In order to remind themselves not to be immersed in the muddled memories, Alys even invented a spell.

After this spell was cast on themselves, the memories in their mind would be copied regularly and floated out occasionally. The memory strands would automatically float into the vial for storage. Alys used this method to check his memory every once in a while and experience what they had experienced again so as to ensure that their memory would not be lost.

Playing with other people’s memories sounds quite lofty, but turning yourself into someone who lost your memory is something else.

However, Alys recorded several spells they invented, and all of them are related to memory. How to steal other people’s memories without being discovered, cast a powerful Forgetfulness Charm, and create new memories and transmit them to other people’s heads.

Alys has a lot of experience with this. They recorded a complete set of procedures for manipulating memory in the notebook.

However, since they learned Parseltongue and entered this room, how could they die in this compartment?

Sean obviously didn’t find any danger other than the Basilisk. This notebook should be called an autobiography. Alys recorded their life in order to remind himself all the time.

Sean glanced at it roughly. After graduating from Hogwarts, Alys has been obsessed with the study of memory. They had been stealing other people’s memories, which was the first stage of their demise.

However, instead of stopping, they chose to manipulate their memory to avoid these problems. It’s like the words written by Alys themselves.

“I deeply understand that memory is not just a fragment of thought, and those who try to play with it will eventually be eaten back, but I really can’t help it. The pleasure brought by spying on life can even overwhelm someone, even like me.”

In the notes, Alys mentioned that they had stolen the memory of a member of the Gaunt family and spent a lot of time learning the incomplete version of Parseltongue by themselves. At the same time, they became interested in the treasures of Salazar Slytherin.

“According to the memories of that guy, Salazar Slytherin left treasures in the common room. It’s strange that his parents warned him not to try to get in there.”

“I think maybe Salazar Slytherin set up something to test his descendants, and it’s dangerous. But it also proves how valuable the treasure is.”

“I must go and see it for myself.”

Sean lowered his head and glanced at Alys’ bones.

However, Alys left good things for Sean. They fully recorded the pronunciation of Parseltongue in the notebook and used snakes to conduct experiments to deduce the specific meaning of various pronunciations.

Sean was amazed. No matter what kind of person Alys is, Alys is a genius.

Sean tried to learn a few paragraphs and was surprised to find that his Parseltongue proficiency had risen to 280/10000. Just like when Gormlaith taught him, the learning progress was extremely fast.

However, being able to learn Parseltongue is naturally not a bad thing. As the saying goes, it is always beneficial to learn one more language.

Sean didn’t have time to study it carefully, so he put away the notebook and the crystal vial containing Alys’ memories.

He stood in front of the huge box. The box was made of black wood with loose joints, and the one facing Sean was crumbling. Although his various methods indicated that there was no danger, the bones in front of him made Sean doubt.

Just when Sean was hesitating, the opening of the compartment shook the box, and a wooden board fell straight down. Sean jumped back to the corridor with one stride, and the phoenix tail feather was also in his hand.

Dave didn’t send any dangerous signals. Only then did Sean poke his head out and he was surprised to find that a figure appeared above the box.

It’s not a ghost. It’s like a projection left by some kind of magic.

It was a wizard in plain robes. They were calm. You could see the shrewdness and pride in their eyes, even in the projection.

It was Salazar Slytherin. Sean recognized him immediately. He raised his head halfway and spoke slowly, his voice old and tired.

“My descendant, you finally came to this place. I don’t know how many years have passed.” It was indeed a projection, and Salazar’s eyes didn’t look at him.

“Godric and the others are hopeless. My old best friends have even forgotten the glory of being a Pure-Blood. I will leave Hogwarts, but before that, I will leave something behind.”

Sean looked at the box. Inside the box was a stone platform with a wide and shallow saucer on it, just like the Pensieve in the principal’s office. Next to the Pensieve is a deep blue gemstone floating. That gemstone seems to be flickering by itself, and every time it flickers, it becomes transparent.

“My descendant, I leave you three things,” said the Slytherin projection, “First, a gem from the Horned Serpent. If you have a wand with the horn of the Horned Serpent, set this gem in the base of the wand, and it will grant you temporary invisibility and the ability to fly.”

“Secondly, an egg. Of course, this egg may have become rotten or completely weathered after many years. But if I guessed right, a little Basilisk’s bones should be inside. If possible, watch the Basilisk’s bones for traces of magic. Don’t worry. The eyes of the dead Basilisk are no longer lethal. This is a gift for you. I only wish you would continue my study on these creatures.”

He didn’t see any egg, not even the bones of the so-called Basilisk. But then something came to his mind.

The Basilisk that almost killed Sean was flicking its tail.

Could it be the Basilisk in here came from the egg left by Salazar himself?

In parchment papers, Slytherin mentioned that he once wanted the Basilisk to reproduce naturally, but in the end, he only got an egg that could not hatch.

Slytherin left that egg, and that egg hatched itself over the ages?

“Third, I leave you with a memory. Which contains the spell I demonstrated myself and secrets about the Hogwarts Castle.”

“My descendants. Let me see your shrewdness and ambition and carry forward the glory of Pure-Bloods.”

“Gryffindor’s bravery, Ravenclaw’s wisdom, Hufflepuff’s fearlessness. Absorb and use the qualities of other houses. We accommodate all the necessary conditions for success. Remember the creed.”

The projection paused for a moment, then shouted in a deep voice, “Victory comes first!”

After shouting these words, the figure of Salazar Slytherin gradually dissipated.

Sean’s thoughts were all on the Basilisk. This Basilisk was hatched despite there being no toad to hatch it. In other words, Slytherin did not foresee the existence of this Basilisk.

That would make sense of why a Basilisk exists here. Gormlaith didn’t mention the danger here at all because Salazar himself didn’t even know there was a Basilisk here.

Sean frowned, but what happened to the pile of bones?

If we say that they all had the same experience as Sean, they would have died long ago, and the bones should be in the stone room. It is impossible for the corpse to move by itself or the Basilisk to move it here.

That means there is a big problem with that Pensieve, and anyone using it may be killed.

Although he has never heard that the Pensieve can kill people, even Dumbledore dares not say that he fully understands the secrets of the wizarding world. Various bizarre phenomena emerge, and no one can explain them clearly.

The memory of Salazar Slytherin is very tempting, but Sean decided not to take the risk. However, at this moment, a translucent figure suddenly appeared beside Sean.

It’s a ghost. It’s Gormlaith Gaunt.

He had been in a coma for too long, his Nihilointuor spell effect had subsided, and Gormlaith had regained her consciousness. The ring with the Untraceable Extension Charm obviously couldn’t trap her.

Before he had time to think about the problem, Sean immediately realized that he took out his wand and cast the spell again.

However, Gormlaith reacted. She didn’t know where she was right now and didn’t care about her surroundings.

Before Sean could freeze her, the Basilisk quickly moved toward them.

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Published On: October 3, 2023

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