“Professor Flitwick looking for me?” Sean glanced at the note strangely.

Today is the first day of school, and he hasn’t done anything remarkable. So why is Professor Flitwick looking for him? Is it because of the Sorting Hat yesterday?

It is indeed a big secret that Nurmengard has a clone of the Sorting Hat, but the Sorting Hat himself also said it. However, Sean has already discovered all kinds of secrets between the two principals.

The Sorting Hat has confessed itself. Was Professor Flitwick reminding him again to prevent him from leaking the information? After all, the fight between the two excites people just thinking about it.

After thinking for a while, following the location given on the note, Sean hurried to Professor Flitwick’s office.

“Come in.” After Sean knocked on the door a few times, Professor Flitwick’s sharp voice came from inside.

He pushed the door and entered. Professor Flitwick’s office was unexpectedly spacious. In addition to books on various spells, several wands were displayed on the wall. The most peculiar thing is that there are about a dozen windows. You can even see the west tower of the castle.

The Charms teacher was sitting behind the desk, only showing his head. Next to him was a girl with silver-white hair, staring blankly at Sean, who walked in. Speaking of which, until now, he doesn’t know the name of this senior.

Sean bowed slightly and said, “Good evening, Professor Flitwick. May I ask if you have anything to do with me?”

“Oh, Mr. Wallup. There you are.” Professor Flitwick jumped out of his chair and walked to his desk, “Do you remember yesterday’s sorting ceremony?”

“Of course, Professor.” Sean had a flash of thought, and it seemed that he really came for this reason.

Professor Flitwick stroked his mustache. He considered the words for a while and then said, “Mr. Wallup, your situation is very rare. It has never happened in the history of Hogwarts. Generally speaking, it should be a secret.”

“Professor, I…”

“Don’t worry,” Professor Flitwick waved at him, “It seems to be a characteristic of the Sorting Hat. Even the principal doesn’t know much about it. At the same time, professors usually don’t let students chime in with this secrecy. But we agree that keeping what happened between you two a secret is a way of continuing our educational philosophy.”

Sean showed a strange look. According to Professor Flitwick, everything that happened between him and the Sorting Hat should be kept secret no matter what.

Professor Flitwick continued, “The secret given by the Sorting Hat will not harm Hogwarts itself, and we encourage students to learn at Hogwarts. I think that secret surprised you, right?” He winked at Sean.

Sean nodded, Nurmengard had a clone of the Sorting Hat, and he was really surprised.

He was quite puzzled before about why Nurmengard’s way of recruiting new students is pretty much like Hogwarts. When you think about it, Dumbledore and Grindelwald likely reached some unknown agreement.

“Then, professor, what are you looking for me?” Sean asked.

“The main thing is to tell you about this so that you don’t have too much pressure. In the past, some students were uneasy because of this, and they have been worried about it for seven years. But it seems that you don’t need my guidance already.”

Sean smiled and thanked Professor Flitwick for his concern. He wasn’t worried at all. The main thing was that there were many other secrets he was hiding.

“On the other hand,” Flitwick looked at the silver-haired girl who had been silent, “Miss Ollivander is going to set up a club, and she needs an assistant. Mr. Wallup, are you interested in it?”

“Me?” Sean pointed to himself.

“Yes.” This time, it was not Professor Flitwick but the girl who stepped forward.

Sean looked weird. He had just entered school, so he couldn’t even use a lot of magic spells. He and the girl just met for a few days. What caused him to be appointed for this occasion? Professor Flitwick trusted her easily?

The girl’s face did not change. She introduced in an emotionless voice, “Stephanie Ollivander. I am planning to create a new club. Would you like to be my assistant?”

Sean considered his words, avoided her gaze, and said slowly, “Hi there, Miss Ollivander. I don’t quite understand, we do not know each other very well, and today is the first of the school year. In addition, I’m just a new student.”

Stephanie’s voice was clear and ethereal, “The club is just a prototype for the time being. I’m just making suggestions. As for why I chose you, I have my own reasons.”

Just when Sean was about to continue speaking, Professor Flitwick waved to the two of them.

“Miss Ollivander, it’s your job to convince Mr. Wallup. When you’ve settled the club, you can talk about it to me again.”

Stephanie nodded, thanked him, and left the office. Sean was a little confused. He thanked him in the same way and walked out of the office.

Walking through the corridor, Sean saw Stephanie waiting for him.

“Do you mind going back to the lounge together?”

“Of course.” Sean has always been polite when meeting new people, even if this senior struck him a little weird.

When the two of them walked away, and the door was closed, Flitwick breathed a sigh of relief.

The two bookshelves in the room slowly moved to both sides, and the stone wall exposed in the middle turned into a secret door after a twist. The wooden door was pushed open, and an old wizard with white hair and a white beard came out.

“Filius, I wanted to taste some of the toffee in your office. Do you mind?” Dumbledore said with a smile.

“If you want, you can take the whole package, Albus.”

“Oh, I’ll only need a few of them. Eating it all the time will make it less tasty.” Dumbledore kept a smile.

“Why did you make up a reason to call Wallup and let him meet Ollivander?” Professor Flitwick walked anxiously, “Merlin’s beard, the Sorting Hat has never been acting this way. This must have something to do with Grindelwald.”

Dumbledore pushed his glasses, and he leisurely walked the bookshelves.

“Don’t worry, Filius, this is just a trial.”

“A trial?” Professor Flitwick moved his mustache, “Sean Wallup is one of those seven children, and Stephanie Ollivander is from Germany!”

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Published On: July 9, 2023

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