Ramos’ face turned sour. He never expected that the dust that blinded both of them would be the key to victory. The enemy is in the dark while he is like a light shining to be targeted in the darkness.

Sean didn’t give him a chance to breathe at all. Under Ramos’ horrified eyes, the spell cast one after another. Finally, there was a light shot that he couldn’t avoid. Ramos gritted his teeth and used a Disarming Charm at a critical moment.

The two spells met, but he didn’t expect his spell to pass through the light without being hindered.

“What the fuck?”

On the other side of the dust, Sean dodged the Disarming Charm. After the first Acupuntinternus, all the spells he cast after that were fake. Ramos’ face became more and more ugly, and a sense of shame of being played tricked came to his heart.

“Insidious and shameless. However, the spell you released just revealed your position!”

Ramos was angry, and there was another spell spurting from the smoke. He knew that Sean cast the real spell now. Sure enough, as he expected, his own spell easily destroyed Sean’s spell, and it rushed toward Sean’s position.

However, Sean changed his position immediately after chanting the spell, and the light could only hit the ground.

Glancing at the traces on the slate, he blinked his eyes, “Heh, not bad.”

There was silence for a while, and Ramos was still pondering, “Is he waiting for me to be exhausted? But his previous spell consumed a lot of magic power, and it also took a lot of energy to avoid my spell. What was he planning?”

At this time, Sean’s voice sounded loud, “Acupunctinternus!”

Ramos didn’t dare to be careless. The same magic spell was directed at him. He didn’t know that two spells were directed toward him. He only cast one.

Ramos hastily issued another spell, but the light coming from the opposite side hit him. The burst of severe pain covered Ramos’ whole body from the inside, and the unbearable needle-pricking sensation hit him crazily.

“Arrrgh!” The shrill scream resounded throughout the room.

The Nurmengard students who had seen Sean’s curse before shivered in unison. Morris had personally experienced it in the corner, immediately recalled the severe pain and beads of sweat began to ooze from his forehead.

Sean didn’t expect that his spell was so much more powerful than Ramos’. He passed through the dust and saw Ramos curled up on the ground. Goodman came up and glanced at Ramos.


“Petrificus Totalus!”

Sean quickly cast two spells. Ramos’ wand flew out of his hand, and his painful expression and body stiffened on the ground. The students in the audience side saw this scene.

“That’s ruthless…”

Sean spread his hands to Goodman, “Professor, you taught this before.”

Professor Goodman’s expression didn’t change. Instead, he said, “You’ve practiced what you’ve learned. Sean Wallup gained five points.”

Sean raised his eyebrows. He liked the professor a little bit. After the medical team carried away Ramos, the room was quiet for a while, and whispers continued.

“Have you seen what happened?”

“No, but it looks like that Ramos has been cursed.”

“Shouldn’t the spell collided and gone?”

“He is strong. But it cost him a lot of magic power, right?”

Sean stood on the stage, his expression was steady, but his chest was heaving violently. He was a bit tired after that duel. Although Ramos’ situation was frightening, Sean’s condition aroused the eagerness of others, and a third grader stood up.

“Wallup. My name is Cyrus Elman, and I am a third-grader. How about twenty points for the duel?”

Sean frowned and nodded after hesitating for a moment. Seeing this, Ehrman’s confidence became more apparent.

Just now, he used a few types of spells. Although the magic power is huge, the consumption is not low. He is much stronger than Ramos. If their spell collision happened, he would definitely win.

“Duel starts!”

The two spells collided and sparks burst from the scene. Sure enough, he used all his strength for that spell just now. Elman’s eyes lit up. His spell was not suppressed.

He fought more and more bravely and did not give Sean any time to do his dust trick again. He made up his mind to collide with Sean’s spell. Sean was getting intense. It was completely different from the first battle. He collided head-on with the enemy without any chance.

Feeling the impact of the magic spells, Elman became increasingly excited and increased the output of magic power. Finally, one ray of light broke through and directly moved toward Sean.

Sean barely dodged with a roll. Elman frantically squeezed his magic power and kept casting spells on Sean. Sean seemed to only have the strength to dodge. He occasionally threw two spells, but they only hit the ground around the opponent.

The Nurmengard students whistled, and the Hogwarts students clenched their clothes’ corners. Only Goodman frowned strangely.

“Is this the strength of the third grade? It is much stronger than the second grade. He is not much weaker than me in terms of power alone.” Sean turned over, his face turned pale.

“He is very focused. Even though I kept pretending to be strong, he didn’t relax, and his body was tense. He is ready to avoid my sudden attack at any time.”

After secretly expressing his admiration for Elman, Sean avoided a spell and aimed his wand.


Elman’s nerves twitched, and jumped back quickly.

However, he stepped on the soft and slippery ground. Elman turned his head in disbelief. At some point, the ground behind him had turned into a swamp-like. Elman’s feet were bound in place. He bit his lip and stared at Sean.

Sean didn’t look physically exhausted at this time. He continued to cast spells with one hand and took the time to pat the dust on his body.


The light of the spell struck. Elman tried to fight back, but the collision between their spell caused a violent explosion. He was unable to move a single step. After the spells collided, his robe was torn, and bright red blood was left on his nostrils.


Sean didn’t show any expression, and the spell continued to be cast. Elman raised his hand to fight back, but a transparent barrier appeared in front of him.

Goodman prevents the duel.

He glanced at Elman, “You can’t stop this. Continuing on the duel would only put you in the infirmary for a week.”

Elman opened his mouth and seemed to want to say something but finally gave up the idea.

“Let’s go, Sean!”

The Hogwarts students cheered, and the atmosphere suddenly became enthusiastic. Among them, Ravenclaw students are the most excited. A Hogwarts second grader defeated the Nurmengard third grader.

The faces of Nurmengards turned serious. The student standing on the stage in front of them has far more magic power than their peers. The types of spells he has mastered are not something a second-year student should learn.

They looked at each other, and finally, a burly boy walked up.

Nurmengard’s students cheered up. This guy in front of them is a spell maniac. He once had the experience of defeating a fifth-grade student. The most commendable thing is his terrifying spell power.

“Ioris Stevenson, Nurmengard’s fourth grader. Wallup, you are strong, so I will use all my strength,” He said with a deep voice, and a violent expression suddenly appeared on his face, “Are you ready to spend the next half term in the infirmary?”

“Is the food in the infirmary good, senior?” Sean showed a smile, and all the students in the audience frowned.

“You can’t win a duel with words, Wallup. Remember to use your full strength.” Stevenson licked his lips.

Sean glanced at his mouth, but he still had that irritating look on his face.

“Duel starts!”

This time, there was no tit-for-tat confrontation like the previous duel. Neither of them moved. Stevenson seemed to be waiting for Sean to make a move first and then crush him with his spell.

“You’ve already had two duels, so I’ll let you move first. After that, I’ll take you down.” Stevenson twitched the corner of his mouth.

Sean narrowed his eyes slightly.

Sean raised his wand slowly, “You know? Just a heads up, you might want to stay away from this one.”

Something dark within him awoke. Something rapidly spins in Sean’s pupils, and the dark red core starts flickering.

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Published On: October 12, 2023

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