While constantly arguing, the two hurried to the bathroom where the Chamber of Secrets was located.

Standing in front of the innermost faucet, Grindelwald was still talking leisurely, “I am looking forward to what that Slytherin can do, Albus. What would he say when he sees Sean’s body?”

“Stop talking nonsense. If you provoke that man many times, it may cause him to wake up early.” Dumbledore’s expression was not very good.

Grindelwald smiled, then hissed.

The faucet emitted a burst of dazzling white light and began to spin rapidly. A huge pipe appeared in front of the two of them.

Grindelwald nodded with satisfaction, “Parseltongue is not difficult to learn. You just need to capture the soul of a descendant of the Gaunt family and let him teach you slowly. Don’t you want to try it, Albus?”

Dumbledore ignored him and jumped directly into the water pipe. Grindelwald pouted and didn’t follow.

Not long after, Dumbledore floated up.

“Sean didn’t go down.” Dumbledore’s expression was a little heavy.

Grindelwald also became serious now, “Albus, don’t tell me that there are other ghost things hidden in your castle.”

Dumbledore ignored him, and he took a quick step, “Go back to Nurmengard. He may have gone to your side through the Vanishing Cabinet. I’m going to ask the paintings to ask them about the situation.”

However, after making a fuss in the castle for a while, Dumbledore’s expression became more serious. The paintings said they did not see Sean. Even a few pieces of armor were called to the office.

Professor McGonagall said on the side, “He is a little shorter than me, with slightly curly black hair, wearing a Ravenclaw uniform, with lake blue eyes, and acts alone.”

The armors shook their heads mechanically.

“Thank you for your hard work.” Dumbledore said to the armor and painting and frowned.

“What should we do, Albus?” Professor McGonagall looked at Dumbledore worriedly. They all knew the importance of Sean. Moreover, even if it were just the disappearance of an ordinary student, they would also be worried.

“I’ll go to the Forbidden Forest to check it. Minerva, go to Hagrid and the Weasley twins. Those two know the castle very well to search him in every corner.”



However, after a night of searching. No trace of Sean was found. By noon, the Ravenclaw students, especially Hermione and Daisy, had discovered something was wrong. Sean disappeared, which was extremely abnormal.

“Where did Sean go? After everyone returned from the field yesterday, I didn’t see him at the table.” The fried eggs and sausages on Daisy’s plate didn’t move at all. For some reason, she felt a bit uncomfortable.

Hermione poked the bacon in front of her with a fork. She shook her head irritably, “I don’t know. Maybe he was called by a professor to do something important?”

“But shouldn’t he be eaten something along the way?” Daisy muttered.

This situation lasted for a day, and at the breakfast table the next day, Hermione, Daisy, and other students knew Sean had disappeared.

Sean was well-educated and outstanding in both talent and financial resources. He is very popular in all the houses. Not only the students in the same grade but also the senior students. Almost everyone believed that Sean would become a prefect or the student council chairman in a few years.

The sudden disappearance of such a person made everyone suspicious.

That night, Hermione and Daisy approached Professor Flitwick. Followed by Harry, Ron, Neville, and the Weasley twins.

“Professor, are you sure you didn’t find out where Sean is?” Hermione seemed so aggressive in front of the professor for the first time.

Professor Flitwick faltered. He kept stroking his pipe but couldn’t say anything. Hermione was a smart person. She couldn’t be deceived with just some simple words.

Her voice trembled slightly, “Professor, is something wrong with Sean?”

“No,” Flitwick denied Hermione’s statement first. He hesitated for a while and finally said with a sigh, “Sean is currently missing…”

“Missing?!” They looked at each other, and he saw the worry in each other’s eyes.

“But the monsters in the Chamber of Secrets have been cleared out. The professors also said that the restrictions have been lifted.” Hermione said eagerly.

“We don’t know where Sean went…” Flitwick lowered his head, looking very depressed.

Daisy’s eyes were slightly red. She grabbed the corner of her robe and asked softly, “Will something happen to him later?”

“I hope nothing bad will happen.” Professor Flitwick turned his head away.

There was silence in the office.


The news of Sean’s disappearance spread throughout the entire castle in a short period of time. For a while, there were endless discussions, and Sean’s popularity also made the atmosphere in the castle slightly heavy.

Only the sound of laughter could be heard in the Slytherin common room.

“Let me tell you, this kid must have been cursed by the Chamber of Secrets monster. Think about it. The heir must’ve done something to him.”

“That’s right. This is what happens when you fight against the Slytherins!”

On the back chair, Draco’s expression was not that happy, and the loud celebrations of Crabbe and Goyle made him feel a little bad.

Draco had always had conflicting feelings about Sean. Mainly that Sean made himself a big fool at the beginning of school. But on the other hand, Sean saved him once in the Forbidden Forest and did it without any hesitation.

Moreover, Sean knew that he hated him very much. But when he met him in the castle, he always smiled and greeted him.

“Hey, Draco. You don’t look so good today. You should be more happy about it.”

At this moment, a faint screeching sound came from outside, and Draco turned to knock on the stained window angrily.

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Published On: September 30, 2023

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