The green light emitted from the wand’s tip as Grindelwald cast the Avada Kedavra on himself.

With a bewildered look, Sean watched as the elderly figure fell to the floor.

A loud thud echoed through the office as Grindelwald’s body collided with the ground.

Sean’s eyes widened, his mouth agape.

“No, it’s just for teaching. There’s no need for such a dramatic demonstration, right?” Sean muttered, his voice tinged with disbelief.

He couldn’t bring himself to believe that Grindelwald had actually committed suicide. It seemed more like a lesson on deception and discerning others’ motives.

Sean waited for Grindelwald to get up, but the elderly wizard remained motionless on the floor.

He scratched his head, growing increasingly unsure of what was happening.

“Sir, do I need to help you up?” Sean asked tentatively, reaching out his hand to assist Grindelwald.

However, Grindelwald’s hands were cold, his eyes vacant, and his pupils unfocused.

Sean tugged on him a couple of times, but Grindelwald didn’t respond.

“Sir, it hasn’t been that long since you ‘died.’ You can’t be serious…” Sean mumbled in frustration.

But Grindelwald seemed committed to the act, lying still for more than ten minutes while Sean waited in bewilderment.

“Sir, teenagers have valuable time, and I can’t afford to waste it waiting for you to continue this charade,” Sean exclaimed impatiently.

However, Grindelwald remained unresponsive. Sean was growing increasingly frustrated by the bizarre situation.

Sean, who had been watching in astonishment, finally spoke up, “What on earth…”

He knelt down and began examining Grindelwald’s lifeless body.

Just then, the office door swung open, and Vinda Rosier entered.

She had a matter to discuss with Grindelwald, but Rosier was shocked upon seeing the scene.

“You…you! What have you done!” Vinda’s face turned crimson, and her body trembled with rage.

“No, Professor Rosier, Mr. Grindelwald was just teaching me a lesson. He’s not actually dead,” Sean hurriedly explained, trying to defuse the situation.

But Rosier seemed to have lost her composure entirely. She drew her wand, and a spell shot out instantly.

Sean barely managed to evade the spell by leaping aside.

The spell struck the window, shattering the glass and letting in the chilly night air.

“Calm down, Professor!” Sean implored as Rosier continued to launch spells in her fury.

The situation escalated quickly, and Sean realized something wasn’t right.

Why had Rosier entered Grindelwald’s office without knocking? And why wasn’t she trying to save Grindelwald?

As he dodged another spell, a thought crossed Sean’s mind: Could Grindelwald have somehow orchestrated this?

Sean evaded the next spell and muttered to himself, realizing that Grindelwald’s plan might have been more elaborate than it appeared.

Rosier’s rage showed no signs of abating, and Sean grew increasingly anxious.

Sean poked his head out and shouted, “Sir, isn’t it inappropriate to transfigurate into Professor Rosier?”

After Sean said that, Professor Rosier’s body slowly turned and twisted until revealing Grindelwald with a wide grin.

Sure enough… Sean stood up from behind the desk, and the corner of his mouth twitched.

Grindelwald walked over with his hands behind his back, smiling.

“It’s okay, whether it’s the ability to avoid spells or basic logical deduction, Sean. I’m glad to see that you are willing to use your smart brain more.”

It was the first time that Sean rolled his eyes in such a disrespectful manner. He sat on the chair and raised his voice, “Mr. Grindelwald, can your teaching method be more orthodox?”

Grindelwald sat down next to him with a smile and proudly stroked his beard, “I have always felt that an important way to improve teaching effectiveness is to leave a deep impression.”

“Thank you.” Was the only word that could come out of his mouth as he stared at Grindelwald in disbelief.

“This is what I just told you. Deception and motivation, how to deceive people, and how to distinguish lies can all be started from the emotional aspect,” Grindelwald was not a bit embarrassed, “Because of our previous relationship, Add your intelligence, so you won’t be tricked by me, but what about someone else? We can use the situation to achieve one of our goals.”

He waved his hand, the devastated office returned to its original state, and his corpse disappeared on the ground.

“Sir, your goal has been achieved. I am really impressed…” Sea said with a sigh, “But there is no need to die for so long, right?”

Grindelwald frowned, displeased, “Do you know why it took me so long to show up?”

“Because you’re old?”

“No, because you didn’t yell. You must understand that over a hundred years old is the age to love to play. You should satisfy my desire to perform.” Grindelwald said solemnly, “By the way, I will teach you another point: Learn to be more eloquent.”

“Okay, I see…”

Grindelwald still talked endlessly, “To achieve the effect just now, you need to understand the importance of another thing. That is – power.”

“I can trick your senses with spells; that’s my strength, and as headmaster of Nurmengard, I have the freedom to apparate inside the school—so I can teleport outside and change shape; that’s power .”

He smiled and opened his hands: “Child, playing with people’s hearts requires wisdom and strength—similarly, this can help you leave safely when deception fails.”

Sean nodded thoughtfully.

He actually understood what Grindelwald said, but it was the first time he heard such a detailed and vivid explanation from the other party.

I have to say, I have benefited a lot—of course, I have been frightened a lot.

“By the way, I will teach you a little spell,” Grindelwald raised his wand, “Avada Kedavra!”

The green light hit the unsuspecting Sean, and then Sean saw a layer of green light emerge from his hands, and at the same time, a warm current began to flow in his body.

“Is it interesting?” Grindelwald raised his legs with a smile, “The same spell, just change the gestures and pronunciation emphasis, and simultaneously bring joy in your heart. This spell will become a mild healing spell.” A spell of effect—very good for colds.”

It’s true… Sean stretched out his hands and found that the green light on his body had disappeared, but the warmth was still flowing.

“Sir, did you improve this yourself?” Sean asked curiously.

“No,” Grindelwald shook his head. “To be precise, the Killing Curse is an improved spell, and the Healing Charm is the root. Its original intention is indeed to destroy, but the object of destruction is not the soul, but the soul’s Disease.”

Is there such a history of the Killing Curse? Sean waved the spell in surprise and released the spell according to Grindelwald’s demonstration just now.

The green light hit the ground in front of it. There was no explosion. Only the green light flickered for a while.

“Well, it’s pretty quick to learn,” Grindelwald looked at with a smile, “but don’t use it too often—otherwise, it won’t work well when you’re scaredscared.”

“I see.” Sean nodded.

He, like Grindelwald, thinks the wand is good for scaring people—it can even be mixed with a truly soul-destroying Killing Curse after multiple uses.

Grindelwald stood up: “I think today’s class can end here. You. You need a little time to digest – Sean, think about everything I just said. Remember, wizards play Magic, and the only one who doesn’t Magic that requires strength is to play with people’s hearts. Many times, the power we can use is not limited to ourselves.”

“And,” he winked at Sean, “as a coward like me, you don’t like to risk yourself, do you?”

Sean nodded, but he didn’t understand the meaning of the last sentence of the other party. Grindelwald is a coward, which doesn’t look like it…

Maybe there are other secrets in it… Sean thought so.

He stood up: “I have learned a lot today, thank you for your teaching, sir, so I’m going back now?”

“That’s right,” he handed over a pile of parchment. “Here is your class schedule. Your dormitory is at the east end of the first floor. Remember to distribute it to your classmates when you go back.”

“Yes, sir!” Sean looked at the pile of parchment and was surprised to find that the top one had more than a dozen spells written on it that he had never seen before.

Grindelwald stretched out a finger and compared it to his lips, “Don’t be surprised. These are just some practical spells, such as the disillusionment spell I used before and the color-changing spell to change the spell’s color. Power, but I think a wizard should have all kinds of knowledge—it’s a pity that most of these spells are cumbersome and difficult to learn, and students nowadays prefer explosive spells and so on.”

He kept smiling, “Go back, these spells are very difficult, but this is a small test, if you can master it in this half term, I will teach you other things.”

Then, Grindelwald’s body transformed, morphing into Dumbledore’s appearance seamlessly.

Not only did his appearance change, but his tone, gestures, and mannerisms also mirrored Dumbledore perfectly.

He calmly addressed Sean, “For example, my Transfiguration, my dear child.”

Sean’s heart raced as he watched the transformation. Grindelwald’s mastery of Transfiguration was astonishing.

Dumbledore’s form continued to speak, “Go back to sleep, and remember what you’ve learned today.”

Sean nodded, feeling overwhelmed by the knowledge he had gained, and then he left the office.

Grindelwald looked at his hands and said to himself slowly, “What a good student…Albus, I finally understand why You are determined to leave the future to him to decide…It really looks like it, it really looks like it…”

He smiled self-deprecatingly, “However, Albus, your thoughts are still too gentle… Regardless of whether the ‘guilty’ is released or not, the wizarding world needs a new look…”

Nurmengard lacked Hogwarts’ iconic moving staircases. Sean quickly made his way back to the Hogwarts students’ residence.

Upon his return, he found a group of selected student representatives explaining Nurmengard’s school rules to everyone in the common room.

“… Being late for classes is strictly prohibited, and those who violate this rule will lose three house points.

Night-time excursions are not allowed, and infringing upon this rule will cost you ten house points.

Always keep your wand at your side; being caught without it will result in a deduction of ten house points.”

A fourth-year Ravenclaw student named Raoul François, known for being one of the few students who didn’t incur Professor Snape’s wrath in Potions class, was outlining the school rules.

Sean overheard a curious confession while Raoul was in the bathroom cubicle.

“Might Merlin bless me and grant me a Hufflepuff girlfriend before the upcoming exams,” Raoul muttered to himself.

Sean couldn’t help but chuckle silently at the idea of seeking love within the confines of the academy.

Raoul shrugged with a grin, “There are a dozen rules in total, not too many. But if you lose ten house points, you’ll end up in Nurmengard’s confinement room. Trust me, you wouldn’t want that. It’s far worse than cleaning the trophies.”

The students exchanged uncertain glances, realizing that Nurmengard had strict regulations in place.

Percy, busy noting down the school rules, noticed Sean’s return.

“Why are you back so late, Sean?” Percy inquired.

Sean replied, “Mr. Grindelwald was quite enthusiastic…”

Percy nodded in agreement, “Indeed. By the way, is that the class schedule? Please give me the Gryffindor copy.”

“I didn’t divide them on purpose; I thought everyone could exchange schedules with each other,” Sean explained.

This idea was inspired by Sean, an effort to bridge the gaps between the four Hogwarts houses.

Despite their different houses, these students belonged to the same school, especially considering their current situation at another school.

Sean believed it was essential to foster unity among them.

This time, there were no students like Crabbe and Goyle from Slytherin who were difficult to work with.

Instead, Sean saw potential in the Slytherins, considering they were more cooperative this time.

With a warm smile, Sean approached a blond Slytherin girl.

“Miss Vieri, could you help distribute these schedules?” Sean asked politely.

Vieri hesitated briefly but eventually took the stack of schedules from Sean.

Sean intentionally gave her all the fourth-year schedules, ensuring she would interact with students from the other three houses.

Following his lead, Sean made his way to the Slytherin students, known for their sharp wit and sarcasm.

By doing so, he encouraged Slytherins who were initially reluctant to participate, ultimately promoting a more harmonious atmosphere in the lounge.

As Sean observed the transformation from initial discomfort to active engagement, he couldn’t help but smile.

It was just the beginning of his efforts to unite the students from different houses.

This, he thought, was a promising first step.

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Published On: October 9, 2023

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