“That everyone in here is a coward?” The spacious hall suddenly fell into silence. Only the loud voice of Sean echoed.

On the side of the dueling stage, the faces of several professors stiffened, and Professor Flitwick almost staggered. Almost all the students were stunned for a moment and didn’t react. They looked at Sean with some confusion.

However, before they could think of anything on him on the dueling stage, Sean added fuel to the fire.

“I guess it’s hopeless.” He pretended to sigh, but what he said next made all the Hogwarts students furious.

“You’re calling us cowards?”

The hall suddenly exploded, and there was an endless stream of angry shouts.

“Wallup, do you know what you’re talking about?!”

“You’re a second-year student. Who do you think you are?”

“Sean, I’m so disappointed in you!”

The voice kept ringing, and the students in the audience looked angrily at Sean. For the first time, they felt that he was so hateful. Just a minute ago, most people thought Sean was a friend worth keeping.

“Arrogant, unreasonable, and uneducated!” Someone angrily said.

Sean maintained a good posture and an impeccable, elegant smile. He looked at the person and explained softly, “You’re a senior, right? I must say, human arrogance is something that every human has, even if it’s a little.”

He explained, but some students couldn’t bear it anymore. Several senior students reddened and even pulled out their wands.

“Wallup, you do need to be taught a lesson a little bit!”

In the audience, except for Sean’s friends, everyone became mad.

Ron glanced at the angry classmates beside him and whispered to Harry and Neville beside him, “Is Sean crazy? Or is there something wrong with him?”

Harry glanced at him, “Where did Sean say something wrong? Our Hogwarts is a famous school that has been passed down for thousands of years, but now we are afraid to go to Nurmengard for a student exchange?”

Neville nodded and then said hesitantly, “That’s true, but Sean went too far, and did he mean us too?”

“Don’t be ridiculous. When I finished the duel just now, Sean gave me a gesture.”

Except for the few people who had dueled on the stage just now, the rest of the students felt offended. However, I was looking at him on the stage.

On the other side of the dueling stage, Hermione was completely ignored. The hatred was all concentrated on Sean, and her face turned pale. She never thought that Sean would be doing this.

Just when she was about to explain a few words to Sean, his next words made her stop in place.

“Come on, have a duel with me. I guess the victor will go to Nurmengard?” Sean smiled, took out his wand, and pointed it at a senior student who walked onto the dueling stage.

The senior student was taken aback momentarily and then became even more annoyed. He pointed his wand at Sean, “Wallup, you must be punished for your unreasonable words. Now, apologize to everyone.”

Sean raised his eyebrows, “What if I don’t?”

“Then you’re ready for a-“

“Serpensortia!” Before the student could finish speaking, Sean recited a spell directly.

Of course, it’s Sean’s famous Serpensortia spell. The huge body of Naja suddenly unfolded and then coiled up. The feathers on the top of the head swayed erectly, making a terrifying attacking posture.

Everyone took a step back.

The boy who had just come on stage trembled. He wanted to cast a Full Body Bind Curse, but in front of Occamy, the courage to reprimand Sean just now dissipated.

A magical animal with a rating of XXXX by the Ministry of Magic is not something a young wizard who has not yet graduated can confront head-on.

Professor Sprout wanted to step forward to stop Sean, but Professor McGonagall stopped her.

“Hogwarts may be in need of a strong scolding.” She thought silently in her heart and chose to remain silent this time.

Naja’s body was moving, and they lifted Sean up to look down at everyone.

“You’re familiar with this, right?” Sean stroked the scales of Naja with a casual and relaxed movement, “It’s just that when I summoned this creature last time, the person who was dueling with me was a student from Nurmengard.”

He looked down. Although the boy was afraid, he didn’t take a step back.

“Can you tell me your name?”

“Zacharias Shafiq.” The boy held his head high, trying to sound calm.

“Mr. Shafiq, can I ask you a question?” Without waiting for him to answer, Sean continued, “Do you think you are a coward?”

The veins on Shafiq’s forehead twitched. He is usually a short-tempered person, not to mention that what Sean said was completely insulting to him.

“Don’t think that you can do whatever you want with that strange summoning spell, and don’t look down on others. The glory of my family will not tolerate any insult!”

The surname Shafik seems to be one of the pure-blood families. It wasn’t surprising that he would react this way.

He shook his head and asked more seriously, “Mr. Shafiq, you are too excited. I’m the one who’s asking the question here.”

“Put down your arrogance, Wallup. I didn’t expect you to be such a person. You make me feel sick.”

Sean shrugged and caressed Naja casually, “Since you have said that, can I understand that you don’t think you are a coward?”

“You are talking nonsense!” As soon as Shafiq’s words fell, Naja’s swelled even more, and its huge beak suddenly stretched forward.

Shafiq hastily released Full Body Bind Spell, but Sean didn’t even wave his wand. This weak spell couldn’t even go through Naja’s scales.

“Well, Mr. Shafiq. It looks like you’re not a coward.” Sean laughed, but in the eyes of others, his smile was like a devil grinning.

Sean didn’t care. He stood up straight on the huge body of Naja.

“Last semester, I was here to duel with the students of Nurmengard. Did anybody here know who won?”

He waved his hand indifferently, “Forget it.”

He stopped smiling and looked at Shafiq, “Last semester, those Nurmengards didn’t dare to attack me, but just now, you cast a spell.”

Sean raised his chin, and Naja opened her wings.

“How dare you?”

As soon as this sentence came out, the other students cursed and accused Sean of being arrogant and unreasonable. Even Harry and the others looked at each other.

“Sean, isn’t that too much?”

Shafiq’s face was pale.

“Wallup, you are going too far!” His hands trembled slightly with anger. Only the wand was firmly pointed at Sean.

Sean stared at him and showed his smile again, “Then, let me ask the last question. Since you dare to duel with me, why didn’t you come to the duel stage just now?”

“Why? Those Nurmengards didn’t dare to attack me, but you dare to cast a spell on me?”

“Why?” His voice was deafening, and the students in the hall were all quiet, “Why don’t you do the same thing in front of the Nurmengards?”

Sean looked at everyone, “Don’t you feel ashamed? Make sure all of you listen and spread these words quickly throughout the wizarding world, okay?”

His voice became louder, “Hogwarts is a famous school, one of the most famous magic schools in the world. The best place for wizards in the UK. Hogwarts students used to be the pioneers of everything, and now they’re afraid of other schools just because things may not go in our favor?”

“Our reputation is at stake right now, and you want to tell people that Hogwarts is afraid of Nurmengard? That students fear that a small academic exchange?”

“I will give each of you a medal when you graduate, and it will say ‘I am not as good as Nurmengard student’, and then tell the world that the person wearing this medal comes from the great Hogwarts.”

His voice calmed down, “Save your medals, and when your children enter a school, don’t forget to give them that. Tell them that as long as they are in Hogwarts, they will always be inferior to the students in Nurmengard.”

Many of the student’s faces turned to shame.

“Admit it. You guys are cowards. If you want to get rid of it, it’s up to you. I thought of a way to go to Nurmengard so that you can at least get something from it.”

All the commotion disappeared in the hall, and the students clenched their fists tightly. Sean’s words pierced everyone’s ears. They tried to refute it, but in the end, they knew what Sean was saying was a fact.

Yes, they were scared.

Since the establishment of Nurmengard, their students have shown suppression toward Hogwarts in various aspects. In the academic exchange last year, the two sides were in conflict, and they were barely able to keep up with Nurmengard’s students’ performances.

What’s even sadder is that their eyes needed to be opened by Sean through this public humility to realize it. A strong sense of shame filled everyone’s mind.

“That’s only temporary. We are not afraid of Nurmengard. We can become stronger and then defeat them.” Daisy shouted loudly.

One stone stirred up thousands of waves. Sean’s words were like turning those passionate blood into gunpowder, and Daisy ignited the fuse.

“Yeah, we’re Hogwarts students. Who cares about them?”

“Hogwarts produces the best wizards in the world, and we are always the only ones who look down on others.”

“I don’t want to be the one who is always inferior to others.”

The hall suddenly exploded, and everyone shouted loudly. All of a sudden, many students took the initiative to apply to the professors, shouting something like “I’m going to blow their heads off”.

Sean laughed in satisfaction. They are a little confused, but they have the spirit. He looked down the stage, and Daisy seemed to be waiting for him. When Sean saw her, she showed a smile.

However, he now needs to face another problem. After the students calmed down a bit, they all looked at Sean.

Sean coughed, then took Naja back.

“Can anyone tell me the school motto?” Sean stood with one hand on his chest and the other on his back.

The students who came around paused, and Hermione shouted loudly, “Never Tickle a Sleeping Dragon.”

Everyone was stunned. They looked at Sean. He looked at them as if he were looking at his awakened comrades.

“Yes,” Sean took a deep breath and shouted loudly at everyone, “Now, tell me, Hogwarts students, has the dragon sleeping in your body awakened?”

A rush of blood rushed to everyone’s foreheads, and they shouted.


“The Sleeping Dragon has awakened, and the world is about to tremble. Tell me, tell yourselves, this castle, Nurmengard, and the whole world. What are you?”

“We are Hogwarts students!”

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Published On: October 8, 2023

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