In the stone room, Sean opened his eyes with difficulty. He felt as if someone with a blade had violently stirred his brain, and the pain about to lift stimulated his head repeatedly.

Sean’s limbs were stiff, and he couldn’t even move his fingers. He tried to move his head, but his spine seemed to be petrified. He could also feel a layer of scabs on his face after the liquid dried up, making it difficult for Sean to move his face.

Sean didn’t even figure out the situation for a moment until a strong sense of hunger came from his stomach. Fortunately, the rewards produced by the system can be used without any problem. Sean directly used the “Unicorn’s Favor”.

A silver-white phantom unicorn flashed out of mid-air and then ran around Sean’s body. A refreshing coolness began to spread from the top of his head.

“Dave…are you still there…” Sean called weakly.

“You’re still alive?!” An extremely excited thought came instantly.

Sean’s eyes slowly opened because of the Unicorn’s Favor, and a large shadow instantly covered it. Dave’s mouth appeared in Sean’s field of vision. Its dark white bony head was stained with dark red blood, and its round pupils were trembling.

“Not yet… Where is the Basilisk?”

“It’s lying outside. I wanted to kill it, but it didn’t fight back.” Dave’s words have been getting better and better, and the meaning conveyed by his thoughts is clear enough.

Sean’s first thought when he woke up was to recover a little quickly and then use the phoenix feather that Dumbledore gave him to take him away from there.

However, after Dave conveyed everything that happened during this period, Sean still felt strange, even though his head was still in severe pain. He saw the eyes of the Basilisk. After the Basilisk got out of the hole, it saw Sean at first sight.

According to Dave, neither Sean nor the Basilisk had time to close their eyes, so Sean fell for it. Of course, Dave didn’t spend much time and launched an attack, but the Basilisk didn’t fight back.

“It seems to be very intelligent.” This is what Dave concluded afterward.

Magical animals rely on animal instincts to communicate. The Basilisk resisted Dave’s attack with its huge body and kept expressing its meaning, and Dave was defending Sean.

Dave didn’t pay attention to Sean at all. In the end, the Basilisk dragged its bruised body back into the Black Lake and brought something with it.

Finally gaining some strength, Sean barely turned his head and saw a head lying beside him.

It was a strange white bone skull. It should have been some kind of canine animal. Its whole body was faintly white, and dark red flames surged inside the sharp fangs.

“After the thing was placed next to you, a fire light slowly lit up and then penetrated into your body. I felt your breath was much more stable than before, so I stopped biting it..” Dave explained.

“You weren’t dead at the time. After the big snake walked away, I could smell your faint breath.” Dave explained.

He was stared at by the Basilisk and still alive. This makes him wonder. Suddenly, he thought of someone.


Her pupils have special abilities. He almost fell into her influence for the first time. After that, he became more and more resistant to her. He still hadn’t regained his mobility. He could only open his eyes and look at Dave.

Could he be resistant to all kinds of direct vision contact magic? Or is it because “something” is living in his body?

After Dumbledore told him the prophecy, Sean went to find some books and checked them out. In the collection of stories of various poets in the Middle Ages, legends that have been passed down in the world have been mentioned at various times.

Wizards also believe in the existence of gods, but different from the beliefs of Muggles in terms of the manifestation and source of gods. Wizards worship nature more; in other words, they worship the mighty power originating from heaven and earth.

At that time, all kinds of myths and legends always led to the same goal, whether it was miracles, crimes, punishment, and so on. What was inside Sean’s body was also mentioned several times in various legends.

Sean thought about one of the descriptions in the Seven Deadly Sins, that ‘Pride’ is the root of all sins.

However, why did the Basilisk not know he was alive, and why did the Basilisk have to run away to save itself? This is something that Sean didn’t understand.

First, it never occurred to him that there was another basilisk in Hogwarts. Second, why would the Basilisk didn’t know that Sean was still alive? Finally, why did Salazar Slytherin not tell his heir that the room where the treasure was hidden was also guarded by a Basilisk?

Sean still didn’t think Gormlaith lied to him because she didn’t need to.

Sean thought that Gormlaith didn’t get the correct information, and he became the unlucky one who got caught instead.

Just as Sean recovered, there was the sound of water.

“That guy is here again…” Dave thought.

Sean instinctively wanted to move, but his body couldn’t exert any strength, and he couldn’t even use his Obscurus power. The Unicorn’s Favor seemed to think that his head injury was more serious and needed to be healed first before everything. This greatly relieved the severe pain in his mind, and he could move his neck slowly.

There was a dull hiss from the other side.

Dave said, “It’s closing its eyes.”

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Published On: October 2, 2023

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