The blue flame formed a huge circle centered on “Sean”, leaving only a small area for others to stand on the stage.

The scorching heat roared towards the stands. In just a few seconds, the students in winter uniforms were already sweating. They wanted to speak, but they were shocked to find that the moment they opened their mouths, the heat wave made it hard to do things.

“It’s that spell!” Cedric and the Weasley twins had seen the flame magic before, and they opened their eyes wide.

They had seen Sean’s spell before, and after that, Sean fainted because of this spell. No one could control the spell, even if Professor Dumbledore rushed to the scene, but the flame still destroyed the infirmary.

“The flames this time are more terrifying than last time, and Sean seems to be very relaxed. Has he learned how to control it?” Cedric looked towards the center of the stage.

The other students have not seen this spell before, but the terrifying power of this spell has proved many things.

“No, come back, Mirren!” A voice sounded, and a girl’s toad in the stands suddenly broke free from its owner’s hands.

The animal seemed completely frightened by the flame. Its body jumped up and down and finally rushed straight towards the blue flame. In everyone’s eyes, the toad just came into contact with the flame, and this animal turned into ash in the blink of an eye.

Even the ashes were dissipating. In the end, the toad didn’t even have a chance to live, and it completely disappeared from the world. All the students’ expressions froze for a moment, and even the owner of the toad didn’t make a sound.

Toad is a pet that has been said to be outdated for centuries but has never been. Even today, many students still choose it.

Owls are too expensive, mice are too short-lived, and toads are not only cheap enough but also have a feature that many people like high poison and magic resistance. Although it can’t be compared with creatures like dragons and other animals, toad’s poison and magic resistance are also enough to deal with potions and charms in class.

However, the toad burned without any problem, making everyone’s hearts tremble.

That means one thing. After touching the flame, anyone present will be burned instantly.

“How did he even learn that kind of spell?” One student in the stands spoke out.

They finally understood that the spell cast by ‘Sean’ was not something a student should learn at all. The poor girl who had lost her pet forever covered her mouth and let out a low whimper.

When “Sean” saw this, he turned around slowly, his hair fluttering slightly from the scorching heat waves.

“I’m sorry,” he showed a regretful expression, “It’s just an accident. If you don’t mind, I’m willing to compensate you later.”

No one blamed him because “Sean” didn’t control the flames to attack the toad. It was indeed an accident.

Of course, the real Sean would have frowned if he had been there. Creatures have an instinct, and no toad will take the initiative to run into the flame unless someone controls it.

Above the stands, Professor Rosier had been watching coldly and finally couldn’t keep her face. She couldn’t be more familiar with that flame.

“Lord Grindelwald…” She looked at Grindelwald beside her in surprise.

However, Grindelwald didn’t move and still had a faint smile. She looked at Sean on the stage, lowered her head slightly, and didn’t ask any more questions.

The other professors looked at Grindelwald just like her and turned their eyes back after seeing each other’s expressions.

Almost everyone was shocked, and few even paid attention to Sean’s opponent.

The other team huddled in the corner of the stage. Their ability to perceive the flames’ magic kept reminding them that they would die if they touched it. Even Patricia Ian looked excited now, and Minsk’s face sank even more.

Only Hugo tried his best to open his eyes under the scorching heat wave. His body was trembling with excitement, and his face was already full of frenzy.

This is the magic his grandfather once described to him. Blue flames enveloped the entire area, turning everyone to ashes who tried to pass through it.

Hugo is from France. He has heard this story from his grandfather more than once. Grindelwald once set out a blue flame that would set ablaze anyone who came across it.

Hugo will never forget the shock and fear on his grandfather’s face when he told that story. Hugo can imagine the scene back then.

This is also his original intention to come to Nurmengard. Just like his grandfather, what left behind the fear was regret. It was a pity that he didn’t follow Grindelwald’s path at that time and couldn’t get a glimpse of the magic.

He came here exactly for that.

“And…” he muttered to himself.

His grandfather said that the fire would eventually turn into a dragon that destroys and devours everything.

At this time, “Sean” spoke, he waved his wand as if he was a maestro, and the blue flame danced wildly.

“I love doing this.”

Looking at Sean’s smile, they felt a sense of powerlessness. They gathered together because their respective goals set their eyes firmly on “Sean”.

Under the stage, Sean walked through the passage. The layout here looks like a simple goblin breeding ground, and there are many fake gems scattered around.

“I don’t know what that old man will do…” Sean sighed and sat down on a pile of hay.

He dangled one of his legs in boredom, staring blankly at the rocky ceiling.

“Do I need to roar and spit fire when I come out later? No, I’m not a real fire dragon, why should I worry about it?”


Above the ground, the stage fell into silence. The blue flames danced more and more intensely.

“Sean” asked with a calm face, “Do you want to try it? Or do you want me to take the first move?”

“I surrender.” Minsk calmly raised her hand and looked at Professor Goodman.

Perseverance is indeed a commendable quality, but reckless death will only make others laugh. Minsk has always been a rational person. The stone on the ground squirmed, and it was transformed into a crow by Patricia’s magic, hit the flames, and was vaporized.

“Wow…” Patricia also raised her hand in surrender. She looked at the flame curiously and wanted to reach out and touch it. But she did not pursue continuing it.

The other two also surrendered. Ian’s eyes blinked faster. He looked at Sean more frantically, and the cards in his hand kept changing shapes.

“Sean Wallup won,” Professor Goodman announced the victory with a blank face and then looked at him, “Can you put out the flame?”

“Okay.” “Sean” waved his wand, and the flame gradually dissipated.

Hugo looked at this scene with some regret, and he was still muttering, “Shouldn’t there be a fire dragon?”

Sean’s wand was still moving across, the blue flame became calmer and calmer, and the scope of the fire circle became smaller and smaller. Suddenly, a smile flickered on the corner of his mouth, and his hand moved suddenly.

The blue flames rose, and a huge flame dragon appeared on the stage. The fire dragon slammed into the stands under everyone’s eyes.

On the underground, Sean has turned into Hungarian Horntail. His body is crouching in the nest, and a humanized, bored expression flashes in his yellow vertical pupils.

“It’s so boring. But after so many days of training, it’s very easy for me to transform into my Animagus form. As long as I use The Obscurus’ power in advance, then there’s nothing to worry about.” He raised his claw, and there were faint traces of black spots on it.

“Now, where were we?”

On the ground above, there were already screams from students, but the huge fire dragon had no intention of stopping. Professor Rosier was shocked, and she quickly looked at Grindelwald beside her, but he kept smiling and even shook his head amusedly.

The fire dragon rushed straight at the students, who had no time to avoid it, but there was no pain and burning heat, only a slight warmth. The students stared at the dissipating fire dragon with their mouths open.

“It’s a fake?” Someone said in disbelief.

“Is it? Or his spell control…”

On the stage, “Sean” took a few breaths and winked at everyone.

“Just kidding.”

Many people showed annoyed expressions of being fooled, but some smart students noticed it.

“The previous ones radiate a lot of magic energy. The illusion or fake one barely had any magic on it. His magic reserve is pretty big, and I’m not surprised that he would do something like this.”

Many people thought about it for a long time but couldn’t judge whether the spell “Sean” just cast had such terrible power. After thinking about it, they also looked angrily at him on the stage.

“What is this guy’s deal? Playing things like this?”

In the underground, the Hungarian Horntail yawned and a few sparks shot out of its nostrils.

“That old man didn’t do anything strange, did he? I kind of don’t believe what he says about holding himself back.”


“Wallup, you are not allowed to do this in the future.” Professor Goodman said.

Under the complicated gazes of everyone in the stands, “Sean” walked down, panting heavily.

“Hey, man! How did that spell work?” Hugo came running over, and several others stared at him.

“Didn’t anyone tell you not to pry into other people’s secrets?” He said with a smile.

“Oh, sorry. But we all owe you a promise. What do you want us to do?” They nodded together.

“Well,” HE pretended to think for a while and then said, “I haven’t figured it out yet, let’s talk about it later.”

He waved his hand and went straight back to rest. The rest looked at each other.

“Do you really want to go for him?”

“But what if he’s annoyed and angry with us?”

“I mean, we made our promise, right?”

“I guess that’s true.”

Minsk’s eyes lit up, and she felt as if she understood what Professor Grindelwald meant.

In the next duel, the audience and even the contestants on the stage were a little dejected. After all, the commotion made by ‘Sean’ before was too great, and everyone’s expectation was raised.

It wasn’t until the end that several duels between senior students brought back everyone’s minds. Applause and cheers began to return to the scene.

“What a wonderful performance.” Grindelwald applauded softly on the platform. “Everyone knows that I am not a person who likes to talk nonsense. Now, the second challenge is about to begin.”

Sean was taking a nap underground and was awakened by the vibration. He rubbed his eyes with his hands and yawned.

“I guess it’s time for me to make an appearance.”

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Published On: October 21, 2023

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