Looking at the surface, this piece of parchment seems to have deteriorated over time, with scrawny edges and traces of smoke and fire, as if it had been in the Room of Requirement not long ago.

Sean looked at the contents of the parchment and was surprised to find that all the hidden places of Hogwarts were described in detail.

It cannot be said to be completely true. However, within the range known to Sean, the spaces marked, such as the Chamber of Secrets and the Room of Requirements, were marked on the correct location and way to enter it.

Sean had never heard of the other locations mentioned on the parchment.

Hermione closed her book and came over. She tilted her head to look at it and said in amazement, “This looks so real. There are so many things about Hogwarts that I don’t know about.”

“I haven’t heard of these places…” Daisy kept watching and muttered curiously, “The Chamber of Secrets says it’s in the girls’ bathroom where Myrtle was, and you need a Parseltongue to open it. That’s where the Basilisk used to live, right?”

Hermione nodded, “That’s right, the dead Basilisk is the monster in the Chamber of Secrets. But how did Professor Dumbledore get down? Does he know Parseltongue?”

Sean continued, “Professor Dumbledore knows a lot. But I’m just going to read the contents of it, not planning on going to these places.”

“Why?” Daisy asked curiously, “Sean, haven’t you always been interested in these places? I bet George and Fred will be joyed if they see this parchment.”

Sean shrugged and put away the parchment, “Because you can’t be sure what dangers lie in those locations, and unexpected situations may occur. It’s better to explore after we are strong enough.”

This is Sean’s thoughts. He’s a bit resistant about going to these secret locations after his trip to the hidden stone chamber in Slytherin’s common room, and the timing of the parchment is odd.

The Room of Requirement is always the same. Even if Sean silently recites the exact same needs every time he comes in, there will always be a little change here. This parchment may be something left by someone, but it may also be a trap.

Sean instinctively didn’t believe in these things.

Hermione and Daisy naturally listened to Sean’s words. They just casually glanced at the parchment put away by Sean and said nothing more.

Sean glanced at Daisy, smiled, and said, “Are you ready?”

Daisy nodded expectantly. Before coming here, Sean told her that he wanted to introduce his little pet to her.

“Come out!”

Daisy blinked, and she secretly glanced at Hermione, who was sitting next to her. She saw the helplessness on her face.

Sean smiled and touched the ring, and Daisy was surprised.

“Merlin’s beard!”

A huge Winged Demon flew out, an Occamy coiled into a chair shape as soon as it appeared, and a big cat with six legs jumped out.

“Daisy, these are all my pets. You don’t have to be afraid. Well, it seems that I don’t need to explain.” Sean spread his hands.

Daisy screamed and hugged Pudding, “What a cute cat!”

Pudding blinked, not knowing what to do for a while. However, the girl in front of her had a good vibe and the same vibe as Sean.

Seeing Daisy quickly mingle with the magical animals, Sean nodded thoughtfully. Daisy’s affinity with magical animals is also very high, as he expected. If he doesn’t have time in the future, he can ask Daisy to help feed them.

Sean unwrapped the package and handed the food to Daisy. Soon, Pudding started rubbing his head against Daisy’s cheek. She laughed, and the sound of magical animals gobbling food echoed in the room.

Sean watched this scene with a smile and then walked to the bookshelf.

“Where’s the book?” Sean tossed the piece of jade in his mouth, puzzled to find that the Animagus book he often read was missing.

“Oh, here.” Hermione raised the book in her hand.

“Are you interested in it too?” Sean laughed.

“I just want to see it. If you fail to transform at that time, I can accurately describe your condition to Professor McGonagall so she can save your life.” Hermione said angrily.

Hermione has always disagreed with Sean’s practice of Animagus. She stubbornly believes that Sean’s progress in Animagus is too fast, which may lead to danger. He walked to Hermione’s side, then took out his wand and pointed it at the dusty teapot.

Hermione looked at him suspiciously, wondering what Sean was up to. After the spell, her eyes widened in surprise.

The teapot turned into a turtle, the dark green body of the pot turned into the turtle’s carapace, and even the dust turned into the green algae accumulated on the turtle’s body.

“Sean, how did you do it?!” Hermione looked at the relaxed Sean in disbelief, “The teapot turned into a turtle. This is the content of the late third grade. Dare I interrupt you? The degree of complexion has surpassed fourth and fifth-grade contents!”

After he obtained talent points and increased his talent for Transfiguration, it became easier to transform objects into creatures.

When he sketched the image of the creature in his mind, the picture in his mind was clear and accurate. Sean had already started teaching himself the third grade’s content and completed it almost without any effort.

He smiled and turned the turtle back again.

“It seems that my talent in Transfiguration is not bad.”

“Okay?” Hermione said exaggeratedly, “You’re still na├»ve.”

“Oh, I thought you were praising me,” Sean shrugged, “But now, you shouldn’t have to worry too much, right?”

Hermione was silent for a while. She seemed to understand Sean’s point of view but finally said stubbornly, “When you are about to try Animagus transformation, you do it in front of me. If you fail, I mean, you shouldn’t fail! But if something else happens, I can help a little too.”

“Of course.”

At this time, Daisy came over with Pudding. She heard the conversation between the two and said excitedly, “Sean, do you want to try becoming an Animagus?”

“That’s right.”

Hermione added on the side, “To be precise, it is an illegal Animagus. Sean is going to learn it and not report it to the Ministry of Magic.”

Daisy blinked, “That’s normal. Most people who practice Animagus will not register themselves. I heard from my father that although Animagus is extremely difficult, there are a lot of illegal Animagus in England.”

Daisy looked at Sean with some excitement, “Can I try it too? I want to become a cat so that I can communicate with Pudding!”

Hermione looked at the two, dissatisfied, and she said unhappily, “Sean! Daisy is only in the first grade! And Daisy, don’t try to follow what Sean was trying to do.”

She began to reprimand Daisy, “It’s fine if Sean doesn’t obey the rules. But you just entered school. Do you want to be expelled?!”

Daisy stuck out her tongue and said, “But it’s interesting. Hermione, Think about it. If we can all become animals, we can go play with them together!”

“Think about it, the world of animals must be different from our eyes. It must be an unforgettable experience!”

Daisy took a step forward and said, “I definitely want to learn something from Sean. Hermione, I know you don’t want to come with us. But when the time comes, When Sean and I turned into animals, you shouldn’t report us.”

Hermione froze for a moment, a complex look flashed in her eyes, and then she said angrily, “What? No!”

“Are you going to report us?” Daisy and Sean said in unison.

“Of course not!” Hermione looked angrily at the two, and then she cleared her throat, “Okay, I’ve decided! I will learn Animagus as well.”

Daisy blinked slyly at Sean with a little smugness in her eyes.

Hermione glared at the two, “What are you laughing at? Let me tell you two, I am here to supervise you, to prevent you from violating too many school rules when you become Animagus!”

“That’s right, we need an upright person to watch us!” Daisy and Sean said in unison.

Looking at the two, Hermione pouted her cheeks angrily. She was a little angry, not only because she was about to violate the rules but also because the tacit understanding between the two made her a little unhappy.

However, regardless of Hermione’s thoughts. After the matter of practicing Animagus together was settled, she began to train as well.

They sat around the floor, and Hermione and Daisy watched the practice method that Dumbledore gave to Sean. Sean has long been familiar with every step, studied every detail, and carefully explained it to the two.

With his Transfiguration Talents, he has a deeper understanding of all aspects of Transfiguration.

Time passed quickly, and under Sean’s detailed explanation, Daisy and Hermione better understood Animagus.

Daisy looked at Sean worriedly, “Sean, your practice period is almost over, right?”

Sean nodded and spat out the jade piece in his mouth, “The jade piece is completely fine. I plan to start preparing mandrake leaves in a few days.”

Daisy glanced at the jade piece. She stammered and said: “Should we start practicing with the jade piece too?”

“Yeah, what’s the problem?” Sean was a little puzzled.

Daisy took a deep breath and closed her eyes seriously.

“I’ll go first! Also, not that I don’t like you, Sean…”

“Huh?” Sean didn’t respond for a while.

Daisy blushed and asked, “Can the jade pieces be washed before that?”

“What are you thinking?!” Hermione yelled angrily, “We can buy another piece of jade! Just throw away the piece that Sean practiced on!”

“Huh?” Daisy blinked, “We can do that?”

“Of course… what were you thinking…” Sean was speechless for a while.

“Oh, I misunderstood…” Daisy blushed.

Hermione glanced at her angrily, “I don’t know what’s going on in your head. But, Sean, is this thing easy to buy? I’ve seen the order list of the Diagon Alley store before, and it doesn’t seem to be sold there.”

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t. I can write to my dad and ask him to order two pieces of it.”

“What’s wrong?” the two girls asked in confusion.

“No, nothing…”

Sean spat out the jade piece onto the handkerchief.

He just thought of one thing. If there is no such thing for sale in Diagon Alley, and if the jade piece needs to be specially ordered, could the piece in his hand be used by Dumbledore before?

Sean closed his eyes in despair and didn’t want to think anything.


Sean began to prepare for the Animagus practice.

Hermione and Daisy poured jade pieces into their mouths in the Room of Requirements as they watched Sean bring out a box containing a few mandrake leaves.

Hermione said vaguely, “Sean, are you ready?”

“I’m ready.” It’s mid-December, and the full moon is high tonight, which is a good time.

Sean stuffed the Mandrake leaf into his mouth. The bitter and irritating taste with a strong ammonia smell rushed straight to his head. Sean had practiced a few times earlier and did not react too much. He shook his head and attached the leaf to the surface of his upper jaw.

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