After a day of classes, the Hogwarts students showed a certain degree of fatigue. Nurmengard’s academic pressure is much greater than that of Hogwarts. Not only are the professors more demanding in the classroom, but the lessons are also more intensive.

Sean and the others had about two to three lessons a day; if there were flight or astronomy lessons, there would be up to four lessons a day.

However, in Nurmengard, the hours of each class have been extended, and the number of classes has increased. Four classes a day have become the norm. Five or six classes a day if there are flying, astronomy, or practical training classes.

At the same time, the difficulty of assignments assigned by professors has increased. Not only longer papers but also practical assignments.

Don’t think that you’ll get away with not doing anything. The professor will carefully observe all your spell releases in the class. If you don’t make any progress in the next class, what is waiting for you is even more arduous after-school homework.

Moreover, the Weasley twins also went to inquire about it. Some students were repeated in the past school years because of their poor performance. The word repeating a grade is almost equivalent to ‘shame’ among the Nurmengard students who value strength and reputation.

In the common room, the Hogwarts students each found a place to complete their homework with their friends.

“Most of the seaweeds are picked at the bottom of the lake with clear visibility. When picking, you must wear dragon leather gloves to prevent the sting when the seaweed is entangled. At the same time, remember to bring food to obtain the consent of the creature that guards the seaweed. Knowing that the creature uses the seaweed to reproduce…” Sean muttered to Hermione next to him, “Right, Hermione?”

“That’s right,” Hermione quickly wrote the thesis on the parchment with a quill, “However, I suggest that you include the seaweed and the creatures in it. The characteristics of magical animals are often related to the characteristics of the medicinal materials. Other students said the more you write things in, the more the professor is going to score your work.”

“Oh, then I’ll just add more words…” Sean nodded.

In the Potions class in the afternoon, the creepy-looking Professor MacDuff assigned an assignment about potions and medicinal materials, requiring a minimum of fifteen-inch long essays. Sean had already written ten inches, but Hermione beside him had already written seventeen inches long, and her handwriting was thin and dense.

Professor MacDuff doesn’t have a gloomy expression like Snape all day long, but he will always smile slyly occasionally when he gets close to their cauldron. The necklace hanging around his neck will shake whenever this happens, and the rabbit foot and human teeth will always hover in front of your eyes.

Moreover, Professor MacDuff even took the potion brewed by a certain student on the spot and said things like, “If I am poisoned to death, you should be the one who buries me later”. The students who attended the class together were terrified.

Compared to Snape, Sean thought Snape was more docile-looking than MacDuff.

“Sean.” A voice sounded in his ear. It was Harry.

“Hey man, how’s your day?” Sean greeted.

“Oh, it’s alright. At least my points are not deducted in the Potion class.” Harry shrugged and then whispered, “Did you do your Transfiguration homework? I’ll give you my Potions homework in exchange!”

Sean showed the parchment in his hand, “Sorry, I wrote the Potions class homework first. Well, I guess I can finish the Transfiguration class homework tomorrow night. If you still need it, you can come to me.”

Harry suddenly became excited, “I knew it. Sean, you are my savior.”

Hermione said quickly, “This is only the first day of class, Harry. If the professor at Nurmengard finds out that you copied your homework, the consequences may be even more serious. Didn’t you read the school rules seriously? The punishment here is more than ten times stricter than Hogwarts.”

“I’m just learning from it. Don’t the professors also advocate that we help each other in private? Sean is a genius at Transfiguration.” Harry spread his hands.

“Don’t worry, Hermione. Harry is not that bad and didn’t copy my homework wholly. Although the homework Professor Rosier gave us now is more difficult than before.” Sean explained.

He was telling the truth. This wasn’t the first time Harry asked him to do his homework. He didn’t simply copy it. He needed Sean’s ideas more often.

“Anyone who copied my history of magic homework for a year and a half is not qualified to say that.” Hermione finally wrote the last sentence and returned the quill to the ink bottle.

“Ahem, the weather is good today.” Sean sneered.

He exchanged glances with Harry and then stood up.

“Shall we do it, Harry?”

“Oh, yes!”

Looking at the two boys who changed the subject and walked away, Hermione shook her head helplessly.

“Is it my illusion? Why are your brother and Sean getting more and more weird?” She said to Daisy beside her.

Daisy blinked her eyes and said in a waxy voice, “Maybe they’re just lazy?”

Hermione choked for a moment, then raised her chin again, “I guess that makes sense.

“This has something to do with you too, Hermione,” Daisy pointedly said, “You teach Sean something every time, but you still lend him your homework after that.”

Hermione’s face turned slightly red, and she argued, “That’s because… because the history of magic homework is not difficult. You just need to have an extensive source of information. In Sean’s words, it’s all mechanical labor.”

“Not only History of Magic, but you have also lent homework for other subjects, Hermione. You don’t know how to refuse Sean at all.” Daisy looked at her.

Hermione’s face was burning hot at what she said, and she angrily snatched a notebook in front of Daisy.

“You also took all my first-grade notes and still dare to say that to me? I’ll take this, thank you.”

“No, no, no! I’m sorry!”


Sean was still puzzled the next day when he walked to the hall. Beside him, Daisy obediently embraced Hermione’s arm and occasionally took some snacks from her arms, unwrapped them, and handed them over.

Daisy is usually a well-behaved and considerate character. But today, the two of them looked different. The matter between the girls was settled by themselves, and Sean didn’t ask more questions.

Just when he came to the door, a skinny boy who was a little shorter than him stood in front of him.

Looking at the Nurmengard second-grade uniform, Sean frowned.

“What’s the matter?” He quickly adjusted back with a smile on his face.

“Sean Wallup, do you want to try?” The boy hooked his fingers provocatively. Behind him is the vertical line in the middle of the door.

Sean rubbed his nose and thought helplessly. He glanced at him and said casually, “Why?”

The boy didn’t expect Sean to ask back. He paused and said immediately, “I want to see who is stronger?”

“I don’t know you. Besides, Hogwarts students don’t have to take the test. We just need to go inside.”

“If you’re afraid, just say it.” The boy snorted disdainfully.

“What’s wrong with you?” With disdain, Sean looked at the other party, “I don’t even gain anything from this test.”

“It’s a proof of strength, do you understand?”

Sean cleared his throat, “I don’t need this to prove myself. Unless I have to make the point clear to you.”

“So what it’s going to be?”

He had heard long ago that Sean Wallup from Hogwarts was a student of character.

“We are all students,” Sean dragged out the end of his voice. He looked at him and said casually, “Why don’t we just bet twenty Galleons?”

“Twenty Galleons?” He hesitated.

“Run out of pocket money? Forget it. Please get out of the way. I have to eat breakfast.” Sean waved his hand.

At the corner, Draco just came over and saw this scene and felt that the scene in front of him seemed familiar.

He grabbed his pocket with some annoyance and then carefully watched Sean’s every move. Probably because there were a lot of onlookers, and the boy’s usual strength was not bad, so he finally gritted his teeth and agreed.

“Ten Galleons,” he said indifferently, “I bought too many things for Christmas, and I don’t have much left.”

“Alright.” Sean readily agreed.

The two stood in front of the door. But before the boy held his breath and prepared, the line in the middle slanted directly to his side without any stagnation.

The boy froze in place.

“Thank you for the ten Galleons.” Sean stretched out a hand.

The boy’s heart was bleeding, but he didn’t have the face to refuse in the situation of so many people. Finally, he took out his wallet, counted ten Galleons, and handed it to Sean. Sean took it and handed it directly to the Weasley twins, who were watching the scene.

“Bring me a batch next time when you buy, ah, what’s that called again? Ah, ‘fireworks’.”

He wanted a batch of magic props for pranks later.

“No problem!” Fred quickly took the Galleon, “There is still some time before the next purchase. Sean, can we use this money to start a small business? Don’t worry. We will use our savings to repay your ten Galleons later.”

Sean nodded generously, “Can I buy a share of your business?”

“No problem! When we open it later, I’m sure you can get all our shares.” George smiled.

The twins had already thought about this, but the funding was short. Unexpectedly, Sean made a bet with someone, and they received some money.

Looking at this scene, the boy from Nurmengard felt like his heart was about to burst. He clutched his wallet and went stiffly to the table on the right.

Sean didn’t care at all. He was already prepared to be troubled by others. But setting a bet like this might calm the next students who dared to challenge him.

Moreover, after Grindelwald said those words to him, Sean moved a little bit. It sounds tempting to build an organization centered on oneself. Of course, the unchanging truth throughout the ages is that if you want others to work for you, you must first show your own strength.

This morning, Sean showed a level of magic that crushed his peers and excellent financial resources.

After breakfast, Sean and the others came to the northernmost classroom on the second floor. Today is the Magic Attack and Defense Arts Class, probably due to the influence left by Tom Riddle last school year. There is a slight conflict between the courses.

However, Grindelwald never considered letting Lockhart teach the class in Nurmengard at all. Professor McGonagall would teach separately from Rozier, and Lockhart would hang out in Nurmengard Castle daily.

Nurmengard’s new professor of Magical Attack and Defense Arts was a young wizard named Nash Gurley. After seeing the expression on his face, he looked like the iron-blooded instructor who often appeared in movies.

Professor Gurley is from the UK. Sean heard that he used to be someone who attacked the Ministry of Magic. Later, he joined the Department of Magical Law Enforcement and somehow became Nurmengard’s new professor.

In his class, Hogwarts students experienced for the first time what the real Dark Arts are.

“Look, this little guy.” A large iron cage was placed next to Professor Gurley’s podium, and inside were several magical creatures like wood.

Shrake has finned claws and sharp teeth and slides through swamps, feeding on small animals and occasionally attacking the ankles of humans who trespass into its habitat.

Sean frowned. This creature is XXX rated and quite difficult for second-grade students to handle.

Gurley roughly knocked on the iron cage, and only after the Shrake started to bark their teeth and claws.

“Today, we’re going to learn about the Blood-Drawing Curse. If someone can make this little guy bleed to death before the class ends, you will get 20 points.”

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