Sean had no time to deal with Gormlaith and immediately ran towards the corridor. At the same time, he clenched the Phoenix’s tail in his hand and poured his magic into it.

Although this weird Basilisk is friendly, in front of a Parselmouth, it immediately turns into a murderous monster.

Something unexpected happened to Sean. The Phoenix did not appear. His eyes widened in disbelief. Phoenix has the ability to teleport. As long as he summons it, it can instantly reach him.

The Basilisk has completely retracted its body, and Sean can even hear the sharp sound of its hard scales rubbing against the stone floor. Dave felt Sean’s emotions, its round pupils turned scarlet again, and the red cracks like mesh at the tail flickered red.

“Use your instincts to help me navigate.” Sean shouted, and immediately, his left hand turned into black particles.

Sean closed his eyes tightly. He held the wand in his right hand, and without any hesitation, a Killing Curse spewed out.

“Avada Kedavra!” His killing intent was strong, and the green light burst out without a single pause.

Sean heard the explosion sound of his curse hitting the wall, but he didn’t dare to open his eyes, and another killing curse was fired. It still didn’t hit the target, only the sound of an explosion sounded, and the Basilisk didn’t seem to target Sean immediately.

Gormlaith’s frantic, shrill laughter sounded, “You dirty Mudblood! So you want to get your hands on Lord Slytherin’s treasure?”

“You will die here, and no one will collect your body.”

However, something unexpected happened to Sean.

After a scream, Gormlaith’s sharp and piercing laughter stopped abruptly, and there was no more movement from the room. Only Dave’s deep breathing was left in Sean’s ears. A series of situations happened in a short moment. Even Sean had no idea.

At this time, a hiss sounded. It was the voice of the Basilisk.

Sean still didn’t put down his wand, but he noticed something. Sean opened his mouth in surprise.

He has only a little proficiency in Parseltongue. This language will automatically convert the snake’s language into words that Sean can understand, just like installing an instant translation device in his mind. However, he only understood two words.


Seeing that he didn’t respond, the Basilisk hissed again.

“Go backā€¦”

Immediately afterward, the sound of scales rubbing against the ground sounded again in the room, and Dave’s movements calmed down.

“It expresses the same meaning as before.” Dave scratched his bony head with his claws, making a harsh scratching sound.

“What do you mean? It went back again?”

Dave even boldly stuck out half of his head and then told Sean the situation.

“It burrowed back in, and the woman was dropped.”

Hearing this news, Sean opened his eyes. He was surprised that the Basilisk had returned to the water. Just above the ground, a pitch-black figure floated in midair, just like Edmund, who was petrified that day.

Sean looked at the Basilisk in disbelief. The Basilisk had just spun around and knocked down several nearby shelves, but it didn’t do any other thing. The Basilisk retracted so quickly not to attack him at all but to attack Gormlaith.

For the first time, Sean felt that the world was so psychedelic. He failed to summon the Phoenix, but the Basilisk became his ally.

Sean remembered that just ten minutes ago, he had learned a few words of Parseltongue recorded in Alys’ diary and pronounced the syllables normally.

But why? Was it because he stared at it and survived or because of his magical animal talent?

Sean looked at the Basilisk, and a strange feeling rose in his heart. His intuition was always accurate when facing magical animals, and now, his intuition was this Basilisk was very friendly to him.

Sean twitched the corner of his mouth. He stood still for a moment, hesitated, and finally took out Alys’ diary. If he doesn’t figure out this bizarre thing today, Sean feels that he won’t be able to sleep peacefully in the future.

After spending more than two hours, Sean’s Parseltongue proficiency has reached 1500/10000. He obviously felt that his knowledge had greatly increased.

“I still can’t speak them all, but it should be no problem to understand a little bit of the meaning.” Sean muttered a few words and then gestured to Dave.

He wants to hear what the Basilisk has to say. Dave flew over the Basilisk’s body and poked it with his claws. Sean hid in the corridor again.

The Basilisk moved much slower this time. It retracted its body obediently and closed its orange eyes firmly.

This time, Sean finally managed to understand what the Basilisk meant.

“I attacked that Parselmouth just now. You are safe now.”

“I can probably understand what you’re thinking, but I won’t attack you.”

“I got an order from my master after I was born. If a Parselmouth enters the room, I am allowed to attack them.”

Sean was dumbfounded.

“What the hell?”

“Although you know a little bit, you’re not a Parselmouth. Someone who is not a Parselmouth doesn’t give a good sense of smell.”

Sean touched his cheek, the blood stains on it hadn’t been cleaned up, and he hadn’t showered for a week.

“Who is your master?” Sean stammered and hissed.

“I don’t know his name, but he raised me. His voice is very similar to what you heard before.”

Sean’s mind froze for a moment.

Could it be that Salazar secretly returned to Hogwarts some other time? The master of this Basilisk might not be Salazar. Maybe it was someone else pretending to be him to seal the secrets of this room completely.

Sean looked at the Pensieve in the compartment.

“Has that hidden room been opened?”

“Yes.” The Basilisk replied.

“By who?”



“Yes,” the Basilisk nodded, “to hide those people.”

Sean asked, “Why?”

“This is what my master told me. If you hide the corpse, the latecomers will relax their vigilance, which will help my sneak attack.”

Sean froze in place. He didn’t expect that the Basilisk would actually move the pile of bones.

“Master said that you can’t throw the body into the lake because the creatures at the bottom of the lake will tell the others. So I can only hide them there.”

“In other words, you killed all of them, and no one else came here after them?”

“Yes, only these three people came in. After that, no one came in for a long, long time. That was until you came here. I’m sorry that day. I stayed here all the time and forgot to close my eyes.”

Sean communicated with the Basilisk for a while. Only then did he know that the Basilisk hatched naturally. Salazar, or someone disguised as Salazar, came back here to take care of it, gave an order, and never returned.

For so many years, the Basilisk has stayed in the room by itself, and it doesn’t even know that there is another of its own kind in the castle. In this way, this Basilisk has lived alone for so many years. Except for the three unlucky ones, it has not met anyone else until Sean entered the room.

The place where Salazar hid the treasure became the hiding place of the other Basilisk.

The Basilisk in front of him is somewhat more intelligent than the typical Basilisk mentioned in the parchment paper. Although it sounds weird, Sean can feel that the Basilisk that almost killed him has a kind heart.

Sean felt that if he wrote a book about his experience in this situation, it would definitely become a trending book. However, this made Sean confirm another thing, the Pensieve is actually not dangerous.

According to the Basilisk, the secret room had never been opened except when it tried to hide the bones. When Sean asked if he could take the treasure, the Basilisk said he could do it. Its orders are only to attack the Parselmouths. As for protecting the treasure, it didn’t get that kind of order.

This aroused Sean’s curiosity. First, he looked at Gormlaith, and Sean got close to her. Even though she has been petrified, Gormlaith has not been killed.

Sean looked at the Basilisk. It is understandable that although the Basilisk has no malice towards him, it has a dangerous ability. If he is not careful, it will kill him. But since that’s not what the Basilisk wants to do, he can relax a bit.

Sean gets close to the Pensieve. Sean was worried and took out something.

Unstable Coin (Purple): Divination Item, toss a coin after saying something. Heads represent affirmation, and tails represent refutation. Five remaining uses. (Note: The weather, mood, and luck will affect the side of the coin.)

This was the last thing obtained in the draw. Because of the weird effect, Sean has never used it. Because of the three bones, he instinctively thought that there was something wrong with the Pensieve.

However, he can use it now.

Sean held the coin and said to himself. “Entering the Pensieve in this room will endanger my life.”

He tossed the coin and let it fall naturally. The coin made a crisp sound on the ground and then slowly stopped after swinging back and forth for a while.

Tails. This means that entering the Pensieve will not harm him.

Sean took a deep breath and stood in front of the Pensieve, then buried his head and plunged into it. Sean stepped on a dark stone path after being weightless in the dark for a while.

In front of him was a huge room. In the center of the platform, there was a huge statue.

Sean saw a figure ahead. It was Salazar Slytherin.

“Remember my gestures and incantations.” After Salazar said this, he directly started the demonstration of the spell.

However, Sean found a serious problem. Salazar intention was good, and he wanted to teach him more knowledge. But all he demonstrated were ancient spells.

Sean didn’t learn much. More than a dozen ancient spells with only one proficiency appeared on his panel. Sean wants to cry as he was hoping that Salazar would teach him some dark magic.

After demonstrating the spell, Salazar put his hands behind his back and looked at his own statue.

“This is the last gift, the Hogwarts secret.” His voice was full of seriousness. Sean’s eyes lit up, and he stood up straight.

“The castle relies on magic, and the castle itself is a powerful magic item. I will tell you how to gain control over the Hogwarts castle.”

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Published On: October 4, 2023

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