“Miss Granger? Oh, a Granger?” He thought for a while, “Are you related to Hector Dagworth-Granger, the founder of the Most Extraordinary Society of Potioneers?”

“No, Professor. My parents are just ordinary people.” Hermione replied.

Slughorn didn’t look disappointed. Instead, he gave Hermione a nod and then pointed to the cauldron in front of Hermione and Sean.

“Do you know this, Miss Granger?”

Hermione showed some uncertainty and then said, “Is it Invigoration Draught? It can increase energy for the user.”

“Exactly!” Slughorn showed a satisfied look. He waved Hermione to sit down, “Ten points for Ravenclaw!”

Hermione, who was sitting back in her seat, blushed quietly. She breathed a sigh of relief and gestured to Sean.

Sean smiled helplessly. With Hermione by his side, his task of accumulating 20 points suddenly became harder.

Slughorn straightened his chest, “Okay, let’s start the class now.”

“Professor, you haven’t told us what’s in that cauldron.” Terry asked while raising his hand.

Slughorn seemed to be waiting for the students to ask him. His mouth twitched happily, and he smiled, “Oh, I almost forgot. Does anyone know what potion this is?”

He didn’t look at Hermione, thinking that he didn’t think any new students would know about this. Sure enough, Hermione also frowned. She tapped her fingertips in her hand and seemed to recall all of the information in “Magic Potions and Potions” book.

Sean looked at the black cauldron. The potion in the small cauldron was splashing cheerfully. Its color was like molten gold. Large drops of liquid jumped on the surface, but not a single drop was splashing outside the cauldron.

Although Sean has forgotten many details, he is still impressed by this magical potion.

“Oh? Do you know what this is?” Slughorn pointed to Sean, who raised his hand.

“It’s Felix Felicis, also known as the Luck Potion,” Sean paused for a moment, “It can give you good luck for a period of time.”

“Yes, that’s right! You’re…”

“Wallup, Professor.” Sean reminded thoughtfully.

“Mr. Wallup… you’re exactly right. This is the lucky potion.” Slughorn recalled whether there was a well know person named Wallup in his mind. But there wasn’t any, and he smiled at him.

“How did you know about it, Sean? It’s not mentioned in the books at all.” Hermione lowered her voice and looked at him in surprise.

“It’s a secret, Miss Granger.” He smiled and winked at her.

Slughorn continued, “This potion is very complicated to brew, and if you get it wrong, the consequences can be disastrous. But if you make it the right way, like in this cauldron, you will find that you will succeed in whatever you do. At least until the effects wear off.”

Everyone in the classroom was a bit excited.

Slughorn pulled out a small glass bottle, “A small bottle of this potion will bring you twelve hours of good luck. No matter what you do, anything will be in your favor. Trust me, the feeling is an unparalleled beauty.”

Sean could even hear the people around him swallowing their saliva.

“Well,” Slughorn shook the glass bottle in his hand, “I will give it as a prize if someone can complete this potions lesson perfectly.”

Looking at the eyes of the students, he nodded with satisfaction, “Now, turn the book to the fourth page. We are going to make a Swelling Solution in this class. I want to remind you that so far, only a few students have won my prize, and I hope there will be another one of you.”

Sean glanced at the contents of the book and sighed silently. He didn’t get any extra points, and he needed to make a potion for a chance to get one. But his potion talent-making level is just level 2.

All the students in the classroom were frantically flipping through their books with excited eyes. When they first entered the magic world and saw such a magical potion. Many of them were interested in it.

Sean was also very moved, but he could only follow all the steps in the book seriously and earnestly to ensure that his potion would not go wrong. He didn’t want to be swollen on the first day of school.

“Okay,” Slughorn stretched out his hands, “Everyone, stop stirring.”

He paced the classroom to check everyone’s potion works. Obviously, most of the brewing can only get his attention for a moment, and the same is true for Sean’s potion. Slughorn just glanced at it for a moment and looked away.

He nodded at Hermione’s brewing, but she didn’t get that bottle either. Hermione was still a little gloomy until she left the classroom.

“Do you really want that luck potion?” Sean, who didn’t die in the potion class, asked with a relaxed smile.

“That’s just a bonus for me, but what mainly bugs me is that,” Hermione clapped the textbook in her hand, “I followed all the steps correctly. How didn’t I get the perfect potion?”

“Maybe you still lack some experience? I believe you can do it in the future.” He comforted her, but Sean didn’t think so in his heart.

There seem to be steps to follow, but those are just the standard quality potion. A true potion genius will have his own unique understanding.

After such a wonderful potions class, the afternoon of the history of magic was much duller, and Professor Cuthbert Binns of the history of magic is a ghost who is said to have been teaching for so long that one day when he went to class forgetting to bring his own body.

Professor Binns speaks in a breathless, sleazy tone that can almost certainly make you drowsy in ten minutes. If the weather is cold, five minutes will suffice.

Even Sean couldn’t concentrate, but fortunately, the only student who listened carefully was sitting beside him. Sean felt that even if he could get some notes to copy from Hermione at the end of the term.

After dinner, Sean’s first day at Hogwarts came to an end, but the rest he had imagined did not come. He received a letter from the Head of Ravenclaw, Professor Flitwick.

“Mr. Wallup, please come to my office after dinner.”

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Published On: July 8, 2023

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