This was the first time Sean heard someone use such words to describe Hogwarts.

There are many legends about Hogwarts. Among those rumors about the castle and the school’s founding, there are two widely popular rumors.

One is that the location and name of Hogwarts were chosen by Ravenclaw when she dreamed that a warthy hog led her to a cliff by a lake.

The second is that Salazar Slytherin provided the Hogwarts Castle. His family once inherited this castle, and the four founders worked together to transform it.

In the wizarding world, especially the wizards who graduated from Hogwarts in England, many people are convinced that Hogwarts Castle is an extremely powerful magic item. Powerful to any other alchemy item in the world.

It has meddled with many ancient magics for thousands of years, starting with the bridge, the Forbidden Forest, the Black Lake, and other areas.

Many people even think that the castle is aware and has its own intelligence. That’s what the Weasley twins think, and they even run to the highest point and the center of the castle to talk to the castle.

Of course, their goal is not to control Hogwarts but to hope that when the two of them throw a big dung egg, the castle will open a secret door for them to escape from Filch.

After Sean heard Salazar’s words, he was shocked. Slytherin looked up and seemed to be looking somewhere in the castle above him.

“Me, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, the four of us built this castle together. Where there are people, there are naturally disagreements. Of course, we were just trying to prove that we were better at that time. “

“Obviously, becoming the first headmaster is a good opportunity to prove ourselves. For this reason, the four of us agreed on one thing. That is to control a part of Hogwarts and imprint our magic power on it.” Salazar turned around.

“Before that, let me tell you about the history of Hogwarts. At that time, the four of us had decided to build a wizarding school. But it wasn’t easy to choose a location for the school. Until Ravenclaw did have a dream about a warthy hog leading her to a cliff by a lake.”

“At the time, we thought it was a revelation. After finding this place, we found two things.”

“It was an ancient book bound in black dragon hide and a quill. We call it the Book and Quill of Acceptance.”

“These two magical things complement each other. Those children with talents will be recorded as soon as they are born. This is also the standard for Hogwarts admissions.”

“I contributed to the Slytherin family’s castle. The four of us expanded it and cast all kinds of magic. Every time we cast magic, Hogwarts becomes more…”

He struggled for a while and finally settled on a word, “It just becomes more spiritual, and we think it’s the wonder that makes it happen.”

“After that, the four of us each privately selected an area of ​​Hogwarts to imprint our magic on it. If someone can find these four areas and obtain the imprint, Hogwarts will submit to their control.”

“However, we couldn’t find the area imprinted by the others in the end. The selection of the headmaster used other methods. However, these four areas will always be enchanted permanently. If someone can find them, they will be the master of Hogwarts.”

“Meaning that this is a more profound position than the headmaster itself. Hogwarts is a regional magic item whose authority includes various magical abilities.”

“I will tell you how to get the approval of Salazar Slytherin’s authority and how to obtain that part of the area.”

Sean raised his ears. He didn’t expect that there was such a precious secret in Salazar’s memory.

He raised his head proudly, “My imprint is engraved in the Chamber of Secrets, and only a Parselmouth can enter. Gryffindor and the others must have never imagined that even if there is one person who can control Hogwarts as a whole in the future, The authority shall only fall to my descendant, and I will win the contest.”

Salazar stroked his long beard triumphantly and said slowly, “In the Chamber of Secrets, I set up a mechanism. This mechanism is used as a test. Only my best descendant could best and control Hogwarts.”

“When you pass the test, you will find a magic imprint. Release your own magic power in the form of runes, fuse the two, smear yourself with the magic power, and you will get my portion of control.”

“As for the ability, you will know it after you get it,” Slytherin looked very proud, “The rune-engraved stone plate with the magic power requires a lot of rune knowledge. So I assume that you should learn runes very well.”

Sean’s smile became stiff and helpless. Let alone the Chamber of Secrets, the vast knowledge of runes alone stumped him. When it comes to runes, he is really bad at it.

Slytherin chuckled, “Time will tell everything. The final winner of this battle is already clear. Don’t let me down, my descendants. I will provide one last piece of news. Gryffindor’s authority should be in the Forbidden Forest, and Ravenclaw’s authority should be in the castle. As for Hufflepuff’s authority, you should find it your own.”

After saying these last words, the scenery around Sean became dim, and he flew up again due to weightlessness. When he opened his eyes, he was already standing where he was before.

The silver strands in the Pensieve moved for a while, gradually disappearing into the air. Sean originally planned to return from time to time and continue to learn those ancient magics. But now it seems he couldn’t continue that plan.

Looking at the row of ancient magic with one proficiency in his panel, Sean sighed regretfully.

During the summer vacation, he learned two ancient magics in the memory of Grindelwald and Dumbledore. Until now, the proficiency has doubled. Which means it reached 2 proficiency.

However, Sean is not a person who worries about gains and losses. He might find Dumbledore to learn it more.

Sean walked around the room again, and after confirming that he hadn’t left anything behind, he looked towards the exit. Sean looked at the Basilisk.

“Are you still here?” He hissed.

The Basilisk looked a bit hesitant and replied slowly, “The master’s order is for me to kill all the Parselmouths who come here.”

“But after those three people, no one has been here for a long time, right?”

“Yes, besides, you’ve already emptied this place, and the others won’t find anything here.” The Basilisk seemed hesitant as if it wanted to go with Sean.

Sean glanced at the room. Just now, he took away all the contents here. Sean looked at the huge body of the Basilisk.

Leaving it here seems like the best choice, but Sean has to admit, he’s a little bit tempted. If only he could bring a Basilisk as one of his pets.

The Basilisk in front of him is far superior to other magical animals, so it is actually a very good companion. But this guy is deadly, and it doesn’t have a deep thought bond with Sean like Dave, and any accident may occur.

After thinking for a while, Sean said, “That’s good. You can still use this place as your home. How about I come here when I have the time?”

Sean was going to think about it after he went back. The Basilisk seems to want to have a companion in this room.

The Basilisk closed its eyes tightly and nodded, “Okay…”

“Then it’s settled,” Sean walked to the corridor and turned back as if thinking of something, “The next time I come, don’t open your eyes.”

“I understand. I already remember your smell.” The Basilisk said obediently.

Sean nodded, then walked up the stairs. Since he disappeared for so long, he guessed that everyone was worried about his situation. Moreover, should he tell Professor Dumbledore about his experience in this room?

Sean intends to hide it, but that will bring up another issue. How can he explain his disappearance?

Leaning against the corridor entrance, Sean quickly changed into a new uniform, cleaning off all the dirt on his face and thinking about how to tell everyone about his situation.


It was late at night, and there were few lights in the entire castle. However, there are still many people who don’t sleep.

In the professors’ lounge, several professors were sitting around the fireplace. Professor McGonagall looked a little tired. She held a wine glass and massaged her temple.

After taking a sip, she sighed deeply, “The child hasn’t been found yet…”

Professor Flitwick had a dejected expression. He had been in a terrible mood during this time. Not only did he lose the protagonist of the prophecy, but he also lost one of Ravenclaw’s best students.

Professor Flitwick waved his wand, and the flames in the fireplace jumped up and down according to his mood.

“Filius, don’t do anything. The flames make me upset.” Professor McGonagall said.

“But Sean hasn’t been found yet,” Professor Flitwick said loudly and then became dejected again, “I don’t know what Dumbledore was thinking that he told us to stop looking for him.”

“I can only trust Albus now.” Professor McGonagall said helplessly.

Professor Flitwick waved his wand, the flames crackled, and he retorted, “Then what should I tell the students as well as Miss Granger, the Potters, Mr. Longbottom, and the Weasleys? They come to my office every day asking for the news.”

He waved his hand vigorously, “They are all worried, me either. I haven’t smoked my pipe in a week.”

Professor McGonagall took another sip of his wine, sighed, and said, “Filius, do you think I’m not? The news about the missing student has been shared around, and the reporters from the Daily Prophet seem to have picked on it. Every day, more than a dozen owls came here asking for a response on this matter. The Chamber of Secrets problem was already big enough for us. After things were solved, this incident happened.”

“Ha!” Professor Flitwick laughed sharply, his voice full of resentment, “It’s a good thing that Mr. Wallup didn’t get those letters every day.”

“What should we tell them? What should we say to Mr. Wallup, who was so helpful in helping the Chamber of Secrets incident? Simply saying your son has been missing for a week, and we couldn’t find him. Even our principal said that we should not worry about it.” Professor Flitwick’s chest heaved violently.

Newt had been silent all this time and opened his mouth at this moment, “Minerva, Filius. Both of you shouldn’t stress on this matter. Dumbledore should have his reasons for saying that. As far as I know, he should be able to have some way to ensure Sean is okay.”

“I hope so…” The two professors looked at each other helplessly and then lay back on the armchairs with gloomy expressions.

Newt lowered his head. The other professors didn’t know this, but he knew one thing for sure. Dumbledore has always been in touch with Grindelwald, and that old man is a Seer.

They must have known Sean was okay.


In Austria, in the highest tower of Nurmengard Castle.

The expressions of the two old men were ugly. In front of them was a crystal ball from which mist emanated to form a scene.

It was Sean who was lying on the ground with blood stains and fell unconscious.

Grindelwald’s wand moved, shaking slightly at a high-speed frequency, and his voice sounded icy, “Oh, Albus. I’m upset right now, very upset.”

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Published On: October 4, 2023

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