Sean on the stage remained motionless, while the other students had different thoughts.

The Hogwarts students naturally thought that Sean had done a good job today, and they were ready for a round of applause when he finished. Sean looked exhausted, so he did not need to continue.

The minds of the Nurmengard students were even more complicated. They were angry that such a young student had trampled the best students in the school, but they had to admit that Sean was really strong.

Of course, many people have other thoughts. Some of the Nurmengard students also thought this was the perfect time to beat him down in this condition.

After Sean said his words, Goodman nodded. As he was about to speak, there was a voice from the audience.

“Wallup seems to be in good condition. I want to teach him some lessons. Is that okay?” A thin boy stood up.

“What a shameless person.”

“Merlin’s beard, I have never seen such a shameless wizard.”

The students of Hogwarts were unhappy, and they all yelled and cursed loudly. But the boy didn’t care. He didn’t even look in the direction of the Hogwarts students.

“Sanjay Sharma.” The boy introduced himself and stepped into the dueling ring.

The Nurmengard students did not speak. Nurmengard did value results, but they were saving their faces in case they lost again. So, not talking is the best option.

Goodman sighed and looked at Sean, “Mr. Wallup, the choice is yours.”

“It’s just a study experience, Wallup.” Sharma looked ready, he kept waving his wand, and a whirlwind blew away all the stones under his feet.

Sean has been standing there for a long time, his face is expressionless, and his lips have not moved.

“Come. But—” he paused in a low voice, “How about a bigger bet? Say, 100 points?”

Sharma was stunned for a moment. The previous bets were all ten or twenty points. One hundred points is a big amount. Moreover, his grades were only above average, and he didn’t have much points.

At this moment, he suddenly saw Sean’s trembling hands behind his back. The overdraft of magic power is fed back to the body, and the hand that uses the wand is in a bad state due to the excessive magic power it bears.

Sharma’s eyes lit up.

After consecutive duels, Sean has used many spells and even has powerful ancient magic. He should have been exhausted long ago, but he was still holding on.

He thought the 100 points was just a fake intimidation tactic.

Sharma rolled his eyes and said, “I don’t have that many points. How about forty points plus sixty Galleons?”

Sean didn’t move and said, “Alright.”

Goodman shook his head silently and stood between the two.


But Sean stood straight without any intention of bowing.

Sharma was not angry at all. He bowed gracefully, raised his head, and said, “It’s okay. As a person who came here, I should be more polite.”

The audience booed. Of course, it was all for Sharma. No one felt that Sean was being rude, only Sharma, who was on stage.

But Sharma didn’t care about the audience’s opinion. He smiled and looked at Goodman, “Can we start? Professor?”

Goodman murmured inaudibly and then waved his hand.

“Duel stars!”

“Protego maxima!” In the beginning, Sharma summoned a huge transparent barrier in front of him.

This spell stunned everyone in the Hogwarts audience who was constantly slandering him. They didn’t expect this Sharma to have such strong strength magic, and they looked at Sean even more worriedly.

Sharma looked at the motionless Sean, and he licked his lips excitedly. This was a spell he had been practicing for a long time. He wanted to see how a second-grade student would break the shield that he had practiced multiple times.

Sean seemed to have lost the slightest bit of strength. He had maintained the same posture from before to now. After the duel started, he didn’t even make a single movement.

Sharma raised his wand.

“Confringo!” A fiery red light shot out from the wand’s tip, but Sean didn’t dodge it or even raise his wand.

“Sean!” The curse directly hit Sean.

But what made them even more unbelievable was that the screamer was Sharma. His eyes turned white. His whole body twisted into a painful shape. The scream lasted only for a while. His mouth foamed, and he fell heavily to the ground.

At this time, they noticed that Sean, hit by the Confringo Spell, fluctuated like water ripples and then dissipated. Behind Sharma, Sean finally revealed his figure. Sean moved his neck and didn’t even look at Sharma, who passed out from pain on the ground.

Just now, he hit Sharma with a nonverbal Acupuntinternus.

When the smoke and dust of the last duel filled the arena, Sean used the Disillusionment Charm to become invisible and then used another magic to create a fake body of himself.

When Garfield passed out, the binding spell on him had already lost its effect. Others saw Sean could not move, but he cast several magic before the duel.

As for the trembling that Sharma saw, it was because Sean’s magic power was close to exhaustion, and the spell could hardly last.

He used the Disillusionment Charm to hide next to his fake body and talk, and when Goodman announced to bow, he began to move himself carefully.

Sean was worried that he would be seen through before he could move, but Sharma talked a lot of nonsense and cast a defensive spell in the beginning. He got enough time to move behind him and cast an Acupuntinternus on his waist.

Sean stepped over Sharma’s body. He had already done so many things to other people, but this guy still didn’t learn his lesson and didn’t deserve a second glance.

“Professor Goodman,” he cleared his throat, “I know that the points will be transferred automatically. What about the Galleons? Can I get his money forcibly directly, or will it be sent to me later?”

For a while, no one in the room spoke anymore.


After the dueling session, the Hogwarts common room has become a celebration scene. There were a few free duels after that. The Hogwarts students lost more than they won, but it didn’t matter anymore.

Sean fought five times in a row, one in each of the second, third, and fourth grades and two in the fifth grade. He defeated all the elite students in Nurmengard.

Sean felt that everyone hugged his shoulders and patted his back. After a celebration party, he even felt a lot more tired than the duel. Of course, he is quite satisfied with his performance tonight. Although his spell level is not as good as that of Nurmengard’s fifth graders, he also tried his best to win.

Waiting until he practiced more and released the magical animals time, Sean even had the confidence to compete with the seventh-grade students.

After a night of quarreling with his classmates, Sean returned to his dormitory after washing up. Nurmengard is a little different from Hogwarts. There were only single rooms there. All the rooms are distributed along a corridor, like staying in a hotel.

Sean had exhausted all his energy today, and his eyelids started to close, but he saw a piece of parchment on the bedside table. Next to the parchment is a strangely shaped key.

When he saw the writing on the paper, he knew that the strength he showed today had already begun to receive rewards.

(Well done. Beautiful spell, clever strategy, and your excellence almost surpassed my imagination.)

It was Grindelwald’s writing. He first praised Sean’s performance and then added more details about learning the spell.

(About the fake body, here is how to construct a more lifelike character…)

(About the Disillusionment Charm, here is how to make less noise while moving invisibly and how to draw the enemy’s attention to other things…)

In the list of spells Grindelwald handed him that day, Sean had already learned three. This time, Grindelwald added three more and made the inadequacies of the spells that Sean showed in this duel marked and explained in detail.

At the end, he also wrote.

(The room for your Animagus thing is ready for you. It is at the end of the corridor, going all the way to the basement floor. You can practice spells quietly there. There is a completely small room that can be used. By the way, you should remember the cell where the two people were imprisoned, right? The room is next to it, and this is the key. I am looking forward to what you can do.)

(Act boldly in this castle, my child. Although you are from Hogwarts, Nurmengard is always open to you. Don’t worry, you won’t be the next Dark Lord. Heh.)

(Your faithful and the great Albus Dumbledore’s friend, Gellert Grindelwald.”l and the great Albus Dumbledore’s friend, Gellert Grindelwald.”

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Published On: October 15, 2023

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