Sean silently recited the information extracted from the book, which would be the key to creating a new spell. When a wizard tries a new spell, one must understand the concept, which is the nature of its magical ability, and cast it.

Sean believes that the explanation in “Magical Theory” written by Adalbert Waffling is very good regarding this concept.

A wizard’s ability comes from talent, which is passed down through blood. Every wizard is born with magical powers, and this ability is like having an extra arm, which is embodied by the extension of your magic power.

It can communicate with your own magic power source and the magic world so that a similar resonance effect can be formed and the magic spell can exert its effect.

This way of communication follows specific gestures, chants, thoughts, and emotions. The spell is like a key that opens a ‘rule’ in this magical world. Whether this kind of rule exists naturally or is developed by later generations requires more time to verify.

Sean had a doubt before, since the casting speed of a spell and the reaction speed of the wizards itself are extremely important, why didn’t Hogwarts offer a special course for practicing reaction and spell chanting speed?

But after getting in touch with spells and gaining a certain understanding, Sean discovered that magic is more like singing if he uses an inappropriate example to compare.

You can practice pronunciation, resonance, and singing, but everyone is born with different conditions. Many people can barely sing perfectly when they hear a song, while others are born with a good voice and can sing most of it the first time.

The same is true for magic, whether that be Charms, Transfiguration, or Potions. Of course, Sean is not pursuing this now. He just wants to try to improve a spell.

“According to the information, we must see clearly the flow direction of the effects of each vowel in the pronunciation. They all relate to the rules of magic. This is the key point when improving or creating a spell.” Sean read the explanation.

It can barely be compared to programming. The spell pronunciation and gestures are symbols, and the overall effect of the spell is the code.

Sean thought about the magic rules pointed to by the Levitation Charm, and in the negative example of Bufford, the bison was summoned, and at the same time, it made contact with him directly.

He has to solidify the effect of summoning the bison and, at the same time, avoid being stepped on the floor by the bison.

“Wingardium Leviosa.” Sean uttered the spell, and a cushion in front of him floated in mid-air.

He closed his eyes and quietly felt the flow of magic power in his body. He felt the trajectory when that magic power intersected with the cushion in front of him.

“Floating is indeed the main effect. I need to change the flow of magic power here.” Sean muttered something, and Hermione and Daisy looked over curiously.

The two did not make a sound to disturb Sean. They knew that Sean was currently in a state of deep thinking. Finally, Sean released the spell, and the cushion lost all its magical power and fell to the ground in a flash.

He opened his eyes and had an idea, “The difficulty lies in controlling the direction of the bison after being summoned. Simply combining the spell’s characteristics makes the bison float in mid-air and directly hit the target’s ground. I guess that’s how you are supposed to do it?”

“Change the pronunciation, change the gesture too, add the safe trigger gesture for the spell…”

“At the same time, according to the law of the spell, I need to concentrate on drawing the scene of the bison falling from the sky in my mind. To be on the safe side, I decided not to imagine myself when depicting the scene in my mind.”

Sean’s inspiration suddenly emerged, and in the previous lottery draws, he obtained and used an item called Ravenclaw’s Golden Suit. This will make it easier for him to avoid unknown dangers when doing something like this.

He let out a slight breath and then stood in another open space that would not affect Hermione and Daisy.

“Wingardium—” Sean changed the way of pronouncing the vowels, and the wand gesture also changed.

Of course, his concentration was tense to prevent the bison’s hooves from piercing into his chest. Unexpectedly, nothing happened, let alone the bison. Not even a single hair of the bison was seen.

Sean frowned and thought.

Just now, there was no magic light on the tip of his wand, which is in line with the characteristics of the summoning spell. Sean also intends to improve the spell, changing the Levitation Charm into a summoning spell.

The part of his spell that summons the bison should be correct, and even if the spell fails, it should have done something. Unless he completely mistakes the way the spell works. He looked around suspiciously and then spotted the practice dummy in the corner.

Sean had a sense of enlightenment. He stood in front of the dummy and raised his wand again.

“Wingardium—” The tip of Sean’s staff flickered for a moment, and directly above the dummy’s head, a small black-haired bison with horns appeared out of nowhere.

The bison seemed to have no intelligence, only biological instinct, and it habitually stepped on its hooves as soon as it appeared. The bison finally reacted and “mooed” in a panic, then fell from the air and stepped heavily on the dummy’s head.

There was a dull sound on the floor, and the dummy’s wooden head was crushed into it. The bison yelled and disappeared.

“I succeeded?!” Sean exclaimed in surprise. He really summoned a bison just now.

Across the room, Hermione straightened up in surprise, watching in disbelief as the bison appeared and disappeared.

“Oh my god, Sean. How did you do it?!” She exclaimed.

Sean smiled and turned his head, “It came from a little inspiration in a book, and I was a little optimistic. I avoided the most difficult part of improving the spell, which is to find the original meaning of the spell.”

In the wizarding world, spells are words, and words have its meaning. Magic turns words into reality. Therefore, a key point when improving or creating a magic spell is to find the meaning of language.

Hermione’s eyes widened.

“Levitation Charm and bison? You used the example Professor Flitwick gave?!”

“Yes, it looks like the effect is not bad.” Sean nodded.

However, he didn’t have time to explain to Hermione now. He had just successfully cast his improved spell, and now was the critical time to feel the flow of magic power. Hermione was holding back the question, but she wanted to ask some of the things because she wanted to know.

Hermione covered her mouth. She was afraid that she couldn’t help but disturb Sean.

Sean closed his eyes and felt the place where the bison appeared in the room and the movement and flow of the magic power in his body just now.

By using his magic power, he summoned a bison, and the magic power connected not only to the bison but also to the dummy. Linking the bison is how the summoning spell works, and linking the dummy is how the Levitation Charm works. The two seem to work well together, and there is also a connection between the bison and the dummy.

After a long time, Sean slowly opened his eyes. Hermione and Daisy had arrived in front of him at some point, looking at him eagerly.

“Sean, how is it? Have you felt the way the magic power and how the spell work? Is the only change in your spelling the pronunciation? The pronunciation of the vowels or the spacing between the syllables? What about the output of magic? There is a risk of doing it, I assume?” Hermione threw out a lot of questions like a cannonball.

But before Sean could answer, she waved her hands and continued, “It’s unbelievable. A second-grade student improved a spell by himself, and that person is my best friend. I have to write it down. Sean, you must teach me! God, I can’t even imagine. I thought you were just learning today.”

“Hermione, calm down.” Sean had to calm her down first.

But Hermione seemed to be completely fascinated. She kept talking about her experience with the spell and her own thoughts. She was really in a state of surprise and excitement. As a last resort, Sean could only close Hermione’s mouth.

Suddenly, She stopped talking. Sean held down her cheeks on both sides, and her mouth pouted from being scratched.

“Calm down, now.” Sean said helplessly.

She squinted her eyes, pouted her mouth, her cheeks puffed up.

“Okay, okay.” She stammered in agreement and nodded.

“Sorry, you were too excited just now.”

Hermione turned her head, took a deep breath, and looked back quickly. Her face was less red.

“It’s okay, but never do that again next time, even if you are my best friend.” Hermione raised her head and warned Sean, but she didn’t seem to care much.

“Okay, I’m sorry.” Sean nodded.

The room suddenly fell into silence. His actions were just too much now. The current atmosphere is a bit strange. Daisy’s voice broke the embarrassment between the two.

“You can pinch my face next time.” Daisy pinched both sides of her cheeks with both hands.

Seeing her funny appearance, Sean and Hermione both burst out laughing.

Hermione rolled her eyes to Daisy, “Why do you want that?”

Now Daisy began to pretend to be confused again. She still pinched her bulging cheeks, “I don’t understand what you’re talking about.”

Sean immediately said, “Are you interested in doing me a favor? It’s about the new spell.”

The attention of the two was pulled over at once, and Hermione’s expression became agitated again.

However, she looked at Sean’s fingers, and after a while, she slowed down her tone, “How did you do it, Sean?”

After explaining his thoughts, Hermione nodded thoughtfully, “It’s mixed with the characteristics of the summoning spell.”

“Well, this spell seems to have integrated some features, and I have a guess that I need your help.” Sean said.

“What’s that?”

After giving instructions, Hermione stood beside Sean, and she raised her wand at the dummy.

“Wingardium Leviosa.” The dummy floated steadily in mid-air.

“Get ready…” Sean urged, waving his wand at the same time, “Wingardium—”

His spell worked again, and finally, he saw the light emanating from the tip of his wand. Sean increased his magic power output this time, and a much bigger bison appeared in mid-air.

It pawed the air with its hooves, then slammed straight at the dummy. Hermione flicked her wand, and the dummy moved sideways.

The summoned bison suddenly changed the trajectory of its fall. It turned a corner in the air and then stepped heavily on the dummy to the ground.

Sean clenched his fists in surprise.

This improved summoning spell needs to hit the target, and it is not the kind of spell that causes instant damage. However, the bison obviously has the function of locking and tracking the target.

The light of the spell is different from other spells. Maybe it is a combination of the summoning spell and the Levitation Charm. The light of the new spell is transparent, which will have unexpected effects in actual combat.

In addition, Sean discovered another problem. Although the spell consumes a lot of magic power, the characteristics are very similar to a certain type of summoning spell. There is no limit to the input of magic power. If you have enough magic power, you can summon hundreds of bison to trample your enemies.

Of course, the disadvantage of this type of spell is that if the caster cannot precisely control his magic power, it is easy for their magic power to be drained instantly.

However, today was enough to surprise Sean. He smiled and looked at the two, “Are both of you interested in naming this new spell?”

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Published On: October 15, 2023

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