Sean was a little confused about the basilisk’s behavior now.

As long as he recovers a little strength and magic power, he will take out the phoenix feather that Dumbledore gave him and run away directly. But now, in the absence of any ability to resist, the basilisk did not show any desire to attack.

Dave would not lie to him, and his instinct was very strong. It could sense the threat and aggression of other creatures.

As a person who has dealt with magical animals for a long time, Sean has a lot of experience in the thinking of these guys. He has a keen intuition. If they were lying, he could know it. Whenever Dave lied to him about wanting to eat more brains, he always knew about it.

Sean has an intuition that, at least for now, the basilisk is in a friendly state.

“Dave, let it stick its head back into the water.” Sean conveyed.

After a while, Sean heard the sound of scales rubbing against the ground, and after the sound of splashing water, Dave sent back his thoughts.

“It turned around.”

Feeling relieved, Sean raised his head. He saw that half of the huge snake’s body was coiled on the ground in the hole, and the other half protruded into the lake.

At this moment, half of the basilisk’s body was in the stone room. Its thick body was full of wounds and scales that had been scratched over. Although it is not fatal for a powerful creature like the basilisk, it is estimated that it has never suffered such a serious injury.

“Did I do well?” Dave said as if taking credit.

Sean laughed and lay back on the ground with difficulty.

“Good job.”

“Although it wasn’t intentional. But it almost killed you. Take it as a payback that is five times, no, ten times worse than the injury that you had been inflicted with.” Dave said a lot at this time, “At that time, I think it was enough to make it scared.”

Sean smiled, “Are you really that scared of me dying?”

“No,” Dave shook his head, “As long as you want. I’ll kill it right away. It’s what it deserves. Nothing is more important than you.”

A warm feeling rose in Sean’s heart. Dave is getting more and more considerate.

“Dave, when we go back, treat you to a big meal…” Sean felt that his body was improving, and his strength had increased significantly.

He raised his wrist and glanced at the time, it was seven thirty in the evening, and a full week had passed.

Dave felt his thoughts and passed on, “I can’t go through that hole, there is magic in it, and the path is blocked. I call for help every day, but no one notices. The snake throws a few fish over every day, and I put the blood of the fish in your mouth.”

“Thanks a lot, Dave. If it weren’t for you, my family would be mourning for me now.”

Sean lay on the ground for a while. After the Unicorn’s Favor completely eliminated the pain in his head, the treatment of his physical injuries became faster. It didn’t take long for Sean to feel his body getting stronger. Even the strong sense of hunger has reduced a lot in the process.

“That’s much better.” Sean recovered most of his energies.

The basilisk seems to be obedient. It has kept half its head in the water and has not moved until now. Sean took out the phoenix’s feathers and prepared to summon the phoenix if something went wrong.

At this time, he looked at the stone room in front of him. This seems to be a place that Salazar Slytherin used to use for his study and research. Ignoring the huge basilisk, the layout here doesn’t look very gloomy.

Sean focused most of his attention on the motionless body of the basilisk and then checked the room. Soon, he found a notebook on a table against the wall. It’s not a book. It’s more like a pile of irregular parchment glued together with some kind of magic.

Sean experimented with a few spells, and after making sure that there were no harmful spells in it, he gently lifted the cover. There were several lines of writing on the parchment’s first page.

“The glory of Pure-Bloods is incomparable! Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, they are too stupid to realize it. They never learn their lesson!”

“I have not left Hogwarts. My belief, my thoughts, and my magic will become the stepping stones for the Pure-Bloods and then restore the former glory of wizards!”

“My descendants, if you can see these records, remember what you have to do—”

The line below was blacked out and erased. The handwriting appeared even more distorted. Sean could even feel Salazar’s indignation and excitement when writing it.

“I will restore the glory of wizards to the land. I will place the noble blood in their rightful place. I, Salazar Slytherin, will give everything for it.”

It seemed that this was something like a diary written by Salazar Slytherin back then. Sean turned to the second page and found that he had been depicting the bright future for the Pure-Blood and then reminded his descendants not to forget the glory.

On the last line, Sean saw a smaller line, and it seemed that Salazar Slytherin was not happy when he wrote this line.

“My descendants. I will leave you my treasures when you get Hogwarts back on track. You shall drive those wizards out whose blood is not pure or trustworthy.”

“But leave their short and humble lives. They have at least studied at Hogwarts. They are at least a wizard. The life of a wizard is always more precious than others.”

“Remember. You are noble, pure blood. Glory comes from the blood and wizards will make the glory more dazzling.”

Sure enough, the Gaunt family and the subsequent Pure-Blood families have misinterpreted Salazar Slytherin’s philosophy at all. He did believe that Pure-Bloods were the most noble wizards, but he had the intention to kill them.

Think about it, if Salazar Slytherin is a lunatic, how can he become a close friend with someone like Godric Gryffindor?

However, whether it was the Slytherin wizards or a Pure-Blood family, they only remember their blood’s nobility.

Sean shook his head and turned to the next page.

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Published On: October 2, 2023

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