Probably because the spell’s effect was rough, Hermione and Daisy frowned. They thought about it for a long time but couldn’t come up with a new name. Sean had no choice but to name it and decided to be more intuitive.

“Wingardium Quidvis, how about it?”

Hermione and Daisy looked at each other, then turned their heads together.

“Don’t you think this name is weird?”

“It sounds good. I bet that if there is a vote, the name of this spell will definitely get the most votes.”


Sean’s busy study life is still going on, and he found that after staying in Nurmengard for a long time, he has developed a lot of familiarity and intimacy. Although everything here is very different from Hogwarts, the students here are not so friendly.

But no one would blatantly come to Sean for trouble after the dueling class.

During this period, the Weasley twins inquired about the Nurmengard seventh-grader who had led a group of people to beat them up. His name was Fabian, and he came from France. They heard that the family has some connection with the goblin in charge of minting coins. It is a well-known wealthy family in the French wizarding world.

Also, Fabian was the leader of the famous radical group at Nurmengard. Students are about to embark on the wizarding society in the senior grades. At this time, there are some small groups of similar factions in the school.

These groups are similar to the predecessors of some organizations in the wizarding society. Fabian’s small group is said to be connected to the Wizarding Rights Protection Association of the French wizarding world.

This “Wizard Rights Protection Association” seems to be another version of the “Wizard Reform Association” founded by Grindelwald. They believe that wizards are nobler than Muggles, and most of the voices in the association say that wizards should rule the world.

It is said that the leader of the association is currently running for the minister of the French Ministry of Magic.

However, these are not within the scope of Sean’s consideration. The student settles the student’s affairs, and it doesn’t make sense if those influential governmental bodies would intervene.

Sean asked the twins to inquire about Fabian’s usual route of action in the castle, and he would need it later. Now, his key task is to wait for the full moon.

One day in mid-January, Sean got up early, dressed, and walked to the window. The weather outside the window was not bad. The faint golden sunlight pierced through the thin clouds and sprinkled on the mountains beside the castle.

“It looks alright.” Sean was a little nervous.

Today is the thirtieth day since he put his mandrake leaves. Sean clearly felt that his saliva was secreting more and more. Moreover, the jerky and irritating smell on the leaves has completely disappeared, replaced by a sweet iron smell similar to the smell of blood.

As long as tonight’s full moon is clear, the Animagus’ first step will be considered a success. Sean was not in the mood all day. Fortunately, today’s class was not heavy and no one came to trouble him at this critical time.

Finally, after the afternoon class ended, the sky gradually darkened.

“Sean, are you going to do it now?” At the corner of the stone corridor, Hermione looked at him nervously.

Sean nodded, “It’s getting dark now. I have to wait.”

For Sean to act quietly, Grindelwald opened the terrace on the castle’s east side to him. As soon as the full moon rises in the sky, Sean will immediately take out the leaves.

In the first step of becoming an Animagus, the leaves need to be taken out at the full moon, filled with saliva in a crystal phial, put the leaves in, and let receive the pure moonlight.

After receiving the moonlight, the crystal phial should be placed in a quiet and dark place, without any sunlight nor be seen or disturbed by anyone. In order to ensure that everything goes well, Hermione and Daisy can’t go with Sean.

“It will definitely go well.” Both girls cheered.

“I think so, too.” Sean smiled.

The sky was already completely dark when Sean and the two walked outside. However, the sky was pitch black, and the moon had not yet risen.

“I hope there are no accidents and there are no clouds.” Sean prayed secretly.

As time went on, the bells sounded from the northernmost bell tower of Nurmengard Castle.

“Huh?” Sean looked to the north suspiciously.

This bell tower does not usually tell the time and only rings the bell when students need to gather.

“The dinner should just be over by now.” Sean muttered a few words, he was a little hesitant whether or not he should go.

At this time, footsteps came from the entrance of the terrace, and Grindelwald appeared with his hands behind his back.


“Shh…” Grindelwald put a finger in front of his lips and made a gesture. He smiled, “Now is the critical time. You just need to focus on what is in front of you.”

He stood at the entrance, leaning casually against the stone wall.

“There is at least an hour before the full moon rises. Of course, it is good for you to come here and prepare in advance.” He seemed interested. “To avoid accidents, I just made an excuse for the students to go back to rest so no one will disturb you tonight.”

Sean nodded gratefully.

“Thank you very much, sir.”

Grindelwald waved his hand, “I’m so considerate and kind to you. Aren’t you used to it? If it were Albus, he would definitely be doing all this in secret. But I’m not. The purpose of my doing this is to form a good relationship with you. Now, you owe me a little favor and have to pay it back later.”

Sean smiled and nodded, “Of course, sir.”

“It’s good if you can understand. Oh, I already feel that the hearts of the two of us are getting closer,” Grindelwald snapped his fingers, and the warm butterbeer and the steaming steak appeared beside Sean, “There is still time. I won’t bother you from now on, and don’t forget to eat.”

He waved his hand with a smile and left. Sean sighed, took a sip of the warm butterbeer, and looked up at the sky while eating the steak.

However, after the cups were empty for a while and the warmth from the butterbeer on Sean dissipated, the moon still did not appear. The sky was pure black velvet, no clouds, no stars, no moon.

“It’s not time yet.” Sean used a spell to create a flame and murmured while sticking his hands next to the flame for warmth.

As time went on, Sean became more and more anxious. He glanced at the time. It has been four hours since he came here, and it is almost ten o’clock in the evening, but there is still no light in the night sky.

If it exceeds midnight, it means that a month has passed completely. At that time, even if the moon hangs high again, it will be useless. Sean smiled wryly. Although he had already prepared his mind well, becoming an Animagus was not so easy.

Time passed bit by bit, and there were only 20 minutes left before the end of today. At this moment, a half-full moon was finally faintly revealed at the highest point of the sky.

“There is still a chance!” Sean cheered up. The crystal phial only needs to be exposed to the moonlight for a few minutes.

The moon seemed to have heard his prayer, and the thick cloud in the sky finally began to move slowly. The bright full moon finally fully revealed its figure when there were only ten minutes left.

Sean had been prepared for a long time, immediately opened the cork of the phial, filled it with saliva, and spit out the leaves to soak in it. He placed the phial above the railing so that it could fully receive the moonlight.

“Three hundred, two hundred and ninety-nine, two hundred and ninety-eight…” Sean silently counted.

After three hundred, he pulled out one of his own hair, put the hair in a silver teaspoon, and put it in the phial together. The dew on the teaspoon is collected from a place where there has been no sunlight or human contact for seven whole days.

When these things were completely put into the phial, Sean saw that the liquid in it suddenly calmed down, and the bubbles inside quickly disappeared. His hair followed the mandrake and stuck tightly to the leaves.

Sean took a deep breath and then took out a brown and black cocoon-like object and put it in. There was a gloomy pattern on it: the chrysalis of the Death’s-head Hawk Moth.

After putting the chrysalis in, Sean immediately capped the cork, put the phial into a sealed medicine box, and hurried to the basement. Sean quickened his pace while thinking happily.

It was already midnight, and Grindelwald issued a curfew notice. There were no troublemakers in the castle, and Sean went all the way to the basement classroom without any hindrance.

He quickly opened the small room in the inner corner of the room and then carefully placed the phial inside. After closing the door, Sean breathed a sigh of relief.

“Although it was a little worrying at the end, it went smoothly unexpectedly.” He wiped the sweat from his forehead.

Next, it is time to wait until the storm comes.

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Published On: October 15, 2023

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