A cold wind was blowing outside the windows in the Ravenclaw common room. The lounge was a bit cold. It wasn’t on dry, warm ground like Hufflepuff’s lounge, and the high tower always felt quiet.

However, Sean, Hermione, and Daisy chatted enthusiastically. The three sat in their usual corner under the ceiling with stars, near the alcove with the white statue of Rowena Ravenclaw.

“Thank goodness, Sean. You’re really okay!” Hermione and Daisy shared a blanket, curled up together.

“I’m lucky and okay, except I’m a little hungry. I appreciate your concern.” Sean leaned back in his chair lazily and replied with a smile.

Daisy sat up straight, and she freed herself from the blanket.

“I’ll get you something to eat. I left a lot of snacks from last Halloween. I even hid a dinner and took it back to the dormitory.” She said with some embarrassment.

“No need. Food will be delivered to me later,” Sean stopped her and asked curiously, “Why are you still bringing dinner back to the dormitory?”

Hermione explained, “Harry lent Daisy the Invisibility Cloak, and the two of us would sneak out of the dormitory to go to the library in the middle of the night. I don’t sleep in the middle of the night and always feel a little hungry. So we have some food just in case.”

Hermione had a poor appetite during this period, and she was hungry after going to bed late, so she had no choice but to bring dinner back for supper.

The two have become closer recently. When getting along, Daisy expressed her concern with Hermione that eating too much would make them not good-looking.

Daisy continued, “Hermione has been working very hard this time…”

Sean looked at Hermione.

“Hermione spends her free time in the library. She has been trying to find some information about the castle. She was worried that you’d gone into a certain place. After all, there are all kinds of weird rooms in Hogwarts castle.”

“Every day after class, Hermione would take me to the professor to ask about the situation. Professor Flitwick was always perfunctory to us, so we thought of other ways. Fred and Harry often go to various places looking for you, while Hermione took me to look for more information. She suggested going to the restricted area to look for more information in the middle of the night.” Daisy talked endlessly about Hermione’s efforts during this period.

“Daisy, stop it…” Hermione looked a little embarrassed.

Seeing the appearance of the two, Sean was moved and smiled.

“I know we’re really close, but I must say. Thank you very much for your concern and hard work, which makes me a little…”

Hermione looked at him and anxiously interrupted what he was about to say, “It’s good that you’re fine. Daisy and I have learned a lot during this time.”

Daisy also nodded her head quickly.

Sean smiled and nodded, “Yes, everything is fine.”

After these words, no one spoke, and the empty lounge fell into a brief calm. Hermione seemed to be completely relaxed. She leaned back on the chair comfortably but tiredly. This was the first time she sat in the lounge and didn’t want to open a book at all.

Daisy put her head on her shoulder. Sean watched this with a smile and did not speak, enjoying some kind of indescribable warmth. At this time, the air of the lounge suddenly twisted, and after a moment, a house elf appeared with a large dinner plate.

He was wearing a towel with the Hogwarts crest on it. His slender fingers easily gripped the dinner plate and then bowed.

“It’s an honor to meet you. I have Mr. Dumbledore’s permission to teleport into the lounge to deliver dinner to Mr. Sean Wallup!” He said sharply.

“Thank you,” Sean stood up and took the plate, “Canis, right? It’s nice to see you.”

He had been to the kitchen many times before and met many house elves who worked for Hogwarts. Canis was one of them, and he was a very enthusiastic guy.

Canis widened his eyes, “Mr. Wallup?”

He screamed, “My God, you remember me!”

“Of course, haven’t we known each other for a long time?” Sean replied with a smile.

He stretched out his hand, wanting to shake Canis’ hand.

Canis trembled excitedly, “You want to shake my hand?!”

“Yes, Canis.” Sean understood him very well. From the bottom of his heart, he thought he was inferior to wizards, and this idea was difficult to change.

However, Sean never cared about that. He likes to make friends with people. In the back of his mind, he always had the idea that creatures like magical animals and house elves were more reliable than humans.

Canis carefully shook hands with Sean, then quickly extended his hand back. He whimpered happily and excitedly, and his body was swaying.

“I shook hands with Mr. Wallup!” he squealed, “By God, my friends will die of envy!”

“I will not wash my hands for the next ten years. I wish you a pleasant meal.” Canis bowed deeply and then disappeared into the air.

Sean held the dinner plate and shrugged his shoulders, “They’re always like this, huh.”

Hermione looked a little weird. She frowned and muttered, “I saw the introduction of house elves in the book, but I didn’t expect…”

She thought for a while before holding back a word, “They are so humble.”

Sean took the food and returned to his seat. He glanced at Hermione. It seemed that Canis’ appearance aroused Hermione’s empathy, and the Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare might have been created early.

The house elves are an enslaved race, but they don’t realize it. Of course, now is not the time to think about this. Sean pushed the plate towards the two.

“Let’s eat something together.”

The two looked at each other. When Sean returned, the weight in her heart fell to the ground.

The house elf’s cooking was pretty good, and under Dumbledore’s instructions, the food they brought this time was amazing. The three of them ate a hearty meal and lay down lazily when the plate was empty.

During the chat, Sean picked out some of the past few days’ experiences and told the two of them, and finally, Hermione came to a conclusion.

Sean attracted all kinds of inexplicable things.

Sean could only laugh. He is in the midst of a prophecy, and his trait cannot be removed.

When they were laughing and talking, no one noticed that someone was watching them secretly in the passageway from the girls’ dormitory to the lounge. It was Stephanie, holding a piece of parchment in her hand with cursive letterings.

The parchment records in detail the special locations in various castles, and the entry method was marked in detail at the back. There are some places where there is no way to enter, but the requirements to enter were specifically stated.

Stephanie hid in the shadows expressionlessly. She looked at the three and looked down at the parchment in her hand. She drew out her wand, and without making a sound, a flame danced at the tip of the wand.

She wanted to bring the flame closer to the parchment, but when the corner of the parchment began to blacken, she seemed to hesitate again.

Finally, Stephanie extinguished the flame on the tip of her wand and walked back towards the bedroom in silence.


The next day, Sean suddenly felt something and opened his eyes.

Last night, he chatted with Hermione and Daisy until late, so the others didn’t know about him coming back.

“Sean! You’re back!” Terry said in surprise.

“Hey Terry, good morning…” Sean greeted sleepily.

“Terry, I told you. Sean must be very tired. You shouldn’t disturb him.” Another roommate, Anthony Goldstein, said beside him.

The other roommates also looked at Sean in surprise.

“Good morning, guys… so good to see you… Hey! I’m not up yet!”

Sean also received surprise shouts and countless hugs in his room. When he appeared in the hall, Most of the students cheered up. The Weasley twins celebrated and put their arms around Sean’s shoulders.

“Sean, have you discovered a secret place?! Remember to take us there next time!”

Harry, Ron, and Neville hugged Sean happily. Percy looked very excited. He asked his brothers not to hinder Sean’s breakfast, and at the same time, he smiled and shook hands with Sean.

Sean’s good popularity is undoubtedly reflected in this moment. Everyone familiar with him will come up to hug him, and those unfamiliar with him will follow the example of others and come up to shake hands.

“I’m glad you’re alright, Sean.”

“Welcome back, Wallup!”

Amidst the warm greetings from others, Sean made an excuse, saying that he had to leave Hogwarts for a while due to accepting Dumbledore’s special task.

But for some reason, the students made this task a particularly dangerous one, and there were constant discussions in the hall. By the time breakfast was over, the rumors had taken another shape. Sean went to fight ten dragons and tamed the Dementors.

Sean couldn’t help but shake his head.

Of course, not everyone welcomes Sean’s return. The Slytherins watched the lively scene in the hall with cold eyes. They were unhappy, and those students who had grudges with Sean snorted in extreme dissatisfaction.

“Draco, this is bad luck. It’s a pity that your enemy is here again.” At the dinner table, Crabbe said to Draco.

Malfoy didn’t say anything.

However, when no one noticed, Draco slightly raised the corner of his mouth.

“Draco, why are you smiling?” Goyle finished eating the eighth sausage and turned around to see his expression.

“Idiot, which eye of yours seeing me smile?” Draco cursed in a panic, “It’s a shame that Wallup kid is now back.”

“Now that’s what I’m talking about!” Goyle hyped him up and ate the ninth sausage.

Draco glared at him and turned his gaze to Sean, who was surrounded by the crowd.

In the Transfiguration Class in the morning, Professor McGonagall was very tolerant. She was in a good mood, so even the few students who hadn’t practiced for almost half a semester were not severely punished by her.

She generously added twenty points to Ravenclaw after Sean easily transformed a rabbit into a pair of house slippers. After finishing the class, Sean received a package. Early in the morning, he wrote back to his parents to express that he was okay and then ordered a lot of things.

It’s all meals for Dave, Naja, and Pudding.

He took Hermione and Daisy to the Room of Requirements.

Daisy looked around curiously while Hermione took out a book and read it with ease.

“Sean, look at this,” Daisy called out.

Sean walked over and saw a piece of parchment on the table. The parchment looked a bit worn out, and there were traces of fire in one corner.

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Published On: October 7, 2023

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