The rustling sound of the parchment paper echoed. Sean kept staring at the Basilisk from the corner of his eye. However, it was half submerged in the lake water and did not move at all. The tail would sweep the ground from time to time, and Sean would even think it was dead.

What is the purpose of Salazar Slytherin putting another Basilisk here? It doesn’t seem to be protecting treasures or anything. Sean muttered a few words, then returned to the paper.

The second page was a little different from the previous one. The dark green font turned into bright red. After Sean opened it, a faint, sulfur-like smell gradually permeated. Seems like Salazar Slytherin used some kind of different ink.

“My descendants. I, Salazar Slytherin, have fallen asleep when you can see these writings. The magic I have been studying is preserved in the Chamber of Secrets in the castle. Of course, I also put my pets to protect those things.”

“The Parseltongue phrase you should remember it is: Speak to me, Salazar Slytherin, the greatest founder of Hogwarts.”

“Remember, make good use of it. I allow you to use the power of the Basilisk to terrorize others if necessary but not to kill.”

“Hogwarts is a school. Even if there are too many people in this school who are not qualified to sit in the classroom, killing is still not allowed.”

Just as Sean expected, Salazar Slytherin has repeatedly emphasized that the Basilisk should not be turned into a tool for killing.

However, there was something strange, and Sean frowned. According to the text, the descendants of Slytherin should have come to this room first to find the spell to summon and control the Basilisk, so they must have seen the warning written by Salazar Slytherin himself.

But whether it was the man who killed Myrtle or Gormlaith, this person obviously did not follow Salazar’sSalazar’s warning.

Salazar spent a lot of space describing his ideas. In his dream blueprint, wizards should be the group standing on top of the world, and Pure-Blood wizards should be the nobles among the nobles.

In a nutshell, Pure-Blood wizards can rule over half-blood wizards, and half-blood wizards can rule over Muggles.

Sean had some weird feelings, and he thought of two people.

Tom Riddle and Grindelwald.

Tom’s goal is immortality. Of course, he recruited Death Eaters to allow him to rule the world. Grindelwald is different. He believes that wizards are noble, regardless of Pure-Blood and mixed blood. Muggles should be ruled as inferior creatures.

Including Salazar Slytherin, the three ideologies are somewhat similar, but the focus and degree of radicality are completely different.

After that, Salazar recorded many magical experiences on the paper. Whether it was ancient spells or dark magic, he developed himself. Sean discovered that from this, he may be able to see the history of changes in the development of spells in the wizarding world.

Dumbledore once told him something about this. He said that the development of spells today is more inclined to household and life, and most of these spells are improved or weakened from previous spells.

For example, Salazar mentioned a spell, and judging by the name of the spell, it is the same as ”Scouring Charm”. But something about this one is different. The spell recorded by Salazar can instantly peel off a layer of skin from a victim.

Another example is another version of the “Disarming Charm”. However, this ”Disarming Charm” can instantly pull out the five fingers on the target.

Salazar seems to have some talent for drawing. He described the state of the cursed person in detail. On the stick figure, there is a wizard screaming while clutching his right hand with missing fingers.

The most important thing is that Sean memorized the spell carefully, and a new spell appeared on the system panel. This spell is not marked as dark magic. This also means that no negative emotions or side effects will occur.

As a wizard who has mastered dozens of dark magic, Sean is surprised to find that many of the spells that are enough to be sent to Azkaban are not as powerful as this ancient spell that he just read.

On the last page, Sean turned to a spell that caught his eye.


It is some kind of magic where you can read someone’s mind directly. Salazar Slytherin explained in detail what Legilimency does and how it works. He emphasized that Legilimency does not read people’s minds thoroughly. It can only extract certain memories in the head.

In the end, Slytherin wrote, “The human heart is extremely complicated, and thoughts are not engraved in the head. Legilimency can only let you see fragments of memories.”

“Remember, don’t be obsessed with Legilimency. Let alone try to read people’s hearts and minds.”

After reading it quickly, Sean could feel its various details and technical content. Just by looking at the notes, Salazar himself was actually a pretty good teacher. Although granted, he did not teach this to anyone, only a select few.

Sean put away Salazar Slytherin’s notes.

In the room, the Basilisk remained obedient and did not move. Sean looked at its huge body, and a little doubt arose in his heart.

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Published On: October 2, 2023

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