Salazar Slytherin obviously leaves this creature for his descendants. But why did he leave such a creature? And in terms of experience, he never explained the Basilisk at all.

Fortunately, that Basilisk looked docile. Even without using Parseltongue, it just communicated with Dave through their instincts and did not move. Sean continued wandering around the room. He remembered that Gormlaith had taught him another Parseltongue, which was used to open the treasure.

There are wooden tables everywhere in the room, the decoration here looks very simple, and Salazar doesn’t seem to be a person who is keen on decorating his interior.

There were still a few rusty cauldrons in the corner, and Sean stretched his head to take a look to find out that only a layer of black things remained inside. There are still many crystal bottles on the side, but the cork on it has been completely corroded, and the liquid inside has completely evaporated.

Sean rummaged through a few other rickety wooden shelves and found something. It was a thick piece of parchment with Salazar Slytherin’s handwriting on it.

“Research on the Habits and Communication of Basilisks”

The first line reads, “The natural reproduction of Basilisks.”

In today’s wizarding world, only a few descriptions of the Basilisks exist. From the information Sean knows, he only knows that this thing is hatched from a chicken egg and hatched beneath a toad.

Given how dangerous the Basilisk is, even dark wizards who try to hatch will often die because they don’t understand Parseltongue. As a result, this terrifying creature has gradually become a legend.

Salazar Slytherin records in detail how to hatch the Basilisk egg.

“A chicken with a lifespan of seven years lays eggs when the full moon shines in the sky and then puts them under the body of the toad, which would result in a typical basilisk.”

“It would be better to get a chicken from Sussex. When choosing a chicken, pay attention to the size of the chicken’s comb. The comb of a one-year-old chicken needs to be half the size of an adult man’s palm. The bigger the better, but it should not exceed the size of the entire palm.”

“The chicken feathers cannot be mixed with white, and the tail feathers should be clean and bright.”

“When the moon shines, the chicken should be placed in a high place, and the moonlight should not directly illuminate it.”

“The choice of the toad will affect the strength of the Basilisk’s venom. You can feed a potion before hatching to increase the toad’s excrement. (Do not overdose it. Half an ounce is the limit).”

“When hatching, if the toad shows anxiety, stop the process immediately. The toad’s uneasiness may cause the Basilisk to hatch unsmoothly and will affect the intelligence of the Basilisk.”

“After it hatches, put it in a strong container immediately, and don’t open its eyes at the same time. The newborn basilisks are not intelligent enough. They haven’t learned how to close their eyes. Even if you use Parseltongue to control them, they wouldn’t listen and would cause some accidents.”

“The first growth cycle of the Basilisk is about five years. Generally, the Basilisk will grow into an adult period in the seventh to eighth year.”

“The way to tell the gender of a basilisk is to look at its head. The male Basilisk has a red mark on its head.”

“The Basilisk does not have the instinct to reproduce. As a magical creature, it does not seem to have the instinct of all animals to continue its race. The Basilisk does not go into hibernation throughout the year, but there will be fights between males and females.”

“Above is the experience obtained from hatching seventeen Basilisks. Among them, the probability of a chicken laying an egg is exactly 1/10, and the probability of a toad being disturbed during incubation is 50%. A total of 62 eggs have been hatched, and the probability of stillbirth is relatively high .”

After reading a small part of the content, the corners of Sean’s mouth twitched. Salazar had seventeen Basilisks.

Moreover, he didn’t mention how to deal with those Basilisks at all. Sean suspected he didn’t want anyone to deal with the Basilisk.

Sean calmed down and continued to check the content below.

“The Basilisk has three deadly attributes. Its powerful body, its venom, and its gaze. Its physical strength can be ignored as a large part of the body is to provide it with a strong body and high-level magic resistance. After testing it, the magic resistance is far superior to typical giant monsters and equal to Welsh green dragons.”

“The venom. The Basilisk’s venom seems to be inherited from the toad. The power of the venom is far superior to that of high-level toxins. A test subject on a giant monster showed that an ounce of venom could petrify the giant monster’s body system in minutes.”

“In addition, the Basilisk’s venom can be preserved for a long time. If it is stored in a dark and dry place, it is estimated that it can be preserved for more than ten years.”

“Note: The possibility of using Basilisk venom as a raw material for potion has not been tested.”

“The Gaze. Basilisk’s gaze does not belong to biological ability but is a magical property of the magical animal. Because of the danger of gaze, I can only communicate with Basilisk through Parseltongue and use animals to conduct some experiments.”

“The Basilisk must make direct contact with a creature and cannot have any obstruction in the process. If the Basilisk’s eyes are seen through a mirror or the surface of the water, they would at least be petrified.”

“The distance of the gaze will also affect the power. If the distance is too far and there is no obstruction, the creature will not die immediately.”

“At the same time, the will of the Basilisk will affect the power. Simply enough, if the Basilisk decides to look at the creature, it will exert its maximum power. If other creatures see the eyes of the Basilisk and the Basilisk does not have any intention of gazing at them, the power will be weakened. Although this had no much of a difference given that the effect is already strong enough.”

“As mentioned before, seeing the eyes of the Basilisk from a long distance will not kill you immediately, but the gaze of the Basilisk is like a spell that pulls your soul. The distance only prolongs the time pulling your soul. People who see the eyes directly will eventually die.”

“When you die, your soul will leave your body. At this moment, there is only one way to avoid it. Which is to look into the eyes of the Basilisk through a mirror, petrify yourself, and wait for you to be rescued.”

“There is no way of surviving looking directly into the eyes of a Basilisk at close range. Not a single creature had survived its direct contact so far.”

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Published On: October 2, 2023

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