Sean squeezed the note and exclaimed.

With Dumbledore in charge, everything would be okay. With this in mind, Sean slept peacefully that night.


“Sean, wake up!” Early in the morning, someone shouted excitedly in Sean’s ear.

“Terry, what’s the matter?” Sean rubbed his eyes and sat up from the bed.

Terry was excited and admired, “Professor Dumbledore has succeeded!”

“Huh?!” Sean immediately reacted, “The monster in the Chamber of Secrets has been dealt with?!”

“That’s right. Rumors have spread in the castle, and I heard that they are moving the monster’s corpse to the field for us to see. Hurry up and get dressed!”

Sean exclaimed, quickly put on his clothes, and ran to the field with his roommates.

When they got outside, the field was already full of dense crowds, and in the very center, there was a huge corpse lying there. It was the Basilisk. Its eyes had turned into two black holes.

There were many scorched black marks and sharp wounds on its body. Its huge body was already cold, and it was obviously dead. Dumbledore decisively dealt with the basilisk that had plagued Hogwarts for so long. Looking at the corpse, Sean even felt a sense of nothingness.

The students stared at the corpse in horror and excitement. Except for the Slytherins, everyone cheered excitedly.

“Long live Professor Dumbledore!”

“Our Principal is really amazing!”

All kinds of praise rang out.

Sean never doubted Dumbledore’s strength. However, he is a little curious. What is the reason Gormlaith mentioned Salazar Slytherin? Did Dumbledore solve that problem and that Horned Serpent?

However, Professor McGonagall came out and announced that various restrictions would be lifted immediately, including the regulations of the Forbidden Forest. It seemed that the Horned Serpent had also been dealt with. Sean breathed a sigh of relief.

He looked around. Almost all the students had come out, and it was obvious that this uproar would last for a long time.

Doesn’t that mean that the room is empty now?

Sean blinked. He had been thinking about the knowledge he had gathered from Gormlaith. He quietly left the crowd and walked away.

On the way, Sean changed into a Slytherin robe and then donned a big wizard hat that hid his face. His plan was to ask Harry to help him make Polyjuice Potion for him to infiltrate the Slytherin common room. But he still had the Felix Felicis effect.

As for things like passwords, He threw Dave in Draco’s pocket. He can shrink into different sizes, and Dave’s appetite is also increasing. Sean got the password the day before, and Dave’s ability to imitate human pronunciation is pretty good.

The Slytherin common room was located behind a stone wall in the Hogwarts Castle basement, and the students had all gone out to watch the basilisk.

“Pure-Blood is thicker than normal blood.” Sean read out the password, and a stone door appeared on the wall.

Sean walked in quickly, and sure enough, there was no one in the lounge.

The Slytherin common room was a long dungeon with round green lights hanging from the ceiling. Part of it extends to the bottom of the lake, and the entire room takes on an eerie green hue. The walls and ceiling are made of stone, and the fireplace beneath is ornately carved. The common room looked dark and cold.

Soon, he discovered the purpose of this trip.

It was a stained window with a portrait of Salazar Slytherin. On the side of his ankle, there was a green mark protruding a little. It was a little green snake. Sean wasn’t worried that Gormlaith would trick him. After all, Parseltongue was needed to open it here.

“Open.” Sean stared at the little green snake and spoke in Parseltounge.

The stained window opened in response, and the green lake outside the window surged up. The glass pieces split neatly and merged again. A passage slanting downward appeared in front of Sean’s eyes.

Not a chest of treasure as he had expected, but an archway leading to a place.

Did Salazar Slytherin hide another secret room at the bottom of the Black Lake?

Sean frowned. At this moment, he was a little uncertain. What if there was some magic in it that could detect bloodlines? If it is detected that he is not an heir of Slytherin, he is afraid that something will happen.

Sean thought about it for a while and thought it was worth a try. The person who told him about this method at the time was Gormlaith Gaunt. Obviously, only the heir of Slytherin here has the chance to find out that Salazar Slytherin will not harm someone outside the heir.

As for Gormlaith, she provided this information to gain his trust and to enhance Sean’s strength to help her complete the plan. In Gormlaith’s view at the time, Sean was useful, and if she wanted to harm Sean, she could do it. After all, ‘Draco’ was no threat in her eyes.

Therefore, she does not need to provide false information, and the so-called treasure inside should not be very valuable.

Having figured this out, Sean raised his wand, “Lumos.”

The tip of his wand glowed, and Dave jumped out and became bigger. A huge bat-like creature guarded Sean. The saliva from the corner of Dave’s mouth dripped on the ground.

“There doesn’t seem to be any danger inside. Do the fish brains on the outside taste delicious?” Dave thought.

Sean replied, “When we go back, we can get some for you to taste.”

“Good then.”

They slowly walked down the archway. The scale of this place corridor is quite different from that of the Chamber of Secrets. Soon, Sean arrived at the destination. It was a stone chamber. The interior looked the same as the common room.

A huge hole is on the side of the stone chamber near the lake and enchanted. The outside lake water is isolated from the hole.

“Huh?” Sean noticed that there seemed to be something piled up under the hole.

At this moment, Dave alarmed him.

“Be careful! Be careful!” Sean instinctively raised his wand, and his left hand instantly turned into black particles.

The hole that isolated the lake trembled, and a huge head suddenly appeared. Before Sean could close his eyes, he saw a pair of yellow eyes.

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Published On: September 29, 2023

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