Sean has experienced a lot of the wonderful magic in this world, but the one he looks forward to most is Transfiguration. If you think about it carefully, you will find that the masters of wizards, such as Dumbledore and Voldemort, like to use Transfiguration more often.

If the spells you learned in spells class were for everyday life activities. The spells you learned in Defence Against the Dark Arts were offensive and defensive spells.

While Transfiguration seems to be the most used magic in every aspect, it can be helpful in many situations. After your Transfiguration reaches a certain level, you can do a lot of things with it.

Of course, this is just a loose analogy. For Sean, his imagination of magic is limited to this. He needs someone whose an expert in Transfiguration, like Professor McGonagall, to help him improve.

Professor McGonagall gave the new students a good first impression when she appeared. Even before the class started, the Ravenclaws and Gryffindors wizards had already taken their seats.

However, since the class has not yet started, the students are discussing enthusiastically.

A child from a wizarding family like Harry kept talking to the students around him about riding a broomstick when he was a child. Most of the stories were about escaping a Muggle helicopter. He is outstanding, and his character looks genuine about it, so everyone was convinced about his story.

Sean snickered. He thought that Sirius was flying around with Harry on a flying motorcycle.

On the other hand, Hermione wasn’t too impressed with Harry’s story. “It’s very windy near the helicopter, and the brooms will be swept away easily.”

When the class started, Professor McGonagall still did not appear in the classroom. Ron looked at the cat on the podium and said to his friends, “Well, I guess someone like Professor McGonagall is prone to be late.”

As soon as the voice fell, the cat jumped out and turned into a witch in an emerald green robe.

“Don’t worry about that, Mr. Weasley.” she said solemnly.

Ron and his friends were stunned. Other students, including Sean, also watched this scene in shock, and everyone came up with a thought, “Is that Transfiguration magic?”

Professor McGonagall glanced around with stern eyes. She stood by the podium with her hands behind her back and said in the most serious voice.

“Transfiguration is the most complex and dangerous magic you’ve ever learned at Hogwarts. And anyone—” She looked at the Gryffindors students, especially Harry, and added, “Anyone who isn’t willing to follow my rules shall leave and never come here again. Let it be a warning to all of you.”

Everyone unconsciously sat up straight, not daring to let out air off their chest. Professor McGonagall walked to the blackboard and scribbled a few large characters.

“Transfiguration is not permanent.”

“Magic acts on items for a limited time. Depending on each person’s strength, it lasts from minutes to several hours. After the magic is removed, the object will return to its original shape.”

“Everyone, please do keep this in your mind. There’s a lot of complexity and danger in Transfiguration. I don’t care how far you can learn Transfiguration in the future, but if someone forgets this…” She glanced at everyone again. Although there was no last sentence, everyone understood what she meant.

“Then, Mr. Wallup,” she glanced at the parchment and called Sean’s name, “Let’s say I wanted to turn this parchment into a fudge, and you eat it. What will happen to the parchment a few hours later?”

Sean stood up and replied seriously, “It will turn back into parchment, Professor.”

“That’s right. What if the fudge was changed from a table or steel bars?”

“They’ll turn back to the previous material or object,” Sean paused, “Knowing that you eat the fudge into small bits, it will either turn into wood splinters or steel shards inside your stomach.”

“Very good, you have figured out the key point.” Professor McGonagall told Sean to sit down. Her tone became more serious, “At that time, the person who accidentally ingested the shape-changing object needed to be sent to St. Mungo Hospital for a few days. That’s assuming the person in question could survive.”

She leaned forward, “Not only food, but you must never turn anything into liquid or gas. The liquid will evaporate, and it will turn into a gas. If someone happens to inhale it, then it will be impossible to help them later.”

“I warn all of you that Transfiguration is not a trick for pranks. Whoever dares to joke about this thing, I will personally expel him.”

Professor McGonagall is a stern figure. After these more serious and compelling words, everyone swallowed a mouthful of saliva unconsciously, but they also firmly remembered what Professor McGonagall said.

“Now, can someone tell me the fundamental law of Gamp’s transformation?”

Sean raised his hand before Hermione.

“Mr. Wallup.”

“One, you can’t make food out of thin air.”

“Secondly, you can’t turn a thing into a magical creation. That’s something only an alchemist can do.”

“Third, you can’t make magic metals, such as gold. You can only make blocks that shine like gold at most.”

“Fourth, it cannot give life to a dead thing. Transfiguration can temporarily turn a dead thing into a living thing, but that living thing is only a structure of life, and it is not “the life” in a strict sense.”

“Finally,” Sean looked at Professor McGonagall with a satisfied look, “Transfiguration can’t change the number of items. One can’t become two, but I’m not sure about these as other books say it can, Professor McGonagall.”

Professor McGonagall nodded in satisfaction and sat him down: “Very good, five points for Ravenclaw. As for your last answer, Mr. Wallup. There’s nothing wrong with the rules you remember. One cannot become two, but two ones can be added together to make two. This Advanced Combinatorial Transfiguration is mentioned in the senior years.”

After getting the answer, Sean nodded suddenly but still raised his hand.

“Anything else? Mr. Wallup.”

“Professor, you just mentioned that liquids and gases cannot be Transfigured, but I don’t quite understand. After all, there are some wizards…”

Sean raised doubts because wizards can’t be all walking around with good intentions. If someone turns a piece of steel into water, then sprinkle it on the playground at noon. When the water evaporates, doesn’t it mean that everyone who inhales it will suffer?

Professor McGonagall motioned for him to stop, gave him a deep look with bright and dignified eyes, and said, “I understand your doubts. I’ll explain it more after the class ends.”

Sean was stunned. He hadn’t said the specific question, and shouldn’t the answer to the question be told to all students?


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Published On: July 9, 2023

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