Sean shook his head with a smile. The old man’s way of thinking is really beyond his comprehension. However, it’s nice that he had his own private space. Sean picked up the key and glanced at it.

There’s a note on the key. Sean grabbed the little note.

(In order to ensure that your potion will not be disturbed. I specially added a lock. Isn’t it very considerate?)

Sean couldn’t help laughing out loud. Grindelwald is really interesting after getting along for a long time.


On the second day, the atmosphere in Nurmengard was completely different. Sean received countless attention, of course, not in a good way.

The students in Nurmengard were roughly divided into two groups. One group was extremely displeased with Sean, but this displeasure could only be reflected on their faces. The junior students did not dare to do anything to Sean at all, while the senior students didn’t want to look at his face.

After all, Sean is only in the second grade. Last night’s duel was due to him voluntarily asking to compete with senior students. They didn’t want to jinx themselves hard after what had happened.

The other group is not so hostile to Sean. They entered Nurmengard just for more power, and they recognized Sean.

As for getting in touch with Sean, this is not the time yet. Mainly because Sean’s strength is not at his peak. They were in different schools. But as long as this situation continues, Sean feels that someone may want to come to know him actively.

Life in Nurmengard is still going on, and after the initial period, Hogwarts students are getting used to the busy and strict study atmosphere here.

Sean has become a popular person in the classroom. The professors always like to call him to answer questions and let him demonstrate some spells to others. Of course, Sean performs perfectly and always gets some points.

This made many Nurmengard students feel sour. They felt that the Professor favored Sean now. Sean suspects that this is Grindelwald’s doing.

Although such behavior is somewhat “unfair”, Sean still accepted it silently.

“Wallup, take it.” Sean was left behind in the herbal medicine class that just ended.

Arte Mistedtin, the Herbology professor, threw over a glass bottle containing a dark purple liquid.

“Professor, what is this?”

“The dew of the Belladonna flower, I mentioned it in the last class.”

“I know, Professor. But why give it to me?” Sean asked, puzzled.

Mistedtin is an old man with a stooped figure and almost all hair loss. He will pant and pant whenever he speaks, and the apple muscles that have drooped due to age will shake, shaking with the age spots on them.

“What’s the function of this thing?” His voice was sharp and hoarse.

“It can be used as a brew of poisonous potion. Because the dew can absorb toxins in the natural environment, its flower dew is highly poisonous and can neutralize other herbs’ toxins.” Although he did not know his purpose, Sean still recited it.

Mistedtin showed a shriveled smile, “That’s right, but the dew has another purpose.”

“What is that?” This is not mentioned in the book.

“Neutralize the toxin of the failed potion, except for specific potions. The dew can be regarded as a universal antidote for failure potions.”

“But no one will drink the potion that had been badly bre-… oh…” Sean quickly realized it.

The potion that failed was not something that no one would drink. For example, Professor MacDuff would drink it. Sometimes, he would let the students drink the potion that they made.

According to him, this teaching method can make students remember deeply.

Obviously, not every student can guarantee that the potion can be brewed successfully. In Nurmengard, three students have been sent to the infirmary foaming at the mouth.

Professor MacDuff foamed about thirteen times, but he swallowed it every time and was fine. If he remembered correctly, the next class seemed to be testing medicinal potions. Sean was worried about whether his talent for potions would kill him.

Mistedtin shoved another glass bottle into Sean’s arms, “This is a rhizome seepage. You performed well in the last class and helped me tame the liontail vine. Take this as a gift.”

Liontail vines are plant-like magical animals. This carnivorous plant is very hostile. During the last class, one of them went crazy, and then it was glanced at by Sean. The plant went back to its docile state.

Sean was polite. He put away the two glass bottles, “Thank you, Professor Mistedtin.”

“Well, go now. Come and help me with the group of lion tail vines next time when you have time. If they weren’t producing any good materials, I would’ve burned them all a long time ago.”

Feeding liontail vines will secrete venom, which is the main purpose of Professor Mistedtin’s breeding them.

After bidding farewell to Professor Mistedtin, Sean joined Hermione and Daisy, who were waiting, and the three of them walked towards the basement floor together.

The learning environment in Nurmengard is good, but there is no opportunity to practice spells in private. It happened that Grindelwald provided a private room, which became a practice space for the three of them.

Students are not allowed to enter the basement level. There are no gates or guards on the entrance stairs here. However, if someone sneaks in, they will be caught and be given a punishment.

Naturally, Sean didn’t have to worry about this. He and the two walked through the long, gloomy corridor and opened a door at the end with a key. The layout of the room is like an ordinary spell-training classroom. There is a stone door in the far corner. After opening, it can be used to store his Animagus vial.

Sean tried it, but the door was closed and it was pitch black inside.

“Although I’ve been here a few times, I must say that the basement floor must have been a prison before,” Hermione said as she put down her school bag.

Sean just pretended that he didn’t know about it.

Sean sat on the soft cushion, opened the book, and said, “At least it’s quiet here, and no one will disturb us.”

Daisy was tumbling the jade piece in her mouth. She rested her cheek in one hand and twirled her wand in the other, “Sean, is it almost time?”

“Well,” Sean nodded, “yes, and we need all the luck to do so.”

A piece of mandrake leaf was tightly attached to his upper jaw. After so many days, he was completely used to the existence of the leaf, and it may be that the saliva had been soaking in it. The smell of the leaf is getting stronger and stronger.

The full moon is three days away, and if there are no dark clouds by then, Sean will have completed the first steps of the Animagus.

Hermione was licking the jade piece in her mouth as well. She looked at Sean and said doubtfully, “Sean, I have always had a thinking.”

“What’s that?”

“Why are you so obsessed with Animagus? This magic takes a long time to take effect and is too advanced. It often depends on luck. Most importantly, even if you become an Animagus, you won’t gain any power. We can only become ordinary animals. This is unlike you.”

“You’re right. It’s not like I’m pursuing my own approach to getting strong. As for why it is,” Sean raised his head and thought for a while, “I have a feeling that learning the most profound aspects of Transfiguration magic will bring different changes to wizards. Similarly, I also like all kinds of animals, and it would be even better if I could experience it myself.”

He smiled, “My first and most intuitive experience of magic is Professor McGonagall’s Animagus. Maybe this has become my interest and obsession.

“Although great power is fascinating, sometimes I prefer the wonder of magic itself. Well, is it weird for me to say that?”

Daisy tilted her head.

“Sean,” her voice was soft and sweet, “You look so good when you speak seriously and then smile.”

“Oh, thank you for your compliment, Daisy.” Sean didn’t expect Daisy to be so straightforward.

Hermione blew her bangs angrily, “Daisy, stop with your obsession with him. Sean got enough of those compliments yesterday.”

“I have to refute that, Hermione.” Sean was sitting upright, “First of all, Daisy is not obsessed. She just compliments her friends in a friendly way. Second, well, I’m just flattered by all the things I got.”

“What’s this?” Hermione picked up the notebook that Sean brought with him.

She read it out and then glared at Sean, “While practicing the most dangerous and profound Transfiguration magic, you also want to create your own spells? Sean, don’t you think you’re pushing yourself hard?”

“It’s not that serious, Hermione.” Sean spread his hands helplessly. “This thing is in Nurmengard’s library. Although books are not allowed to be borrowed, putting them there proves that students can learn by themselves.”

“The Nurmengard library management also has “A History of the Development of Dark Arts” and “Hundred Applications of the Curse of Torment”?! I can’t believe that these books are not in the restricted area!” Hermione said angrily.

“Oh, Hermione,” Daisy held up her hand, “the Nurmengard Library doesn’t have a restricted section.”

“Thank you for the reminder, but if you dare to read those books, I will… I will confiscate all the notes I gave you!”

“No, I’m sorry!”

She is keen on reading and saw many materials that should be forbidden books in the Nurmengard Library. Even most of her friends went out to see it. This made Hermione very unhappy.

“It’s just for reference. If you encounter a dark wizard in the future, it will be easier to deal with them.” Sean comforted her, although he had mastered dozens of dark magic.

Hermione ignored him and returned to normal, “Promise me, Sean, Daisy. For you never touch those dark magic.”

Sean and Daisy looked at each other, then nodded earnestly, “Don’t worry, our main focus now is normal spells and Animagus.”

Hermione let out a long breath, “Then focus on that one.”

Her temper comes and goes quickly. Sean doesn’t know why Hermione has become so sensitive these days.

Sean looked down at his notes. Some books in the library were not allowed to be borrowed, so Sean copied some information there.

He is not prepared to try to create his own spells now, but some of the knowledge mentioned in this knowledge greatly benefits him in mastering the spells proficiently.

Most of the spells he learned before have reached second-level proficiency, and the casting speed and accuracy have been greatly improved. The only pity is that Sean has no more sources to learn new spells.

The professors’ teaching is kind of slow, and there aren’t many spells to learn in the library. The spells in the modern wizarding world are all improved versions of it. Those old spells don’t have much purpose to learn, and ancient magic needed runes to be cast.

Sean knew that his rune talent was really bad.

He has a little where to go now. He may not want to create his own spells first but try to improve the spells he has, or in other words, change some of the effects of a spell.

Sean has a small idea about the Levitation Charm. This inspiration comes from the teaching content of Professor Flitwick’s first-grade class.

Professor Flitwick kept emphasizing the pronunciation when they were learning the Levitation Charm.

“Distraction while casting a spell can lead to painful side effects. A wizard named Bufford said ‘f’ instead of ‘s’ and found himself lying on the floor with a bison on his chest.”

Just by changing the way it was pronounced, this spell turned into an accidental summoning spell. Sean thought it was interesting.

If he can really figure out the principle, can he improve the Levitation Charm? He thinks it is exciting when he can smash others with a bison.

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