After completing the phial step, Sean needs to wait until a lightning storm arrives, which could take weeks, months, or even years, depending on the weather that day. At the same time, during the waiting period, Sean needs to complete the necessary actions at sunset and sunrise every day.

Point the wand tip to the heart and say the chant, “Amato, Animo, Animato, Animagus”. The chant must be recited the correct number of times without any trouble.

If you have done nothing wrong with the previous steps, you have to do this. After continuing to chant the incantation, when the tip of the wand touches your chest, you will feel something. That feeling may be weak or strong, but he has to do that every single day until the storm arrives.

The storm is all about luck. Some wizards are too lucky that the storm came the day after placing the phial. The wizard had only performed this spell and didn’t feel anything.

He went directly to the next step. When he transformed, the wizard disappeared.

Yes, he was completely disappeared. His robe, accessories, and body, after twisting for a while, did not turn into scales or hairs. The wizard completely disappeared into thin air, leaving only a wand on the ground.

When Dumbledore mentioned the wizard from the United States, he also emphasized that according to his understanding, the wizard was a very scared and hesitant person. As a result, his life was ruined by the only recklessness in his life.

Wizard may turn into a ghost and return to the real world, but he doesn’t. The failure of the Animagus’ transformation may lead to losing your own soul. As Professor McGonagall said in the first lesson of the term, be careful when doing Transfiguration.

After Sean repeatedly confirmed that the room was completely sealed, he left the basement with confidence. Walking up to the stairs, Sean suddenly saw a figure. It was a girl wearing Nurmengard’s fourth-grade uniform.

She has long chestnut red hair, a few strands of her forehead are streaked blue, and there are freckles on the sides of her face. Her uniform is open, revealing a bulging black vest.

Sean’s eyes sank all of a sudden, but he didn’t speak, just looked at each other casually.

“What a coincidence, Wallup.” She greeted him without any recognition of her familiarity, and she didn’t have the hostility that Nurmengard students had towards him.

“I thought I was the only one who dared to run out under Professor Grindelwald’s warning. I didn’t expect you to be so courageous. Oh, you went to the dungeon? What’s in there?” Her eyes widened.

Sean didn’t let down his vigilance. He is now just relaxed. He happened to have completed the first step of the Animagus process and met this person.

He raised his eyelids calmly, “Do we know each other?”

“Oh, I haven’t introduced myself yet. Patricia Delia, a fourth-grader.” She replied.

“Well, it’s nice to meet you. But it’s already late. Don’t you want to go back?”

Patricia showed an expression of disbelief, “Didn’t you hear what Professor Rosier said?”

Patricia looked excited, “Dangerous magical animals for research were transported to Nurmengard. So she asked all the students to go back to rest. I didn’t have the courage to check it out at first, but now I’m curious.”

She looked like she met a partner in crime, “Hey, you must’ve seen the dungeon, right? What does it look like?

“Are you that curious?” Sean was speechless, and she actually slipped out for this reason.

However, that was just an excuse that Grindelwald made to help him empty the castle. He came up from the basement, and no magical animals were there.

“Aren’t you curious? Your Transfiguration class should be very good, right?” Patricia looked eager, “Who doesn’t? The most dangerous magical animals are the products of wizards who fail to transform. How could that don’t make anyone interested?”

“Maybe we can find a new way to transform!” She emphasized the “we”.

“There is no ‘we’, only you. Once again, nice to meet you. The entrance is that way, you can go yourself. I’ll go back first.” Sean didn’t want to make any trouble. After saying this, he strode away.

“Well, that’s boring.” Patricia mumbled, staring at Sean.

She looked back at the entrance of the basement with a frightened expression on her face.

“He must have seen something but didn’t want to tell me. No one wants to go down with me. It’s really troublesome…” She muttered a few words, looking at Sean.

After a long time, her steps started to move briskly.

“Sorry, Bach, I have to build a good relationship with your enemy.”


When Sean returned to the common room, Hermione and Daisy were both up, waiting for his return.

“How was it?” Hermione stood up from her chair, looking much more nervous than Sean.

“Ugh…” Sean pretended.

“What a pity, Sean,” she sighed and then comforted him, “but it’s normal, isn’t it? Becoming an Animagus requires a lot of luck. But you’ve done enough—wait.”

Hermione suddenly realized that she knew Sean’s character very well. If he really failed, he wouldn’t be doing this. She looked at Sean, and sure enough, she saw the smile on the corner of his mouth.


“I’m joking. Luckily, the first step has been successful.” Sean said.

Hermione glared at him angrily, “Why do you have to do that?!”

“It’s just to relieve the tension, sorry.” Sean raised his hands.

Hermione raised her head, pulled Daisy back, and walked back, “I’m sleepy, let’s go to sleep!”

She was pulling Daisy, making a cheering gesture to Sean, “Sean, congratulations. Hermione and I have been worrying about you. Hermione, don’t pinch my face.”

“Don’t talk to him. Let’s just go to sleep!”

Sean shook his head.

He looked at the place where the two were sitting just now. There was a dinner there, and there was a small glass jar next to it. There was a small flame to keep the food next to it warm.

Apparently, Hermione reserved some food for him.

“Although the steak brought by Mr. Grindelwald is delicious, Hermione knows my taste better.” He sat down and enjoyed the late-night snack.

Sean slept deeply that night. Although he had long been used to the leaves in his mouth, he felt relieved after getting rid of them. As if the rice grains stuck to his teeth fell off during eating.

This feeling is very comfortable.

When it was seven o’clock in the morning, Sean opened his eyes. Austria generally has sunrise around 7:30 in the morning and sunset around 4 in the afternoon.

He simply washed up and rushed outside. Sean pointed his wand at his heart when the sun gradually climbed out of the horizon.

“Amato, Animo, Animato, Animagus.”

He didn’t know if it was the sunlight gradually spreading or the magic power circulating in the air. Sean felt an extremely faint warmth rushing towards his chest. The warmth came and went quickly. When Sean finished chanting the spell a fixed number of times, the warmth gradually disappeared.

He looked up at the sky. The weather has been good recently, and it may take a while for the storm to come.

After the night, Hermione apparently returned to normal. Her thirst for knowledge came up again, and she kept asking Sean how he felt during breakfast.

Of course, Sean didn’t hide it. He described all his feelings in detail and told Hermione and Daisy some points to pay attention to. After all, they were also practicing Animagus.

Hermione wrote down all the main points and situations Sean described and noted a lot of information she read from the book for reference.

She blew on the ink on the parchment with satisfaction and asked, “Can I go to that underground classroom in the future? You put potions there, and, yesterday, Professor Rosier said that magical animals used for research were put there.”

“Well, that shouldn’t matter. We can still go there, don’t go to other places because I think that room is the best to store the potion.”

“Alright then.”

In the afternoon class, when Sean was thinking about finding some excuse to ask for leave and sneak out for a while, Professor Rozier called his name.

“Mr. Wallup, The Principal is looking for you.” After he went out, Professor Rosier handed over a note that was handwritten by Grindelwald.

(If you have a class, ask for leave by yourself and make up your own reasons. The professors won’t stop you from doing that.)

Sean shook his head, Grindelwald is very attentive to him.

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