The portable environment bought in Diagon Alley has long been arranged in his ring space. Sean has a vast open space, surrounded by various real environments created by magic.

Just in case, he also bought a freshwater environment and a seawater environment. Pudding guards the entrance and exit for him in the hut at the very edge. Sean took a deep breath, relaxed, and uncorked the potion.

There was a mouthful of blood-red liquid, and the ingredients that were put in had completely disappeared. The potion showed a jewel-like clear color, and small bubbles were rising up one after another at the bottom. Those bubbles only appeared in the liquid’s center, spiraling up. Sean didn’t know if it was his own illusion. But he saw a fur and scales inside.

Sean couldn’t help thinking of what kind of Animagus he would turn into.

It is said that the Animagus form of most wizards is the same image as the Patronus summoned by the Patronus Charm. However, since the two magics are extremely advanced, very few wizards can master them at the same time, and the sample size for that theory has not been verified.

Sean no longer hesitated. He raised his wand and pointed it at his heart.

“Amato, Animo, Animato, Animagus.” He drank the potion in one gulp.

The potion was soft in the mouth, with a cold touch that wouldn’t irritate the throat. It didn’t have any taste, and Sean didn’t even make a swallowing movement. The potion passed through his throat and then entered his stomach.

A faint iron smell can be felt at this time, and he felt a strange wriggling sensation in his stomach. Almost instantly, Sean immediately felt a strong pain. The pain started in his stomach and then spread to every corner of his body.

Limbs, muscles, bones, and even Sean’s eyeballs and scalp are twitching. The pain is like someone is pulling your skin, and something is about to break into your body. Accompanied by the intense pain, his heart beat faster, and a second strong heartbeat also appeared.

Sean kneeled on the ground uncontrollably. His whole body was shaking violently. Pudding saw this scene, it paced back and forth anxiously on the spot, but he didn’t dare to come forward to disturb Sean.

Sean was panting heavily, the pain had completely disrupted his thoughts, and he couldn’t tell whether the frequency of the second heartbeat had ever appeared in his body.

It’s different from what Dumbledore said. He did mention intense pain, but according to Dumbledore’s description, it shouldn’t be this painful.

Sean only had a little strength left to think, and the pain was tormenting his body.

Apart from the pain and the strong second heartbeat, Sean didn’t feel anything else. His head was about to turn into a mess, but he still knew what kind of Animagus he would form in his mind.

Sean thought as he half-kneeled on the ground in pain. He thought if the potion had failed. Under the painful torment, Sean’s only remaining thoughts were spinning wildly.

Absolutely no steps were done wrong. Even the potion is switched to the same color. Is it because of his heartbeat frequency?

His thoughts were interrupted by pain, and it almost made him cry out uncontrollably.

At the very edge, Pudding’s pace became more anxious. He wanted to let out a low growl, but Sean had seriously told it not to disturb him before. At this time, Pudding saw a strange scene. Behind Sean, a huge figure appeared.

That figure was vague and huge. It half-kneeled on the ground like Sean, and the black figure writhed in pain. Pudding whimpered instinctively. It sensed danger.

Sean, in pain, didn’t notice Pudding’s calling, nor did he have the energy to look back.

Unbearable pain was all he could feel.

The second heartbeat became more and more intense. Sean suddenly raised his head and gasped violently. His eyes widened, and his pupils were shrinking violently.

Sean’s vision had been blurred, and they finally noticed a change. The world in his eyes seemed to be a little different.

The pain still blurred his vision, but his vision had expanded a lot. At the same time, he looked up and saw the starry sky on the ceiling, which was the decorative starry sky he bought in Diagon Alley.

At that time, he picked a piece of the starry sky of Scorpio, which is the constellation of his birthday. The star of Scorpio is relatively big. Sean often has to look up and down to see the entire star map.

Now, he can fully see the whole picture of the Scorpio star in his field of vision.

“Ha—the field of vision…” Sean gasped violently. This was not his original field of vision. His vertical field of vision was larger, and he could see more clearly.

At the same time, Sean also found that his eyes seem to be able to adjust the light, and he can see more things in some dim spaces. Sean endured the severe pain and thought.

He raised his hands tremblingly, but the rest of his body remained unchanged. He clenched his teeth tightly, suppressing the unbearable pain for a while, and then felt the changes in his body.

Sean snapped his eyes open.

He didn’t feel it just now under the pain, but now he finally found that his magic power was circulating in his eyes.

Sean felt the flow of magic in his body. There seemed to be some kind of strange thing in his eyes, and it circled around. It was something he had never felt before.

The transformation of an Animagus requires magic power at the beginning. It is a one-time magic output. He had already done that when he chanted the spell.

The magic works in a way he has never seen before, and it is transformed into another kind of power, but he can control this kind of power. Sean grabbed his thigh, trying to divert the distraction caused by the pain as much as possible.

He had never seen this kind of magic power before. He could feel it a bit, and it was the same magic as the Transfiguration magic.

Sean’s thighs were pinched by himself to the point it turned blue. He seemed to have some impressions of this magical power in his mind, but he couldn’t remember it.

If he had full control of his sanity, he might’ve been able to identify it. But his thoughts were muddled in pain, and he couldn’t discern it clearly.

It was around the first grade, he just entered school, and there was a magic that was different from the past. The Hogwarts Express. The Opening Banquet. The Sorting Hat. The Vanishing Cabinet. Forbidden Forest.

Forbidden Forest.

Sean’s mouth fell open in pain and shock. This kind of magic is very similar to the Hebridean Black Dragon.

It’s the same as the little Hebridean Dragon that he met once. At that time he had just started learning magic not long ago, he only had a small impression of this magical animal, and the surge of its magic power was difficult to distinguish and remember at that time.

The magic power around him felt like that dragon. Because he thought of this, an image finally appeared in Sean’s mind.

That figure didn’t have a distinct image, but it was enough to distinguish from the outline that it was a fire dragon with wings spread.

Sean raised his hands, which were trembling from the severe pain. They were still smooth and had not turned into sharp dragon claws with scales. Sean no longer has the energy to think about why his Animagus form is a magical animal.

The transformation of Animagus cannot be reversed or stopped. One thing Sean has to do, or can only do, is finish the ritual.

Sean thought hard about all this, but no one taught him how to become a magical animal. Let alone about how the magic power in magical animals works.

He cursed as if he had the choice to figure out how this magical animal magic power worked at this time.

Sean has a little understanding of it. Even though his strength is far superior to that of his peers, he has only studied magic for more than a year, and things like magic power sources need some time to be studied.

The source of magic power in his body is huge enough for a little wizard, but it is far from enough for a dragon.

Sean panted violently, “Is it because the magic power in my body is not enough to support the transformation?”

He needs to find another source of magic.

Sean took a deep breath, and in the depths of his eyes, that had become vertical. His eyes then spun rapidly.

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Published On: October 17, 2023

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