In the class, the area belonging to Hogwarts was already making noise. The students all showed expressions of horror. Sean looked at Professor Gurley in front of him expressionlessly.

The Blood-Drawing Curse is a type of powerful magic. This curse was said to be improved by a kind of dark magic. The curse that can be taught in class no longer requires negative emotions to cast and can also be targeted to a person.

However, the effect of the curse is quite terrifying. According to the wizard’s ability to cast spells, this curse will cause a lot of natural bleeding in the cursed person. After mastering this curse, the cursed person will continue to bleed.

It is necessary to mention the characteristics of magic. This kind of magic is different from ordinary spells. It requires continuous input of magic power, and the spell can be cast silently.

Therefore, this curse can be used in a situation for a sneak attack.

The consequences of learning this kind of spell are really big. Hence, Professor Flitwick doesn’t even want to teach the students any type of dark magic or curses, at most, he would only teach them sleeping curses.

The Shraker in front of him was a magical animal with a high resistance to magic spells, which meant that it would be hard for anyone to cast a spell on it.

Professor Gurley seems as ruthless as Professor MacDuff.

The most important thing is that Sean already has learned Acupunctinternus. After leveling up, the effect of his spell far exceeds the effect described by Tom Riddle. He didn’t know whether it was due to the characteristics of magic or his own traits.

Sean always felt that this curse might become something terrible in his hands.

Professor Gurley demonstrated how to cast the spell. He muttered words, and the tip of his wand trembled along a weird trajectory. The students saw that in the iron cage, dark green blood gushed out from the small eyes and nostrils of its animal’s head.

The Shraker stretched out its sharp claws to block its face, but it couldn’t stop blood flow. Hermione, next to Sean, couldn’t bear to turn her head away.

“Have you seen the effect?” Professor Gurley finally stopped his movements, “As long as the curse continues, the blood of the cursed target will flow out uncontrollably. It is difficult to heal with it, even using a healing charm or potion.”

He glanced at the Shraker with satisfaction and raised the corner of his mouth, “Come, my children. Come and give it a try.”

Nurmengard’s students seemed to be accustomed to such scenes. They stepped forward one by one in order, waved their wands, and chanted spells expressionlessly. Professor Gurley stood by, carefully observing everyone’s movements, and would immediately correct any wrong movements.

The second-grade students still have a lot to improve on learning the curse for the first time. Even so, after a lot of tries, the Shrakers were dying due to massive blood loss.

Professor Gurley opened the iron cage, then took out a bottle of potion and gave each of the Shrakers a mouthful of potion. Soon, the Shrakers actually regained their vitality.

“Specially made blood-enriching potion. I’m thankful to Professor MacDull for providing me with this.” Professor Gurley smiled happily.

“Okay, Hogwarts students. Try to form up a line. Blood loss is not a big deal for an animal like that, and you don’t think my twenty points are not satiating enough?”

Sean stood up and he glanced at his system panel.

Blood-Drawing Curse (Dark Magic) Lv 0: Proficiency 1570/2000

Professor Gurley’s demonstrations brought him a proficiency of nearly 1000. While the Nurmengard students practiced, Sean was watching from the sidelines and could always get a few proficiency points from time to time.

The performance of the Hogwarts students was not so good. While they were afraid of the power of this curse, their own strength was not enough. Many student’s curses could not cause some damage to the animal.

Finally, it was Sean’s turn.

At this time, the students from the two schools all focused their attention on him. The Acupuntinternus Spell last year had already made Sean famous, and they all wanted to see what he would do this time.

On the side, there was a boy with fear in his eyes. Morris has not forgotten that scene at Hogwarts to this day.

Sean Wallup cast the Acupuntinternus Curse, which made him almost pass out from the pain. Although the professor said at the time that he was just allergic to the curse, Morris felt that it must have something to do with Sean himself.

Sean didn’t notice it. He almost forgot what Morris looked like.

“You looked like a skilled student. Come, show us something interesting.” Professor Gurley looked at him.

Sean didn’t speak. He just raised his wand and uttered a curse from his mouth.

Soon, the Shraker began to tremble, and dark green blood began to flow slowly from its nostrils, and it couldn’t be stopped no matter what.

“Oh, well done, my boy. The trajectory of the wand swing should be smaller. The movement should be faster a little bit.” Professor Gurley continued to guide him.

Sean’s effect has surpassed all the previous students. In the eyes of Professor Gurley, he is an outstanding student. This surprised him a little bit.

On the panel that only Sean can see, the proficiency of the spell is constantly improving.





Professor Gurley stared at Sean for a while. The Shraker had already bled a lot.

“Okay, that’s good…” He was about to ask Sean to stop when he keenly noticed that the shaking in the Shraker’s body had obviously increased.

Sean also had a feeling that the curse had been upgraded. The Shraker’s nosebleed suddenly stopped, but his body was shaking violently as if something was about to burst out.

When the curse was cast again, it was as if a blood balloon hanging from the ceiling was punctured with a knife. A large amount of green blood gushed out of the Shraker’s nostrils, eyes, and mouth like a bomb.

Dark green blood spattered out, and Professor Gurley didn’t even have time to react. Half of his body and face were spattered with blood. Sure enough, the effect would be completely different as soon as his spell was upgraded. Sean’s mouth twitched, and he stopped.

Half of Professor Gurley’s face was covered with blood, and the dark green viscous liquid even seeped into the scar on his face. He didn’t wipe his face, let the blood flow, and he didn’t even care about the drops of blood on his irises.

“Why don’t you continue, Mr. Wallup?” Professor Gurley said in a pleasant voice.

Sean whispered, “It’s dying.”

Only then did Gurley look down at the Shraker. It lost a lot of blood in an instant, leaving only an extremely weak breath. Other Shrakers that were splashed with blood were banging their head against the iron bars in a panic.

“Don’t you want my twenty points?” Professor Gurley opened his mouth slightly, letting the dark green blood flow into his mouth.

“I want to, but I don’t have to.” Sean shook his head.

He doesn’t want to kill any animal at all, especially using a magical animal for a spell experiment.

“What a gentle boy,” Professor Gurley smiled, “However, for your excellent performance. Sean Wallop, you get 20 points.”

“Thank you, Professor.” Sean returned to his seat.

Others looked at him with some fear. After all, the scene of the blood spurting just now was too impactful. Morris gulped, and he was even a little thankful that he didn’t have to practice the curse with each other.

“Is that the naughty Hogwarts student you mentioned?” A Nurmengard student whispered.

He was full of disbelief. He didn’t go to Hogwarts last school year and learned about Sean from the mouths of his classmates. They said that Sean Wallup was really strong.

Hearing the Nurmengard students’ whispers, the Hogwarts students were also whispering to each other.

Sean didn’t care about what others might say. He sat on the chair with a blank expression and thought about all this.

The effect of this spell is not much different from that of the Boiling Blood Curse. The only advantage is that it does not require negative emotions. However, he should be more cautious when using it in the future.

“Sean.” Hermione, on the side, hesitated to speak.

“I know, it looks scary, right?” Sean smiled helplessly.

“It’s true. But it’s because of your outstanding strength,” Hermione first said something for Sean and became serious again, “However, Sean, you must use this spell with caution. You are my best friend, and I don’t want to see you go to Azkaban to drain all the blood from a student.”

“Of course not. I’m not the kind of person who doesn’t know what my limits are.”

After this class was over, Sean’s actions were publicized immediately. The Hogwarts students were okay with it. They got along with Sean for a long time and understood what kind of person he was.

On the Nurmengard side, the students are facing a formidable enemy, and they act more warily toward Hogwarts. The exchange students who come here to study are more aggressive than their colleagues.

The senior students put Sean on the alert list, while the junior students avoided Sean intentionally or unintentionally. Of course, the student who just lost ten galleons was full of regret.

Under such an atmosphere, Nurmengard’s busy study life continued.

During this period, the sparks between the two schools burst out again. The Weasley twins met a small group of Nurmengard’s students while wandering around the castle, and the two made a mess.

“Hey, take it easy!” Fred bared his teeth and cried out in pain.

At this time, in the common room. The students had already surrounded the twins, and two girls were giving medicine to the two with bruised noses and swollen faces.

“Are you sure you don’t need to go to the infirmary?” Sean asked.

“Don’t worry, it’s just a scratch- Ow! Take it easy, Johnson!” George’s eyes were black and swollen.

He laughed, “Those gave us a big blow, but this is nothing.”

Fred snorted, “However, we are really at a disadvantage.”

“That’s right. I didn’t expect that the Peeves would’ve helped them.”

“We have to let them know what happens when they mess with the Weasley twins.”

The twins showed vicious expressions. It seems that they are already thinking about how to take their revenge.

“I have to tell the professors to punish those bastards,” Percy shouted loudly from the side.

Fred patted his brother’s arm, “Hey, no need to do that. Don’t embarrass your brothers, okay?”

“Embarrass?” Percy waved his arms angrily, “My family, my younger brother, was beaten up for no reason, and I will make them pay the price. Isn’t Nurmengard’s punishment very severe? I’ll let them make sure to go through it.”

“We’re going to get revenge in our own way. If you want to help us, then stop doing that, okay?”

In the common room, where the Weasley twins were arguing about how to get revenge, Sean thought to himself. If he remembers correctly, there will be a duel training session tomorrow night?

“Fred, George, do you remember who those people were?” He asked.

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Published On: October 11, 2023

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