“How are you feeling? Should I call the professor for you?” Hermione looked at him nervously.

Sean let out a laugh, “Please, Hermione. I’ve practiced it several times. Besides, this is just the beginning. The mandrake needs to be held in my mouth for a month.”

Hermione wanted to say something more, but she just started to practice with a jade piece and tended to drool when she talked too much. Hermione quickly turned her head and spit out the jade piece in her mouth. After wiping her lips quickly, she gave Sean a look.

Sean blinked innocently while Daisy looked at this scene with a smile instead. She has a very good relationship with Hermione now and knows her emotions very well.

In Hermione’s words, she is a strong, smart, and assertive person. But she often loses her temper. If you meet her for the first time, Hermione is actually not a girl that people will immediately fall in love with.

But after a long time of contact, you can understand that Hermione is different. You will find that she is actually very kind and often thinks about others. However, Hermione’s somewhat arrogant personality caused her not to be straightforward.

Just like Sean often “borrowed” Hermione’s homework, she would scold Sean every time, but the homework would always appear in front of Sean, and even marked a few things to be noted.

Daisy licked her lips and sipped the jade piece as if she was tasting hard candy. She liked the state of getting along with several people very much, although she felt that Hermione’s emotion was a hit or miss.

She didn’t show her small thoughts, she looked happily at Hermione and Sean who were bickering. She even imagined that the three of them would all learn Animagus in the future, and then they would turn into animals and go out to play together.

Hermione reluctantly put the jade piece back into her mouth. She spat it out just now to quarrel, but after the quarrel was over, she continued to practice.

She looked suspiciously at Daisy, who was always smiling and didn’t know what she was thinking right now.

Sean found a comfortable position. After a few times of practice, he can quickly adapt to the taste of mandrakes. However, he felt that the horrible taste in his mouth had to be brushed three times a day.

Daisy noticed Hermione’s suspicious gaze and quickly brought up another topic.

“Sean, in a month’s time, if dark clouds gather, won’t you have to do it all over again?”

Sean nodded.

“But, the weather in England…” Daisy raised her head worriedly.

Sean sighed helplessly, this was the most serious question he needed to face.

The dark and quiet place where the crystal bottle is stored is easy to find. Professor McGonagall has promised Sean that she can provide him with a room that no one uses all year round, but it is difficult for the full moon part.

The weather in England is faster than Grindelwald’s mind, especially now that it is winter. The full moon was only a few days, and he had to wait another month to do it again.

For this reason, Sean specifically asked Professor McGonagall if there was a weather spell that could disperse the dark clouds.

The good news is that there is such a spell, and Professor Flitwick can do it. The bad news is that the spell cannot be used to dispel dark clouds during the steps of becoming an Animagus. It must be a natural full moon on that day.

Professor McGonagall told Sean that the sky would be filled with magic power when the weather spell was cast. When the moonlight shines, it may be ‘polluted’ by the magic, causing a disturbance in his Animagus process.

He was a little disappointed. Sean even considered whether to try to destroy the clouds artificially. He has his father. As long as Sean is using it in the right way, the cost is not a problem at all.

However, Hogwarts was shrouded in magic. Even if his father could find a way to clear the clouds artificially, it might not work. Sean finally understands why it took several years for wizards to become Animagus.

However, Sean has an idea.

Christmas is coming, and the student exchange between Hogwarts and Nurmengard will start after Christmas. Just a few days later, the four Hogwarts houses will conduct internal selections, and the selected candidates will go to Nurmengard.

This is another way for Sean to make a plan. The weather in England is difficult to control, but it would be better in Austria.

Moreover, Austria is now in a dry winter, and Nurmengard is located in a high-altitude area. The chances of seeing the full moon are much higher if it is there. As for the storage location of the crystal bottle, it shouldn’t be difficult to ask Mr. Grindelwald for a dark and quiet room.

Of course, Sean had consulted Professor Dumbledore before that. He has been very busy recently. Sean waited several nights to wait for him. Dumbledore met him quickly, then quickly agreed with Sean’s idea and assured him that Grindelwald would help him.

After getting the guarantee, Sean felt relieved.

Sean got the secret of how to control Hogwarts, but the process can be said to be both unfortunate and fortunate. Sean didn’t even have the idea of ​​going to the Chamber of Secrets now.

He never forgot what Gormlaith said that Salazar Slytherin was waking up, and Sean worried that if he rushed into the Chamber rashly, he would encounter a peculiar situation again.

During this period of time, it is better to concentrate on improving his own strength.

After the last lottery draw, Sean’s Charm learning talent has also increased to 8 points, which made it much smoother for him to learn spells. He even grabbed a few bonus points from Professor Flitwick.

In this way, the new trio of Ravenclaws spent the rest of their time in the Room of Requirements and the library. Daisy was a little dizzy from studying during this time.

However, under the guidance of the two with the best grades in the second grade, Daisy’s popularity has risen sharply, she is now more famous than her brother.

The Princess of Potions, the Princess of the Ruthless Bat Snape, etc. All kinds of strange titles are put on Daisy’s head, but she doesn’t care about it at all.

She studies in the dark every day, and during break time, she has been thinking about what to eat in the morning, what to eat for lunch, what to eat for dinner, and what to eat for snacks.

Sean couldn’t stand it any longer. For a student in the first grade, the study intensity was a bit too much. Daisy receives Hermione’s guidance every day and also takes time to practice Animagus, and from time to time, she makes a few potions.

Snape still maintained the ‘good habit’ of revealing the content of the first-year potions class to Sean, and Sean naturally conveyed it to her. Daisy had already obtained seven or eight bottles of potions from Snape.

All of them are at the perfect level, just like those potions that Lily gave Sean back then.

The Weasley twins said that a bottle of tonics costs five Galleons on the market and Snape’s tonics would sell double the normal price. In terms of potions alone, Daisy’s net worth now almost surpasses the Weasleys.

However, Daisy was obviously very familiar with potions. She didn’t regard potions as precious things—most of the tonics that Snape rewarded just to be consumed personally.

“Using it for me and Hermione to learn things better!” That’s what she said.

Sean can only do his best to help.


The news that the school will select students to go to Nurmengard for academic exchanges has already been announced. The selection method includes not only a written test but also a practical test. Only the best Hogwarts students can go to Nurmengard.

However, the enthusiasm of the students is not very high.

Last year, they had met the students of Nurmengard. Although they were all a bunch of annoying students, they had to admit that they were very strong. The students at Hogwarts were all worried that they would be avenged in Nurmengard.

As a result, a strange scene appeared in the hall.

The students were all discussing this exchange, they kept bringing up the names of their most outstanding classmates, and those people all modestly said that they were just lucky in the past.

Except for Harry, Fred, and the gang of reckless Gryffindor clamoring to go over, the students in other houses didn’t even want to participate in the selection.

Sean was a little helpless, and Nurmengard had surpassed Hogwarts for decades. He thought that if you can’t beat them, join them.

During the day, everyone participated in a written test, and the duel stage was placed in the hall again at night. The four houses’ deans came to the scene, and Professor McGonagall stood in the middle of the dueling platform and said the rules.

The duel does not force everyone to come up, but the professors will observe the performance of everyone on the stage. However, an embarrassing scene happened. After several heated duels from Harry’s group, no one from the audience went up.

“Anyone else wants to come up? The chosen one will go to Nurmengard. It will be a very good learning opportunity.” Professor McGonagall repeated several times, but the students looked at each other, and even they took a step back.

Everyone was afraid of being humiliated there because both sides of the school were not left in a peaceful state, and the Hogwarts students could already predict what would happen after they went there.

Learning is good, but no one wants to run over and get beaten.

Looking at the students whispering under the stage, Professor McGonagall lowered her head slightly, and a disappointed expression flashed across her face.

Professor Flitwick’s complexion was not very good. Before the selection, the professors discussed several times, and they didn’t expect the Hogwarts students to act like this.

In the corner, Snape looked at the hall expressionlessly. He glanced at a certain position off the stage from time to time and then turned his head gloomily to look at the Slytherin students.

Obviously, the Slytherins have not made any movement. There are always a few people in other houses who are hesitant to go on stage, but the Slytherins didn’t do anything.

Snape snorted coldly. Although he didn’t have any sense of collective honor, the Slytherins still made him feel that he was ashamed in front of other professors.

He chose a few unlucky ones to send over, such as those who stood at the back all the time and whistled at Daisy.

Hermione was whispering to Sean and Daisy, and she looked very dissatisfied.

“How could they do this?” Hermione pursed her lips tightly, “Just because they are afraid of being ashamed? It would be embarrassing to stay in the castle without learning or improving and never surpassing others!”

She couldn’t keep her voice low, and many students around her heard it.

Some students showed ashamed expressions, while some looked at Hermione with disgust and then muttered, “Easy for you to say, I didn’t see you on the stage.”

Hermione sharpened her eyes as if she was about to retort, but she finally endured it, and after a haughty glance at the few people, she quickly stepped onto the dueling stage.

“Ravenclaw second grader, Hermione Granger. Does anyone want to duel with me?” She raised her head and said loudly.

Sean shook his head helplessly.

The second graders all know that Hermione has excellent grades, and the senior students are hesitant. If they win, they’ll get a chance to go to Nurmengard. But if they lose, they’ll be ashamed that a second grader beat them.

No one from the audience stepped up for a long time, but all kinds of whispers could be heard.

“What a show-off.”

“She’s just there so as not to be called a coward.”

Hermione’s hearing has always been very good. Standing on the stage at this time, her face turned weird. Daisy couldn’t sit still now. She stood up and was about to defend Hermione, but a hand was placed on her shoulder.

“No need to do that.”

Sean stepped onto the dueling ring.

Hermione sniffed and said in a muffled voice, “Sean, on guard.”

Sean shook his head helplessly. He looked at the professors, “Can I say a few words before we start?”

After getting their approval, Sean stood up straight and cast an Amplifying Charm on himself.

“Can you all hear me?” Sean cleared his throat, and the loud voice echoed in the hall.

Professor McGonagall and Professor Flitwick looked at each other, and they suddenly had a bad feeling. With his hands behind his back, Sean raised his chin slightly and looked down at all the Hogwarts students.

“Uh—” he chuckled, “Is it possible, and I mean by this is just a possibility.”

Under everyone’s puzzled eyes, Sean showed a shy smile.

“That everyone in here is a coward?”

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