Only now did Sean have time to think. He was just worried that she could contact the basilisk, so he frantically cast several spells just in case.

It seems that Gormlaith should and can only use Parseltongue when facing the basilisk. Of course, it cannot be ruled out that she has no chance to contact it directly.

The power of Obscurus brought by Gormlaith has been completely swallowed up by the Obscurus in his body. Sean was worried about whether he would be affected by negative emotions.

However, the Obscurus in the body conveyed a thought. Gormlaith’s body is not parasitic. She just has the power to control it.

“I’m full. I thank you for the hospitality.” It said.

“You’re welcome.” Sean replied.

He looked at Gormlaith, who had completely lost consciousness and was frozen in mid-air.

“You’re not lying to me, are you?” Sean muttered.


Another spell cast and Gormlaith’s eyes flickered, and her body became more blurred.

“It seems not…” Sean nodded.

However, how to deal with her completely? Erasing the soul is an extremely cruel thing, although Sean has no psychological burden to get rid of such a cruel witch ghost. She wanted to kill all the professors, and there was no room for forgiveness for this kind of crazy person.

It’s just that Sean worried that he would bear some kind of backlash. It is obviously not a good thing to carry such a thing when there is a demon in his body that has not awakened yet.

“Maybe lock her up away?” Sean muttered and then opened his ring.

However, the key now is whether he can lock Gormlaith away. Ghosts can only move in the places they have been before, and Sean doesn’t know if the ring with the Extension Charm on can lock Gormlaith out.

Pudding jumped out, holding a huge feather fan.

“Pudding, try to fan her in.”

Pudding responded cheerfully and then fanned it hard.

Gormlaith’s body floated away, and to Sean’s surprise, she floated into his ring.

He patted Pudding, and when she was put into the ring, he said, “You are responsible for taking care of her during this time. If she tries to do anything, please notify me immediately.”

Pudding nodded.

Calm was restored in the bathroom. Sean also threw the rooster, whose neck had been wrenched by Gormlaith, into the ring. He turned off the faucet that Gormlaith had turned on.

“Don’t waste more water.” He muttered and left the area quickly.

After finding a place where no one was around, he changed back into his uniform, and Sean went to the stairs. He asked Naja to inform Newt just in case, and he needed to explain what just happened.

After a while, he saw Newt, Professor McGonagall, and Professor Flitwick. The remaining effect of Felix Felicis gave Sean one last hint.

‘Don’t tell the professors that you’ve caught Gormlaith.’

Professor McGonagall took the lead. She had a serious expression, “Sean, are you okay?”

“I’m okay.” Sean said.

Professor McGonagall ran to Sean’s side. She raised her wand to check and was relieved after making sure that Sean hadn’t been secretly cursed.

“Like Professor Scamander said, have you seen the ghosts of the Gaunt family?” She looked serious.

Newt and Flitwick also looked over.

“Yes, Professor,” Sean nodded, “I was with the Weasley twins, and we separated ways. There are always a lot of students on the way to the auditorium, so I want to go there.”

Sean made up an excuse at random, and he was telling the truth. George and Fred would testify to him.

“Then, I saw a strange translucent figure on the stairs. You know that I have a good relationship with ghosts, but I’ve never seen a ghost. I got a little curious and followed secretly.”

Professor Flitwick screamed anxiously, “Sean, that is very reckless behavior!”

“I know, professor. But I have something…” Sean showed a little bit of the fiery red tail that Dumbledore gave him, and the three looked at each other.

Sean continued, “I walked over and saw what the ghost looked like. I was pretty sure she wasn’t any of Hogwarts’ ghosts. Then I saw her go to the girls’ bathroom where Myrtle usually stays.”

“I eavesdropped on the door for a while and heard the ghost muttering to herself, ‘Shame! What a shame! As a descendant of the Gaunts, I cannot allow these people to study at Hogwarts!'”

“Then, I immediately tried to notify Professor Scamander.”

Professor McGonagall nodded, “My Goodness, Wallup. The descendants of the Gaunt family?”

Several professors frowned. They obviously understood the meaning of Gaunt’s surname.

Sean blinked, “While I was waiting outside, I suddenly heard a low hissing sound from inside. It sounded like a snake. After waiting for a while, there was no movement inside. I secretly went over to take a look and found that the female ghost of the Gaunt family was gone.”

Sean packaged his own lie and then secretly mixed it with the clues.

The three professors looked at each other and had the same thoughts. They looked towards the bathroom. Their eyes became deep.

Sean even added, “Didn’t Myrtle say she died there?”

The pieces were put together, and one would already know the answer right away.

“Sean, it seems that you have discovered the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets.” Newt said slowly.

“We need to discuss it.” Professor McGonagall quickly glanced at the bathroom and then quickly led them to the office.

On the way, Professor Flitwick said seriously, “Sean, because of your behavior, Ravenclaw will be deducted 20 points.”

“Oh, well. I gladly accept the punishment…” Sean said.

However, Professor McGonagall went on to say, “Because of your bravery and wit, Ravenclaw gained 50 points. Don’t look at me, Filius. There are rewards and punishments.”

“Thank you, Professor McGonagall.” Sean smiled happily.

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Published On: September 28, 2023

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