audience stand, Hermione had pulled Daisy to the very edge.

After looking around to make sure no one could hear what the two of them were saying, she put her mouth in Daisy’s ear and whispered, “Isn’t that Sean?”

Daisy nodded and said in a whisper, “It must be him. You saw the Hungarian Horntail’s movements just now. How can a fire dragon avoid both of the spells and then it happened to be in Sean’s Animagus form? It’s too coincidental.”

“Besides, isn’t it easy for a dragon to kill a wizard? But up to now, those students have only been injured. It is obvious that Sean is holding him back. Moreover, the boy just now was obviously hypnotized. Isn’t that similar to what Pudding could do?”

“It’s about the same as I thought,” Hermione nodded, and she looked towards the corner of the entrance, “Then who is that Sean? It doesn’t look like he had mastered a new type of spell.”

Daisy looked and muttered, “Who do you think it is? Sean has become the dragon who guards the golden egg. How could Mr. Grindelwald not know about this?”

Daisy wrinkled her nose and narrowed her eyes, “There must be something secret between the two.”

Hermione looked at Sean, who was crouching in the center of the field. She frowned and said, “Ugh, he always does this.”

No one knew the conversation between the two, and the students were discussing what happened on the stage.

“Look, the rest of the people have all joined together!”

“A wise choice. That Hungarian Horntail is obviously very intelligent, and winning is only possible if they fight together.”

“But what are they going to do?”

Behind the rocks on one side of the field, everyone except “Sean” gathered together, and Ravena looked serious.

“You have seen that the dragon is different. It will not be disturbed by a Transfiguration Charm at all.”

“Not only that,” another girl continued, “There is also a defensive spell on the wooden box, which may be Professor Grindelwald’s test. It is more likely something to do with ancient runes.”

“This is troublesome,” Ravena frowned, “It’s useless to go there alone. Even if you touch the golden egg, you will be affected by magic immediately.”

“But one thing must be mentioned.” The girl’s eyes were sharp. “I have seen an adult Welsh dragon. None of those guys just now would have survived if it were it.”

“You mean?”

The girl nodded, “Although that dragon is intelligent, it’s obviously not that strong. You can tell by its size it’s not yet a full-grown adult.”

“And?” Ravena’s eyes widened.

“Yes, we should make a move head-on. After all, it’s just a magical animal. No matter how smart it is, can it beat a wizard? We can deal with a young dragon.”

“Makes sense,” Ravena nodded after thinking deeply and approved her proposal. He looked at the others, “If you don’t have any objections, let’s do it this way.”

Seeing that everyone nodded, he said, “It is not necessary to use brute force to fight head-on. We still set up some small traps. The delayed explosion spell that Wallup once demonstrated It’s not bad.”

“We could call for some broomsticks and have a few good flyers to cast Conjunctivitis Curse in the air.”

“That’s right, we shou-“

When they were discussing, no one noticed that in the nearby bushes, something was hiding in the deepest part of the leaves. In the middle of the field, the dragon narrowed its eyes slightly.

Sean was wondering what they were planning.

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Published On: October 21, 2023

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