Sean began to chant the spell repeatedly at sunrise and sunset every day. He didn’t expect that only a week later when he was chanting the spell facing the sun just emerging on the horizon in the morning, he felt something.

There was another heartbeat suddenly where the tip of his wand was pointing. That feeling is very strange, as if a living creature is in his body.

That heartbeat seemed to come from the inside of his heart as if two hearts shared a set of organs. The extra heartbeat was much slower than Sean’s original heartbeat, but its beating was getting stronger.

Dumbledore mentioned in his notes that the extra heartbeat is often related to the transformed animal form. For example, when Professor McGonagall was performing this step, her second heartbeat was much faster than the original one. There are about one hundred and fifty beatings per minute. This matches the heart rate of a cat.

Dumbledore said that he also knew a deceased Animagi. The second heartbeat of the Animagi was extremely fast at that time, about 500 beats per minute, and her Animagus form was a hummingbird.

Sean felt another heartbeat. Based on his current performance, maybe he would become some kind of stronger creature.

Maybe he would turn into an aquatic Animagus.

This kind of transformation is not something weird. A wizard once experienced such a thing before. He went through all the steps of the Animagus perfectly, he found a wide and safe place, and then he turned into a shark.

He was lying on the ground. The wizard eventually forced his way back into human form.

But he never dared to try the Animagus again. For the rest of his life, he suddenly had a problem. He had to keep moving to keep breathing, and even when he slept, he had to cast a dance spell on himself.

So this person died pretty early.

Sean also thought about the location of the transformation at that time. In order to ensure no accidents. It is best to find a place with more land and water. Sean’s eyes lit up, and he suddenly thought of a good place to go. He raised his hand, and on his index finger was the ring that Newt had given him.

At that time, Hermione can just hold the ring, and Pudding can also protect him later. The terrain is even easier to handle. There are a lot of magical environments that can be placed in, whether it is a desert, snow-capped mountains, or rivers, he just needs to spend more money.

Sean has no worries about his future and is completely relaxed now. He needs to wait for the storm to come. But at sunset, Sean encountered something unexpected.

The second heartbeat changed. It was no longer slow and strong. The heartbeat was beating rapidly at twice the speed of Sean’s original heartbeat. At the same time, it became weaker.

Dumbledore did mention that the sound of the heartbeat would change, but the change of the heartbeat would appear after a long time.

Generally speaking, the new heartbeat will be fixed at a certain frequency for a period of time. If he has waited for a storm, then it may change one day later. Maybe it will become weaker, or it will be stronger.

However, there is no such thing as the heartbeat changes in just a day.

Is it a mutation or its own special circumstances? Sean knocked on the door of the principal’s office after dinner.

“Come in.”

However, after seeing that the person who came in was Sean, Grindelwald returned to his previous casual and relaxed appearance.

“A surprise guest. Good evening.” He said with a smile.

“Good evening, sir.” Sean replied and thought Grindelwald had changed his behavior really quickly.

Grindelwald seemed to have guessed his thoughts, “Do you think I changed my behavior too quick? You have to know, as the principal of a magic school, it’s a weapon to bring teachers and students closer. But your behavior is what makes you a good role model. Of course, isn’t it particularly easy to catch my attention just by you becoming like this? Though, I’d give you the benefit of familiarity between the two of us.”

Sean was embarrassed to answer and quickly explained his purpose for coming.

“A new heart rate within a day…” After listening to Sean’s explanation, Grindelwald raised his legs, twirling his short beard, and tapped rhythmically on the table.

“I’ve seen quite a few Animagus failure cases. Whether it’s an accident during transformation or a terrible mutation due to potion contamination, this is the first time I’ve seen your case.” He said.

“But… it’s not necessarily a bad thing,” He continued.

“Why do you say that, sir?” Sean was puzzled.

“Because I’m a Seer.” Grindelwald winked at him.

Sean suddenly opened his mouth wide. How could he forget? Grindelwald is a Seer, and he can see the future.

“After that incident last time, I looked at something,” he spread his hands, “Although it’s very vague, I didn’t see you turning into anything weird.”

Sean heaved a sigh of relief, and he was worried that something might happen to his Animagus. Once it’s gone wrong, it would be very difficult to fix it.

Grindelwald threw candy to him, peeled one, and threw it into his mouth. As soon as the candy entered his mouth, he frowned, “This thing is too sweet. How come Albus’s teeth are okay after eating this?”

He swallowed the candy with difficulty and said, “Don’t worry too much, Sean. Although I haven’t practiced Animagus, I know a lot about Transfiguration. If you are sure the previous steps are correct, you can proceed without any worry.”

Grindelwald didn’t take out his wand this time. He stretched out a hand and shook his fingers in the air. Sean was shocked to see that his hand turned into a dragon claw.

He drew a mark on the table with his dragon claws, and the piercing sound hit Sean’s eardrums.

“Sean, no matter what kind of technique or transformation, the essence of Transfiguration will never change. That is ‘transformation’. Remember this, and don’t deny your own uniqueness.”

Grindelwald’s hands returned to normal and smiled softly, “Geniuses can always see more of the wonders of magic. What I can do, what Albus can do, you may be able to do the same thing or even more.”

Sean slightly lowered his head and looked at his heart.

“Okay, now go back to sleep. You are energetic, but I’m an old man who can’t stay up all night. Take care now.” After saying this, Grindelwald waved his palm. Sean drifted outside involuntarily and was then gently placed on the ground.

The door of the office was closed, leaving only Sean in the corridor outside with a confused face. Sean shrugged, and he walked towards the common room in relief.

After he left the principal’s office, Grindelwald turned his chair and looked at the bookshelf.

“I have to say, Albus. Does that ring a bell to you?”

The air in front of the bookshelf squirmed, and Dumbledore’s figure appeared. He looked at the door of the office with a thoughtful expression on his face.

Grindelwald continued, “Just like when we were young. When we follow the rules and experience left by our predecessors, there will always be unexpected situations.”

He spread his hands, “Can I call this the gift of the geniuses?”

Dumbledore turned his head. He found a chair and sat down, putting his hands on his knees. His eyes flashed, “There is no genius. Compared with others, we are just lucky enough to be closer to the essence of magic, that’s all.”

Grindelwald showed a faint smile, “Oh, what a humble Professor Dumbledore. Didn’t you say that when you were young?”

“That’s because I know a friend who is arrogant.” Dumbledore also smiled.

“Although you are my best friend, I have to correct you. I am not arrogant. I do have extraordinary talents in dark magic, Transfiguration, charms, divination, etc. I just made it more obvious. Maybe some even call it ‘honesty’.”

“But you are not even an Animagus.” Dumbledore spread his hands.

“Come on, my old friend,” Grindelwald moved his fist dramatically, “That’s just me not wanting to practice such a cumbersome and useless little trick. Being an Illegal Animagus is just a weird thing. However, being one of those magical beasts is something else.”

“I have to correct you a little bit,” Dumbledore pointed out a finger, “Animagus refers to wizards who can turn into some kind of animal themselves while retaining their own magical powers. Keep in mind, animals.”

“Aren’t magical beasts animals?”

“At least not on the Animagus Registry Regulations of the Ministry of Magic’s Improper Use of Magic Office.”

“Oh, truly the greatest wizard of our time. Creating loopholes, that’s amazing.”

“Should I thank you for the compliment?”

“Albus, you have a much thicker skin now than when you were young.”

“Thank you for the compliment, Gellert.”


Feeling assured, Sean continued his practice. He found that his second heartbeat showed a different frequency every time he chanted the spell. As of this Sunday, Sean had eight kinds of heartbeats with different frequencies.

Will he be able to change to multiple forms?

In the wizarding world’s history, there seems to have been no such Animagus. The only exception is Merlin, the legendary wizard who is famous in the wizarding world and the most amazing Animagi who has ever lived.

Merlin can transform into various animals and talk to animals.

Of course, Merlin’s era is too far away now. Sean doesn’t know whether there are any parts of the records left by this legendary wizard that are worshipped by later generations. However, what is certain is that Merlin’s Animagus does have many different forms.

Thinking of this, Sean became a little excited. Could he also change into several forms?

If it was true, it would be very useful. He could even go to the Ministry of Magic to register his Animagus and then use other forms when needed.

This made Sean look forward to the day when he would transform. But what he didn’t expect was that this day would come so soon.

Only eleven days later, which happened to be a weekend. When Sean got up from the bed, a strong wind was outside the window, and the rainstorm smashed on the glass.

“No way, is it that time?” Sean shook off all drowsiness at once.

When he got dressed and went to the common room, Hermione and Daisy were already there waiting for him.

“Sean, you’re awake!” Hermione’s face was full of nervousness, “Oh my God, the storm! I was going to wake you up. Thank God you woke up!” She seemed a little incoherent.

Sean was also a little excited. He took a deep breath, “Did you see lightning?”

“No, I’ve been staring outside. It’s only raining, and there’s no thunder or lightning yet.” Daisy quickly replied.

The storm is coming, which is an important step in becoming an Animagus.

The moment lightning splits the sky, he should go immediately to where you buried your vial. If all of the above steps were done, he’d find a sip of the blood-red potion inside.

“I don’t know if thunder and lightning will be today.” Sean became worried.

They couldn’t just sit still in the common room. They came to the exit on the first floor near the basement and found a floor-to-ceiling window that could fully see the weather outside.

“Lightning, lightning…” Daisy’s eyes widened, her hands were clasped, and she stared out the window.

At that moment, a dazzling lightning pierced the sky!

“Let’s go!” Sean rushed to the basement.

He quickly came to the room and opened the small room. The crystal phial was still lying there quietly, and there happened to be a mouthful of red potion.

Sean picked up the potion and turned his head. Hermione had just locked the door and was running over, panting.

He handed his ring to her and said, “I’m doing it now.”

They didn’t speak and wanted to show an encouraging expression on their faces, waiting for him to achieve the goal. But in the end, it turned into worry.

“Don’t worry.” Sean squeezed the hands of the two of them, and when he came to the ring space expanded by the Extension Charm, his face had turned serious.

“It’s about to start…”

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Published On: October 17, 2023

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