Stevenson smiled widely. He was holding a stubby black wand, and his figure showed an astonishing look.

“Stay away? That’s an insult to the Stevensons. Come on, Wallup. Let me see your magic power!” Stevenson lowered his body slightly, his wand was aimed straight in Sean’s direction, and his eyes were firmly fixed on the tip of Sean’s wand.

After staying in Sean’s body for a long time, the Obscurus has been sleeping and recovering its magic power.

The Obscurus is completely different from other parasitic animals in this world. Its form and its magic power source will be spread around Sean’s body. This power can be transformed into Sean’s magic power.

The dark power in the body swirled, and that huge power was transmitted to Sean’s arm and fingertips. He could almost feel his elm wand wailing, the heartstring core of the irascible dragon groaning happily.

Sean has to do an experiment during this tense duel. What kind of power can a completely unskilled ancient spell show under the huge output of magic power?

The tip of Sean’s wand slowly outlined an ancient rune symbol in the air. He practiced This ancient magic and learned it from Grindelwald when he was young in that memory.”

His wand trembled slightly, but there was no movement. Just when everyone was puzzled, suddenly, the temperature in the classroom rose crazily.

The scorching heat wave swept every corner like a pervasive gust of wind. In just an instant, the hotness flooded everyone’s skin surface, and even beads of sweat began to drop from their foreheads. They didn’t have time to wipe off their sweat, and the students’ eyes widened in disbelief.

On the tip of Sean’s wand, a fire phoenix completely made of dazzling golden flames slowly spread its wings.

A high-pitched cry resounded throughout the room.

Under everyone’s horrified gazes, the fire phoenix rushed straight toward Stevenson on the opposite side with a terrifying wave of fire. Before the phoenix arrived, Stevenson’s hair was already burning a bit, his lips were dry, and it was even difficult for him to breathe.

“This is what I’m talking about…” Stevenson showed an excited expression.

He raises his wand and strikes back. The fire wave swept in, and the pupils of Professor Goodman shrank suddenly.

Before he could speak, he waved his wand, and the railing on the edge of the stone platform emitted blue light, and the light quickly formed a protection layer to cover Stevenson.

Waves of fire that soared into the air after it hit him.

The flame exploded, completely engulfing Stevenson. The phoenix turned into crimson flames and moved around until it was finally stopped by the light from the railings.

“What is this?” Several students twitched as if they wanted to curse.

“Where is Stevenson?” The flames in the venue have not completely dissipated, and the platform cannot be seen clearly.

“Is he burned to death?”

“That’s ridiculous. The professor is here. Stevenson is strong. He might be okay.”

“That’s right… but that spell…” A student wanted to say that Sean’s fire spell might be just a show, but he couldn’t say it in the end.

Finally, the flames dissipated, and on the stone platform, Sean was standing there. The students quickly looked in another direction.

The place where Stevenson was originally standing has turned into a terrible scorched black and blackened figure. The original slate surface can still be vaguely seen in that circle. Stevenson was squatting with soft white light continuously shining from the tip of his wand.

The students in the audience swallowed their saliva in unison. They looked at Sean in horror.

Only Sean was very dissatisfied. Although the power of the spell was impressive, he had inputted a huge magic power combined by himself and the Obscurus, but the effect was still low.

“Is my rune talent completely hopeless?” Sean cursed angrily.

His proficiency in the Divine Fire Curse has barely reached 500, but the efficiency of magic is much worse than other spells. Sean was very dissatisfied. He didn’t pay attention to Stevenson and was very mad about this spell performance.

If his rune talent was higher, then the power of this spell would increase exponentially.

Goodman tried to protect him, but he was a bit late. It was a severe burn, and Stevenson may stay in the infirmary for a month. Goodman breathed a sigh of relief, and after waving his hand, the medical team rushed in and carried Stevenson away.

Goodman glanced at Sean with complicated eyes.

He wondered how a second-grade Hogwarts student knew about this kind of magic. Even though his rune talent is rough, the magic was beyond his expectations. Goodman stood up straight, and he looked at Sean with a strange look in his eyes.

“Professor, is he okay?” Sean asked with concern.

“He won’t die, but he has to lie down for a while,” Goodman said slowly, “What a wonderful spell, Mr. Wallup.”

Hearing the toneless words of Goodman, Sean couldn’t figure out what he was thinking for a moment, so he could only reply innocently, “I tried my best.”

To Sean’s surprise, Goodman didn’t scold him but only said, “It was a good performance. No wonder you are so confident about it. But, Wallup, do you want to continue your duel challenge?”

“If I can, that would be great.”

“It’s your choice,” Goodman nodded, “However, the powerful ancient spells can no longer be used. It’s not that I want to break my promise at the beginning, but the power of ancient magic is too much. If students keep coming in the infirmary, it’s going to be overwhelmed, and…”

“If you keep using this spell, no one will come to duel with you.”

“I see, Professor.” Sean nodded.

He has two purposes for this duel: one is to exercise his actual combat ability, and the other is to show his strength. Although Nurmengard’s students have a bad view of him, they understand one thing: strength.

If he wants to create an organization, he must first show his strength.

However, Sean’s spell may cause the students to be wary. Even though Sean had promised not to use the ancient magic, none of the Nurmengard’s students stepped forward. They looked at Sean on the stage with silence.

Sean kicked the rocks under his feet towards the scorched ground. No one came to the stage after playing with it for a while. Sean licked his dry lips, and he looked at Goodman.

“Professor,” he said softly, “From now on, I will also accept the challenge from the fifth graders.”

As soon as these words came out, there was an uproar immediately.

There was a big gap in learning experience between fourth and fifth grade. From this year on, students will take the OWL exam at the end of the term, which is the ‘Ordinary Wizarding Level’ exam.

They can continue learning only when the test scores meet the teacher’s standard.

Whether it’s more advanced magic or the pressure of exams, the strength of the fifth-grade students will improve rapidly. If the third and fourth graders can duel with each other, the fifth graders can crush the lower grades easily.

Therefore, when Sean first proposed to duel with the third and fourth graders, they did not lose their composure. However, as soon as the words of challenging the fifth-graders were said, they were shocked to hear it.

All of a sudden, several Nurmengard fifth-grade students moved forward.

“Mr. Wallup, are you sure?” Goodman asked.

“Yes, I’m sure.” Sean kicked the stone to where Stevenson was lying just now.

This kind of behavior angered these people, and several Nurmengard students even took a step forward. Finally, a fifth-grade student was elected, and he was approved by most of the people.

Bach had been watching coldly on the platform. He was no longer as calm as before, and his expression was now serious.

“Philias Garfield? He’s pretty good among fifth-graders, I guess. He shouldn’t have any problem dealing with a second-grader like him.”

The girl next to him finally showed an interested expression at this time. She took out a macaron and threw it into her mouth. She mumbled, “That kid named Wallup is quite interesting. Come on, Bach. Don’t look at me like that. I like interesting people, second only to interesting books. Maybe we should see the results of this duel.”

Bach turned his head with a cold face.

Garfield stepped onto the stage and stared at Sean as if facing a formidable enemy. He stood in the circle where Stevenson had been lying down. While observing Sean’s state, he calculated the gap between the two sides.

Sean probably has the same magic power as him, but the number of spells he has mastered should not be as good as his own.

He is right-handed, and he habitually lowers his wrist when chanting spells. He likes to use binding magic to paralyze his opponents. He needs to pay attention to his mouth and wand gestures to predict the next spell. At the same time, since he can cast ancient magic, it proves that he has a wide range of knowledge, and some of his spells may not have the expected effect.

Sean blinked at the rigorous and serious tall boy on the opposite.

He was getting excited because this was his first time dueling against fifth-graders, which would really show his level.

“Duel starts!” As soon as Goodman finished, Garfield’s twelve-inch black walnut wand gleamed.

Sean made a quick judgment that Garfield might’ve used a nonverbal spell, rolled, and avoided the spell. The spell exploded on the stone slab, and the stones exploded. Sean caught this scene out of the corner of his eye and immediately moved faster.

For the first time, there was a scene that made Hogwarts students anxious.

Sean had absolutely no room to fight back. It was very difficult for him to find time to cast his spells. Garfield had mastered a considerable amount of nonverbal spells. It was not wise to forcefully fight back when he couldn’t judge what the enemy was capable of.

Moreover, the speed of his spells was fast and accurate. As the owner of the black walnut wand, he obviously possessed keen intuition and insight.

Under the stage, Hermione and Daisy held each other’s hands nervously. They looked worriedly at Sean, and their hearts beat faster. Sean also felt tremendous pressure. The opponent was strong. He had no room to fight back until now.

Sean was running out of breath. His physical strength had already begun to decline.

“Ah! Be careful!” A girl’s voice sounded.

On the stage, a curse finally hit Sean’s face. He immediately felt that the skin on his cheekbones began to tighten and that half of his head seemed to be a little heavier.

It’s a binding spell. Sean judged his purpose, but he still couldn’t fight back even though he knew it. Sean sighed and then looked at the opponent.

He stood still and raised his wand.

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Published On: October 14, 2023

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