For the first time, Goodman took a serious look at the student in front of him.

As one of Grindelwald’s confidants, he naturally knew Sean’s name. After the student exchange last school year, Hogwarts’ reputation spread in Nurmengard.

However, as a Nurmengard professor, Goodman has always believed that a genius can only be crowned after the wizard has truly become famous.

There are too many wizards who showed their prowess when they were students with their talents, but in the end, only a few can be remembered. In Goodman’s mind, apart from Grindelwald, only Dumbledore can be called a genius.

He felt that he was not even worthy of the title of “genius”, even though Goodman was already one of the best wizards among the staff in Nurmengard.

The student in front of him is sharp, and it is not rational to act like this when he knows that Nurmengard’s students target him. At the same time, he has not received any news of whether there are students in Hogwarts who are carefully investigating the strength of Nurmengard students.

Goodman shook his head silently in his heart and gave Sean a temporary evaluation.

“Mr. Wallup, are you sure? At your request, the third and fourth-grade students will do their best. If you are sure, you can go on stage, show your strength, and do your best. The medical team and I will keep a close eye on you.”

Sean nodded, “Thank you, Professor.”

He also considered whether to investigate Nurmengard’s students’ strengths in advance. Harry brought the Invisibility Cloak, and he also had Dave.

However, Sean gave up on this idea after thinking about it. In the future, he won’t always be able to find out detailed information about his opponent beforehand. In this world, the unknown you encounter will always be greater than what you already know.

Goodman stood on the stage. Standing beside him was Sean, who was waiting, “Sean Wallup from Hogwarts Ravenclaw House applies for a free duel. Fourth-grade and below students can challenge him on the stage.”

He turned his head to look at Sean again, “Do you want to bet on points?”

Sean nodded, “Yes.”

Nurmengard’s personal points cannot be traded privately, but they can be used as a bet during a duel and can be regarded as an alternative currency in this castle.

The extra points are automatically emptied at the end of each semester. You can apply for Grindelwald’s personal tutoring if you have enough points. This is the wish of every Nurmengard student.

“Those who are willing to challenge him can sign up on the stage.” Goodman said.

The students who were pairing up with each other all looked over. As expected, all the students in the third and fourth grades all of a sudden turned ugly. How dare he challenge the Nurmengard students that easy?

In their view, this is an extremely serious provocation.

Of course, most of the second graders were not so angry. They still remembered the Blood-Drawing Curse before. On the Hogwarts side, the students were all excited.

“Nice, Sean!”

“All yours, buddy.”

There were whistles and cheers.

Sean stood on the side of the stone platform, smiled, and waved to the students, who cheered him up. However, no one came to the stage after waiting for a while.

The Nurmengard students, especially the fourth graders, were all looking at each other. They were not stupid. His “Serpensortia” spell was already widely known to every Nurmengard student, and they wouldn’t dare to act rashly.

Sean waited for a long time and didn’t see anyone coming up. He guessed what those people were thinking and said, “My Serpensortia was just an accident at the time, and now it’s back to normal. So all of you don’t need to be so tense about it.”

Although he had made a promise, Sean’s reputation in this castle was obviously not very good.

“Professor, if no one comes up. Can I tell others outside that I am stronger than any fourth graders here?” Sean provoked.

Goodman was expressionless and did not speak.

“Sean, don’t forget. Stronger than any “Nurmengard” fourth graders.” A voice sounded.

His classmate, Stephen Wellen, was also one of the top students in Ravenclaw. He had a very optimistic and outstanding personality. Still, this guy sometimes had a different way of thinking than ordinary people, and adding fuel to the flames was one of his hobbies.

“Thank you for your reminder, Stephen. I will mention this to the reporter of the Daily Prophet later.” Sean smiled and waved.

As the two chat, the Nurmengard students finally can’t bear it anymore. A lean boy jumped onto the stone platform. Sean was delighted when he saw it. It’s the same boy who lost the Galleon bet.

“Good evening. I forgot to ask you last time, what is your name?” He greeted friendly.

His expression was full of anger since he had lost most of his money.

“Alex Ramos, a second-grade student from Nurmengard.” He introduced bluntly.

“Nice to meet you, Ramos. Thank you for the ten Galleons last time.” Sean didn’t forget to

Ramos’ chest heaved a few times. However, he did not let anger occupy his head but was more cautious and serious. The door can only explain the difference between magic power and spell proficiency, not necessarily in actual combat.

He also gripped his wand tightly.

“Bow to each other,” the two bowed, and Goodman’s voice sounded, “Duel starts!”

“Expelliarmus!” Ramos reacted extremely quickly. As soon as Goodman’s voice sounded, the spell spewed out.

“Reducto!” Sean quickly avoided the spell by turning sideways and cast the spell to the ground.

When the two professors demonstrated just now, a lot of the ground was damaged. Under the effect of the Reducto, dust, and fine stones were swept up, and the vision on the stage was blurred.

However, the small stones were also blown, indicating that his spell proficiency is very high and the output of magic power is also astonishing. Ramos tensed up and lost Sean’s figure in his line of sight, leaving only the air full of dust.

He cast a small defensive spell and then stuck it to the railing at the platform’s edge to prevent his surprise attack.

Ramos’ spell did not work, and the dust was still sweeping.

In the dusty air, Sean cast a Quietening Charm on himself long ago and then continuously cast a blowing spell to maintain a small “sandstorm” on the platform.

His sensitivity to magic power allowed him to judge Ramos’ strength roughly when he cast the Disarming Charm. Whether it is the speed of casting the spell or the control of the output of the magic power, it is quite perfect. Compared to Hogwarts students, Ramos is stronger than many third graders.

But for Sean, it wasn’t enough.

The dust raised on the stage also blocked the audience’s sight, and they could only see two blurred shadows. Ramos’s side kept trying to cast various spells, while on Sean’s side, no one could see anything what he was doing.

Bach Hoffmann was wearing a sixth-grade uniform stood on a wooden platform, watching the scene in front of him steadily.

“The magic spell is good, but I have no way to deal with it after blurring the vision. The problem is that both of them couldn’t see anything and put themselves in a bad situation.” He said.

The girl who had been with him the whole time didn’t seem to care much. She curled her long blue hair and said casually, “Won’t you know when the result comes out?”

As they spoke, Sean finally prepared himself. He raised his wand and looked towards a certain direction in the dust, where a mark shone brightly. Sean marked it a long time ago, and Ramos didn’t even notice that there was a small worm crawling on his leg in the dust.

This is the worm spell that Gormlaith taught him, and Sean found that it is quite good to use this spell to mark his opponent.

“Acupunctinternus!” He deliberately lowered the magic output of the spell.

An extremely fast spell pierced through the dust, heading exactly in Ramos’ direction. Ramos did not let down his vigilance and evaded the spell with a roll.

“Damn it, he knew where I was?”

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Published On: October 12, 2023

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